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X-Camera 2.3.3 Released

We’re pleased to inform you that Stick and Rudder Studios has released a new version of their well known X-Camera.

According to Stick and Rudder Studios; You are receiving this email because you indicated you were interested in new releases of products from Stick and Rudder Studios. We have completed the beta testing for X-Camera 2.3.3. This new version is a free update for all X-Camera 2.x customers. Your existing X-Camera 2.x key will work with 2.3.3. You can download the new version here.

Mark from Stick and Rudder Studios would like to thank our volunteers who helped test the beta version of X-Camera. I’ll be starting work on X-Camera 2.4 in the coming weeks. 2.4 will be an X-Plane 11 only release and will feature a new UI with pop-out windows.  By the way, here’s the change log list of version 2.3.3:

  • Removed the hotkey definitions for Camera Home, Zero Camera Bearing, Zero Camera Pitch, Increase Movement  Speed, and Decrease Movement Speed and replaced them with equivalent commands that can be mapped to keys of your choosing
  • Fixed a bug where temporary positioning was not working with free cameras
  • Reset camera zoom when the camera is restored
  • Added HeadTrack range in settings
  • Removed check if TrackIR is in the stops
  • Fixed a bug where the control panel would be unresponsive when it was over the top of the Aerobask PFD
  • Added support for UI scaling
  • Fixed a bug where an error retrieving a file from the Community Files Server would cause a crash in X-Plane
  • Added support for RealView
  • Fixed a problem where scroll wheel zoom was not working on special X-Plane views like circle view
  • If temporary positioning is enabled the camera will now be restored after a transition is calculated. Prior versions restored the camera prior to transition calculation causing the starting camera to jump to its last saved point as the very first frame in transition.
  • Mimicked quick-look so that if you press the same quick look again it goes to the last camera selected before the quick look change
  • Improved detection of Org Store keys
  • Increased number of view ID’s from 25 to 50 for aircraft cameras
  • Added airport camera view ID’s 51 – 65
  • Added select airport view ID commands
  • Improved browse community files processing
  • Added integration datarefs for FlyWithLua camera control
  • Added the ability to momentarily select a camera by view ID

More information can be found at the Stick and Rudder Studios X-Camera web page

Video vFlyteAir C150 Commuter KEVB-KCDK

It’s a beautiful and sunny day in February. Time to do another cross country flight in Florida, USA. Todays flight departs from New Smyrna Beach (KEVB) via DeLand, Leesburg and Ocala to Cedar Key (KCDK).

The flight is performed with the vFlyteAir C150 Commuter with below me the gorgeous ortho scenery from Orbx TrueEarth US Florida HD. Want to read our comprehensive review with a lot of additional information, please visit our in-depth Floridian Challenge flight review at X-Plained.Com.

It is fun, it’s a lot of fun flying this 2+ hour stretch in real, but lucky, this flight impression takes maximum 16+ minutes. So I invite you to take a coffee, a tea or what else you prefer. Relax, sit back and enjoy!

Pilot Plus “London Wycombe Definitive” Released

On behalf of Pilot Plus we’re pleased to share with you the following news.

Joe Charman from Pilot Plus is exited to announce the launching of their second Definitive product, EGTB London Wycombe Airport! According to Joe “Wycombe Air Park sits on the edge of London and is home to a bustling aviation community. Set in the classic British countryside, Wycombe is a popular airfield for general aviation pilots and training helicopter pilots alike.”

“Pilot Plus’s London Wycombe captures the airfield’s atmosphere and unique charm, providing you with the perfect general aviation gateway. London Wycombe is Definitive, with ultra-realistic models and textures, extensive detail and accuracy, dynamic vegetation and VFR landmarks – all based upon airside visits.”

“With the airfield covered and the surrounding area, blending perfectly with Orbx’s True Earth, London Wycombe is the perfect choice for your general aviation adventures.”

The package comes with the following features:

  • Our Definitive replication of London Wycombe
  • Adaptive seasonal vegetation (changes on the fly)
  • Full PBR ground details with crisp surrounding ground imagery
  • Perfectly blends with Orbx True Earth
  • Atmospheric night environment
  • Includes Cliveden House Helipad for trips from Wycombe

For more information visit the dedicated Pilot Plus store page.

Youtube Channel Added

Yes, finally … Youtube. Those who know X-Plained.Com a bit longer, they know that we had already for a while a Youtube channel. Since our JARDesign JD330 review, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen tried and fiddled a bit around with Final Cut Pro X.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth to create some movies. And, with the recent Orbx TrueEarth Britain North review, she made even 4 videos. Because of that, we’ve decided to highlight our Youtube channel and to make more videos. Either those videos are based on screenshots because it can depend on what will be created in Final Cut Pro X or is will be actually recorder video material from X-Plane.

Anyway, the Youtube channel is now officially added to the social icon list on the left-hand side of out landing/front page while soon we’ll add Twitter to it. For now, enjoy what we have at Youtube.

SAM Updated to Version 2.0.3.

No no, don’t worry. It’s not Uncle Sam that has been updated, but Marten his Scenery Animation Manager that has been updated to version 2.0.3.

In addition to the latest Scenery Animation Manager we created a free seasonal texture library which can be controlled through the SAM plugin menu. There also is a free SDK available in case you would like to adapt your scenery to these. The download link for this SAM extension is included at the end of this news post.

We’re more than pleased to inform you that with the approval of Marten or also known as X-Plane.Org user marten@stairport, we are able to host and promote his X-Plane 11 plugin. Oh no, not just a plugin, no, a great plugin.

According to Marten; SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) is a native X-Plane 11 plugin offering different possibilities to scenery authors focused on animations. A library with pre-animated objects like Jetways, VDGS, Marshaller, Hangars, Wind Turbines etc. is the starting point for developers to experiment with. You can either use these objects or create and animate your own.

Updated version 2.0.3 comes with the following fixes and/or additions or improvements:

  • Hotfix for linux CTD [03.02.2020]
  • Fixed Safegate-VDGS pole and animations
  • Adapted SAM Library objects to new WED preview
  • Added automatic jetway connection to static aircrafts
  • Added Peter Hager A320 aircraft config
  • Updated Magknight 787 v1.4 aircraft config

The plugin is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 which means it is free to use for all users and for all freeware sceneries. If you are a payware developer you can get a license for your project in our shop. Check it out at our dedicated Scenery Animation Manager download page and the SAM Extension | Seasons Library download page.

TrueEarth US Florida Released

We’re pleased to share with you the following exiting news from Orbx; the release of TrueEarth US Florida.

According to Orbx “The sun beats down on the state of Florida all year giving it its common name of the Sunshine State. The state flower is the orange blossom which aptly celebrates this beautiful part of the world. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, Florida has mile upon mile of white sand beaches, several thriving metropolises and a diverse range of culture and ethnicity. With the power of the Orbx TrueEarth technology, this is Florida like you’ve never seen it before!”

“Over 170,304 Sq. Km (65,754 Sq. Miles) of stunning, highly detailed orthoimagery has been included. Stretching from the very north of Florida, right down to the ‘Keys. From Spring Break party paradise Panama City to thrill-ride central, Orlando. The innovative technology within TrueEarth means that millions of accurately placed trees and vegetation all fit with the tropical ecosystem of Florida’s climate.”

“Some highlights from this hot destination include the coastal city of Tampa. Perhaps you want to embark on some island hopping fun, then the Florida Keys offer the perfect tropical getaway. Detail and attention have gone into providing detailed watermasking effects to blend in the high-quality aerial imagery with X-Plane 11’s water.”

But there’s much more to explore. Check it out at the dedicated Orbx TrueEarth US Florida store page. And yes, soon we will offer you an in-depth review too!