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Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke had a thorough look into and around the Carenado Turbo Commander 690B and guess what ….

Andy thinks that “This is a very detailed model and is extremely realistic when viewed externally and internally.  The detail is complimented by a very convincing, varied and appropriate sound package. I do think that given all the systems made available and all of the working switches and instruments a cockpit diagram would be useful for a less experienced user but the check lists and systems guide provided in the documentation are very useful.”

And Andy adds even more …. “The model is great to simply fly and enjoy X-Plane but can be used in great detail by those who wish to carry out more detailed procedures. I did find the auto pilot more challenging than most I have used given the tendency for the selection of one mode initiating combinations of other modes I did not expect but, once I had practiced, it controlled the model as a stable platform allowing the user to learn more about the aircraft and enjoy the views.”

Curious to his in-depth review? Then you must check out this X-Plained.Com review link. Enjoy!