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We’re pleased to offer inform you that Rob-ART morgan (mad scientist) from Bare Feats has done a comparison test between several recent released iMac computers and some older models.

According to Rob “X-Plane 11 is a serious flight simulator. We wanted to see how well it performed on the iMac Pro compared to two Mac Pros and top spec iMac 5K. Surprisingly, the 2017 iMac 5K 4-core with Pro 580 GPU was faster than the iMac Pro 8-core with Pro Vega 64 GPU in two out of three “C4” flights. Though not shown on the graphs, both the 2017 Core i5 iMac 5K and 2017 Core i7 MacBook Pro (15-in) also beat the two Mac Pros running “c5_test_flight” in “fps_test=3″ mode.”

But this is not all, Rob has much more to say and to show. Curious to all of this? Then you must check out this dedicated Bare Feats X-Plane 11 Mac test.

And I would like to add something to this why I have chosen for a iMac Pro and not for the iMac Mid 2017 maxed out model. Mac users know that even the iMac Mid 2017 maxed out model is quite expensive, an iMac Pro is even more expensive, but I found it a good reason to go for the iMac Pro. Although the iMac and iMac Pro look very similar except for the Space Grey look, the iMac Pro comes with a redesigned cooling system and completely overhauled sound system. That said, the iMac Pro has additional grills on the back lower-side and a much larger grill for the CP{U/GPU outlet. To me this would be also good for the iMc Mid 2017 27″ model, but who am I? So both design changes are special although the downside of the redesigned cooling system is that there’s no longer the option for the customer to replace the system memory from the outside. The new iMac Pro sound system isn’t a hi-quality audio system, let’s be honest with that, but I’m impressed what sound comes out of this model compared to the iMac Mid 2017 sound system.