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X-Camera Updated to 2.4

On behalf of Stick and Rudder Studios developer Mark we’re pleased to share with you the following news regarding the updated version of his X-Camera 2.4.

According to Mark “We have completed the beta testing for X-Camera 2.4. This new version is a free update for all X-Camera 2.x customers. Version 2.4 only supports X-Plane 11.3 and above on all three operating systems. The archive above still contains the binaries and user guide for version 2.3.3 which will run on X-Plane 9 and 10. Support for X-Camera 2.3.3 is limited to just critical bug fixes.

I would like to thank our volunteers who helped test the beta version of X-Camera. I would also like to thank all of you for your continued support of Stick and Rudder Studios. For those of you who prefer to purchase your X-Plane add-ons from the store you can see all of our product listings here:

Here are the major changes:

X-Camera 2.4

  • New User Interface
  • Drag-Drop Camera and Category Ordering
  • Supports the Ability to Pop-Out the Control Panel and Mini-Control Panel to Top-Level OS Windows
  • Color Coded Mini-Control Panel
  • Right Click Mouse-Look Support
  • Wheel Zoom Disable by Camera
  • Circle Camera
  • AGL Camera
  • Improved Airport Camera Support
  • Enhanced Support for Lua Script Special Effects
  • AI Perspective Support for the new X-Plane 11.5 TCAS API

Your existing X-Camera 2.x key will work with 2.4. You can download the new version via this URL. There is a new set of tutorial videos which will help you get familiar with the new UI. We recommend you review them via this link.

Scenery Animation Manager – Suite Update 1.2

We’re more than pleased to inform you that with the approval of Marten or also known as X-Plane.Org user marten@stairport, we are able to host and promote his X-Plane 11 SAM Suite. Oh no, not just an application, no, a great SAM extension called the SAM Suite.

I could only test and try the macOS version and it’s basically an application that allows you to monitor and to install SAM related products like the base plugin, world jetways, static aircrafts, global trees, seasons, and scenery developer pack. When not installed, you can download these packages, or you can click the “more detail” button.

According to Marten; This is the SAM Suite – Installer and Updater version 1.2. The download package is a pack that combines all OS systems namely; Windows, Linux and Mac.

The updated version 1.2 comes with the following fixes/updates:
– Added version readout to splashscreen and top menu bar
– Fixed CTD when uninstalling GlobalTrees extension
– Added information on license source (steam/non-steam)
– Added auto updater for future updates
– Fixed CTD issue with Fedora

Check it out at our dedicated download page.

FlyWithLua NG updated to 7.2.24

Our Update June 1st, 2020 | Official FlyWithLua NG (Next Generation) X-Plane 11 version 2.7.24

At X-Plained we’re very pleased to inform you that, in consult with X-Friese, we are able to offer you his latest FlyWithLua NG (Next Generation) for X-Plane 11 plugin from X-Friese. As X-Friese is always saying ….. the FlyWithLua story is going on!

This is the official brand version of FlyWithLua NG for X-Plane 11, and, the same as for the previous version, it will no longer support X-Plane 10 or X-Plane 9. All X-Plane 9 users (are there any out there?) must stay at FlyWithLua 2.4.x and follow the instructions to convert FlyWithLua 2.4.x into X-Plane 9 mode.

Going forward NG will be the only developed FlyWithLua version. Support will generally be a community effort. And of course the official brand new version of FlyWithLua NG is running on all three platforms, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Thanks a lot to Sparker for making this possible. Without him, FlyWithLua would be a Windows plugin only. 

You can grab your personal copy via this download page, but you need to be a registered simmers to be able to download it.

Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 2006

Another Navigraph AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) period starting on May 21st, 2020. Let’s give some background information about the AIRAC Cycle.

The AIRAC cycle was adopted in 1964 and further improved over the years. Key are the worldwide effective dates with 28 days intervals (e.g. 4 August 2005, 1 September 2005, 29 September 2005, …). Effective days are always on a Thursday. It may look indeed like a long period, 28 days, or even 56, but it should be understood that aeronautical information changes, mostly published through so called AIRAC Amendments.

Back to our Navigraph Cycle 2006, effective from May 21st. By following this link you reach the download section of Navigraph.

Aerosoft NavDataPro AIRAC Cycle 2006

Aerosoft released on May 21st a new AIRAC Cycle 2006 for their NavDataPro.

For operationally significant changes in information, the cycle known as the AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) cycle is used: revisions are produced every 56 days (double AIRAC cycle) or every 28 days (single AIRAC cycle).

NavDataPro users are now able to download and install the datasets for X-Plane. NavDataPro is our new update service for navigational data used by various simulatorsWith this service flight sim pilots will always get up-to-date navdata for flight planning and in flight use.

More information can be found at the dedicated Aerosoft web page.

All NAPS Orbx Compatible Airports disabled

This is sad news, but we have no other choice than temporarily disable all Floridian NAPS airports that where available for compatibility with Orbx TrueEarth US Florida ortho package.

According to Freddy De Pues “we’re working on an unexpected copyright issue, Floridian airports are being amended. Orbx has a library separated from the Florida True Colors project (Orbx_OrbxlibsXP). I thought in good faith it could be used as any other library, it is not. I’m working on replacing 1500 faulty trees.”