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One of my favourite aircraft from Carenado, besides the C337, the Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage.

Why you would ask …. because I’ve seen this aircraft in real at Texel Airport (EHTX). A rich business men who has a license to fly this aircraft and who was also the owner. A gorgeous looking model although some find the nose a bit long, but further on, a well modelled and accurate created GA aircraft.

Hold on, who’s “I’ve”?
Oh, sorry, that me, your personal investigator and reporter Angelique van Campen. But what was she doing at Texel Aircraft? In the first place camping and making hundreds of NEF photos from every building and object to use for my next project, using SketchUp and WED to build my own Texel, with a bit of help from Marc Leydecker and Freddy De Pues however, still not found a minute to start with it.

Curious to what she has to say about the modelled Malibu version 3.2? Sit back, relax, take a cup of coffee, tea or something else and enjoy her comprehensive PA-46 Malibu Mirage review.