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x-plane-11-facebook-logoNo no, this message is actually from Ben Supnik when it comes to X-Plane 11 FPS, in case you struggle with it. According to Ben ……

First start with:

  • Turn off scenery shadow, no clouds, 25 miles vis, minimum reflections, turn off AI planes, no anti-aliasing.
  • Set texture res to “high” if you have < 4 GB VRAM, or one notch up if you got 4 GB or more.
  • If you have a high-end system, max out world objects and visual effects, otherwise turn vis FX to medium (for an older GPU) or objects down (for an older CPU).

Hopefully you can get 25-30 fps this way.

Second …. then turn up AI planes, turn on weather – see if either of those are killer. If clouds are killer you may have to wait for a later beta. And finally, if you have GPU to spare, go to full screen, raise the res, raise anti-aliasing, restarting each time.

Don’t bother with scenery shadows and reflections unless you have CPU to spare – you probably won’t.

The idea is to start at low res and work your way up until you find the limits of what your GPU can fill. Do this -with- clouds if your machine can support clouds in a window, otherwise you may run out of fill rate. Don’t go to 4K on a clear day, go “I can do this” and then turn clouds on later. I’m seeing about 25-30 fps on my PC with moderate settings and an AMD card and 35-40 fps on an Nvidia card – both are older cards, but I’m running at 1080p. The machine has a Haswell i5. I’m assuming no one is complaining about fps on an Intel GPU – the Intel GPU can be made to work but it’s really picky about certain settings.