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Yeap, I got you! It’s almost Black Friday at X-Plained, but for what articles or products you would like to know or will we perhaps open a shop soon?

You’re right … I’m just kidding. We won’t open a shop, we will not sell X-Plane products. No, that’s for the well-known stores like X-Plane.Org, SimMarket, FSPilotShop, Aerosoft, so why should be do that too. No reason! We keep it small with only a couple of interesting downloads. Those downloads where we think that they are worth to offer. And what about a newsletter today or perhaps tomorrow for this special shopping or article event?

Although we could send you today a newsletter which comes as usual with a lot of news and reviews, but I’m afraid your mailbox will be already overfilled with Black Friday deals, Black Weekend deals, Black Week deals and what else I’ve seen these days. No, we keep it simple. Next Tuesday we’ll send you a new, fresh and interesting newsletter. Then we’ve left these days behind us, mailboxes are hopefully empty and then, you got your favorite newsletter.

And for those who celebrate Thanksgiving …. have a great day/evening!