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Plugin Updates

We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve updated two of our hosted plugins.

The first update is for the X-Visibility lua script that has been updated to version 1.0.3. The updated version comes with the following fixes/updates; the developer has hanged the default value for xvis_highAltFogMult from 1 to 0.75 and he has fixed the moon and stars not showing in very low visibility.

The second update is from Agi with his FlyAGI Tweak Utility or also know as FTU. This has been updated to version 1.10e. According to Agi “The new Version 1.10e Features a gui scaling for larger screens and many small changes and fixes partially under the hood so I had to do some more testing than usually when adding or changing simpler code.”

Want to read more about it or want to update your current version? Check it out at our dedicated “Plugins” download pages.

Attention … FlyAGI Tweak Utility Update

Update: March 6th 2019, product update to version 1.10d

Update Description: “This time I made a Cloud Level fix for bringing the distant Clouds to the same height as the closer ones – this gives a more plausible look when seen from above and you will never fly towards unreachable walls of clouds again. Further, this fix brings the clouds to a correct altitude better matching the reported Cloud base and not thousands of feet above (as happening with most cloud tweaks).

I also added a completely Independent clouds saving system: Users now can store their custom clouds into up to 99 save files. For making sharing easier there is also a share mode: When in share mode the clouds will be stored into and loaded from separate share files so users don’t have to risk loosing there own save files when importing configurations provided by other users. Of Course the normal saving is still fully functional, this is all just an addition for saving, restoring and sharing other configurations than my presets.”

Why do you need another tweak and settings script?
I know there are some settings and tweaking tools out there but none of them did satisfy me so I always kept tweaking myself with simple scripts for changing the parameters that really impact performance without sacrificing visual appearance to much. For making this easier and to have the possibility to use different tweaks and settings in different aircraft I wrote the tweak utility. All the settings the utility gives access to have an instant effect without the need of a scenery reload (except the extended DSFs switch, it initiates a reload when clicked) and I think they are more or less self explanatory.

Check it out at our dedicated download page.

“Matthew007800” ToLiss Liveries Added

Hi all,
We’ve added today, March 9th 2019, a couple of fresh liveries for the ToLiss A319 aircraft from Matthew007800. The liveries we’ve uploaded from Matthew007800 are Vanilla Air (CFM2S) and the new Wizz Air (IAE2S). 

As a registered user you’re free to check it out what’;s new, or which livery has been updated and download it. Most of the older liveries from Christoph_T have been updated for the latest model update. Newer or recent released liveries from Christoph_T are already up-to-date for the latest TolIss A319 package. The same happend  with some liveries from Matthew007800.

At the same time we’ve tried to keep it a bit organised. That said, we’ve rearranged the liveries or weathered cockpit textures from fscabral. Once an a while, depending on the time he has, he comes out with a bunch of new liveries or something unexpected like the recent 767 Professional Extended cockpit textures. Because of that,. we created a different menu structure for fscabral.

Anyway, enjoy the updated or new liveries and see our updated libraries too.

Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde 50 Years

Normally we leave real aviation news out of our daily publications, but “this” is something I would like to share with you … the Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale) and British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) resend you the Concorde. The Concorde first flight was on March 2nd, 1969, exactly 50 years ago.

According to Wikipedia “The Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde is a British-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner that was operated from 1976 until 2003. It had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04 (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued flying for the next 27 years.

Twenty Concordes were built, including six prototypes and development aircraft. Air France (AF) and British Airways (BA) were the only airlines to purchase and fly Concorde. The aircraft was used mainly by wealthy passengers who could afford to pay a high price in exchange for the aircraft’s speed and luxury service. For example, in 1997, the round-trip ticket price from New York to London was $7,995 ($12.5 thousand in 2018 dollars), more than 30 times the cost of the cheapest option to fly this route.”

It can be pretty warm outside at the Concorde skin when flying Mach 2

“Reflecting the treaty between the British and French governments that led to Concorde’s construction, the name Concorde is from the French word concorde, which has an English equivalent, concord. Both words mean agreement, harmony or union. The name was officially changed to Concord by Harold Macmillan in response to a perceived slight by Charles de Gaulle. At the French roll-out in Toulouse in late 1967, the British Government Minister for Technology, Tony Benn, announced that he would change the spelling back to Concorde.”

Want to read the whole Concorde story with all ins and outs? Then you must check out this dedicated Wikipedia link.

ToLiss 319 Updated to Version 1.3

We’re pleased to inform you that ToLiss has updated their 319 aircraft to version 1.3. In case you’ve lost track what the ToLiss A319 is; the ToLiss 319 is a 120-140 seat single-aisle mid-range modern state-of-the-art FBW aircraft with a high focus on detailed system modelling. Although this is the official line from X-Plane.Org, I can add to this that the 3D modelling is great, but the system design and in particular the FBW (Fly-By-Wire) is unique.

This is the third major update of the aircraft and comes with a lot of fixes, new features and so on. Let me highlight the following for you and please, don’t forget to read our comprehensive review ( at X-Plained. Besides that, only available for registered simmers, the many liveries we offer, a cockpit enhancement pack and so on. Oops, and not to forget the many exclusive screenshots we made. Just do a search for ToLiss at our site and you’ll be overwhelmed with A319 information.

Ok, the changes for build 981 (V1.2.2) to build 1001 (V1.3)
Major new features:

  • Rain effects (Thanks to Saso Kiselkov)
  • Created custom XP11.30 particle effects
  • Engine performance adaptation to new XP11.30 engine dynamics model
  • VR manipulator support
  • Avitab support is integrated now.

Minor new features:

  • Added bulb dynamics to the integrated lights. (On/Off is not instantaneous anymore.)
  • Added ECAM action items to ADR DISAGREE ECAM caution, added ECAM caution SPD BRK STILL OUT
  • GEN 1 Line push button is now functional
  • MCDU PROG page now supports airport/runway for the Distance/Bearing function
  • The FMS now also parses Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth Nav data/earth_nav.dat to get the best ILS placement.
  • Cabin pressure and whether you are wearing the oxygen mask now ties into the “pilot felt altitude” dataref. Enable hypoxia in Xplane setting for maximum realism
  • Texture rework from Matthew

Bug fixes:

  • When using the fire extingushing bottles, the DISCH light now comes up at the right time.
  • Fixed an issue with import of altitude and speed constraints in newer CFIP files.
  • After entering the TO/FROM ICAO codes, the ALTN airport now shows “NONE” rather than red boxes
  • When Pulling the SPD knob, the speed target synchronizes to the current speed.
  • Fixed a bug to make sure that FBW system drops to alternate mode when in EMER ELEC configuration
  • Fixed behaviour of the ECAM ALL button for repetitive pushes.
  • Fixed EIS switching behaviour when all screens are available.
  • Fixed airplane symbol location in PLAN mode
  • Upon go-around the AP reverts now to HDG/VS mode (if it was in TRK/FPA before)
  • Made the pitch down notion when approaching stall in alternate mode more noticeable
  • Improved flap/slat extension times and Normal law compensation of flap movement
  • Allowed the activation of managed Descent during the Cruise phase now. (at -1000fpm)
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to loss of correct ILS data on approach, if the flight plan asks for tuning an ILS DME in VOR1.

Aerosoft NavDataPro AIRAC Cycle 1903

Aerosoft released on February 28th a new AIRAC Cycle 1903 for their NavDataPro.

For operationally significant changes in information, the cycle known as the AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) cycle is used: revisions are produced every 56 days (double AIRAC cycle) or every 28 days (single AIRAC cycle).

NavDataPro users are now able to download and install the datasets for X-Plane. NavDataPro is our new update service for navigational data used by various simulatorsWith this service flight sim pilots will always get up-to-date navdata for flight planning and in flight use.

More information can be found at the dedicated Aerosoft web page.