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Fasten Your Seatbelt.
Ladies and Gentleman, welcome on-board our brand new Beechcraft B1900D. We’re pleased to inform you that this brand new aircraft is developed and produced by the Carenado team. We hope you have a pleasant flight with us. We will keep you informed about any issues on this flight and our expected landing time at Auckland International Airport.

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen flies with Air New Zealand in a Carenado Beechcraft B1900D and is she enthusiastic? According to Angelique “it’s quite a large GA aircraft with, I would say, a lot of potential. It looks great, comes with more liveries then normal and it offers a very nice modeled virtual cabin as well as a high-quality 3D cockpit.”

With all those liveries and the very well modeled GA aircraft, I’m a happy simmer. That said, the Carenado B1900D has a permanent place in my hanger and hopefully it will also get a nice place in your hanger too.

Want to know all about it? Then it’s time to read Angelique’s comprehensive B1900D review.