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x-plane_macbook-pro-articleA while ago I wrote an article about Can any iMac handle X-Plane 10? Recently I’ve added another low performance iMac to my X-Plane hardware configuration, so soon article “Can any iMac handle X-Plane 10?” will be followed by another low performance iMac article. This article will discuss more or less the same as the first part, but then based on how this different iMac performs when it comes to X-Plane, but now it’s first time for this “Can any MBP handle X-Plane 10”.

For those who are new to Apple hardware or not familiar with abbreviations, MBP stands for Mac Book Pro and yes, I have to admit that my MBP is a heavy duty piece of hardware and perhaps you also have a MBP, but with less performance however, this article will offer a good idea of what a MBP in general is capable of.

You can read Angelique’s MacBook Pro article at X-Plained via this in-depth “Can any iMac handle X-Plane 10?” link. Worth a read I would say!