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We’re pleased to offer you, on behalf of Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345, his remodelled, renewed, refreshing Saitek FIP (Flight Instrument Panel(s).

At X-Plained we’re exited about what Marc did. Yes, we all know Marc from his gorgeous airports, and once and a while from his extraordinary paintings (aircraft liveries), but this area is new to Marc although after many … many hours spend with it, Marc can call himself an expert to Saitek FIPs. What is the whole idea and what did Marc?

For those simmers who own one or more Saitek FIP(s), there’s good … oh no, great news. Marc didn’t like the different instrument images on the FIP(s). He found them, let’s be honest, ugly and from that moment on, he started to create his own FIP instruments. Not one as an example what’s possible, not two, but 21 different instruments and all, of course, functional. So how does this work?

Don’t do anything yet, but open the Belga12345 installation manual first. It’s not long, but very useful and important too since it tells you where to get something from and how to arrange the FIP gauges and screens. Curious? Then you must check out Belga12345 his dedicated Saitek FIP page including the download link on how you can arrange that for your FIPs. But remember, only for registered members only!