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No no, don’t worry. It’s not Uncle Sam that has been updated, but Marten his Scenery Animation Manager that has been updated and completely renewed to version 3.x. We’re more than pleased to inform you that with the approval of Marten or also known as X-Plane.Org user marten@stairport, we are able to host and promote his X-Plane 11 plugin. Oh no, not just a plugin, no, a great plugin.

According to the SAM3 team “The user interface has been fundamentally rethought, all functions have been integrated into the typical flow of a flight. Depending on the flight phase, the available functions are displayed which enables a fast usage. It comes with the following new functions:

  • During flight planning, the planned and current aircraft weight is displayed.
  • The selection of the runway at the departure airport and the parking position at the destination airport are directly preselected for the FollowMe.
  • On the Departure page, you can now control the third-party plugin BetterPushback in addition to the FollowMe.
  • In the Parking area, the summary of the times and fuel of the completed flight is displayed.
  • New features in the options menu, such as the “always connect jetway” function, this basically connects jetways to the aircraft.

You can check it out at our dedicated SAM3 download page while A detailed description of all new features and functions can be found here. For more information about the latest SAM version, we recommend our online help. You can use their support channel via email and now our new Discord server.