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No no, this is not a comprehensive review, and it’s also not an in-depth impression although it’s an exclusive screenshot impression I made today, February 28th while test flying in Germany. It was during this short flight, departing from ShortFinal Design EDDM, where I discovered the beauty of this latest – mid February 2019 – Carenado aircraft, the Saab 340.

It took a while before the model came to X-Plane, but now we finally have this medium size commuter also for X-Plane. What said, this is not a comprehensive review, but what I quickly saw was a well modeled aircraft with a beautiful interior, including a well designed virtual cabin.

I could write many words what I felt when I made those screenshots, but I think it’s better when you look and judge for yourself. Enjoy these exclusive Carenado Saab 340 screenshots. Comments and/or suggestions are always welcome.