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Aerosoft NavDataPro AIRAC Cycle 2212

Aerosoft released on December 1st a new AIRAC Cycle 2212 for their NavDataPro.

For operationally significant changes in information, the cycle known as the AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) cycle is used: revisions are produced every 56 days (double AIRAC cycle) or every 28 days (single AIRAC cycle).

NavDataPro users are now able to download and install the datasets for X-Plane. NavDataPro is our new update service for navigational data used by various simulatorsWith this service flight sim pilots will always get up-to-date navdata for flight planning and in flight use.

More information can be found at the dedicated Aerosoft web page.

Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 2212

Another Navigraph AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) period starting on December 1st, 2022. Let’s give some background information about the AIRAC Cycle.

In aviation, an Aeronautical Information Publication (or AIP) is defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization as a publication issued by or with the authority of a state and containing aeronautical information of a lasting character essential to air navigation.[not verified in body] It is designed to be a manual containing thorough details of regulations, procedures and other information pertinent to flying aircraft in the particular country to which it relates. It is usually issued by or on behalf of the respective civil aviation administration.

The structure and contents of AIPs are standardized by international agreement through ICAO. AIPs normally have three parts – GEN (general), ENR (en route) and AD (aerodromes). The document contains many charts; most of these are in the AD section where details and charts of all public aerodromes are published.

AIPs are kept up-to-date by regular revision on a fixed cycle. For operationally significant changes in information, the cycle known as the AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) cycle is used: revisions are produced every 56 days (double AIRAC cycle) or every 28 days (single AIRAC cycle). These changes are received well in advance so that users of the aeronautical data can update their flight management systems (FMS). For insignificant changes, the published calendar dates are used.

In some countries the AIP is informally known as the Airman’s Manual or the Air Pilot.

Back to our Navigraph Cycle 2212, effective from December 1st. By following this link you reach the download section of Navigraph.

1-on-1 Flight Sim Training by FSC

Online flight instructor service develops software to improve safety/proficiency with scenario-based training at home. FSC instructors can now control failures and weather while monitoring students

November 8, 2022 — Flight Sim Coach LLC (FSC) has developed new software called “FSC Link” which allows their remote flight instructors to control and monitor a student’s home flight simulator. This will allow home flight simulator users worldwide to receive the highest-quality remote training from expert instructors.

The software solution consists of a remote instructor operating station plus plugins for two of the most popular home flight simulators, X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Flight Sim Coach founder Mike Catalfamo says, “Previously, we were limited to remotely monitoring students via screen-sharing software like Zoom. FSC Link opens up many opportunities for improved training quality—especially for more advanced pilots who want to maintain peak proficiency at a minimal cost.”

With the new software, FSC instructors can introduce various failures (including engine failures, instrument malfunctions, and GPS outages) and dynamically modify weather conditions—all from behind the scenes. Furthermore, instructors can remotely monitor parameters such as flight control inputs and trim settings. This allows the instructors to identify bad habits that might otherwise be missed in a remote training environment.

“The ability of an experienced instructor to create unexpected situations is a game-changer for serious ADM (aeronautical decision-making) and SRM (single-pilot resource management) practice at home,” Catalfamo says.

“Imagine receiving weekly scenario-based training (SBT) targeting common causes of general-aviation accidents. For example, we can add unexpected tailwinds during landing to test your discipline in executing a go-around. Or slowly reduce the visibility to simulate a ‘VFR into IMC’ scenario. The possibilities are endless.”

The software is currently available only to FSC clients and instructors. Their services are available to anyone with an internet connection and even the most basic home flight simulator. FSC, founded in 2021, connects students with instructors who are experts in a variety of home flight simulators and aircraft types (including most general-aviation aircraft, helicopters, corporate jets, airliners, and even gliders).

They primarily help students prepare for real-world flight training, but they also assist hobbyist simmers or pilots aiming to stay proficient. They also offer assistance with the initial purchase and setup of a flight simulator. FSC instructors offer free consultations to those interested in discussing their services and developing a coaching plan. About Flight Sim Coach: Flight Sim Coach LLC was founded in 2021 to bring high-quality one-on-one flight instruction into the home simulation experience. The current team of remote coaches consists of over ten certified flight instructors from across the globe, each with extensive flight simulation expertise.

For more information, visit

Navigraph Charts 8 is released

The Navigraph team is proud to announce the release of Navigraph Charts 8. The most notable feature additions in the new version are worldwide VFR charts coverage, drag and drop rubber band route construction, seamless zoom down to gate level, and 3D globe projection.

Following the initial release many more features await such as weather layers, profile views, navlog, traffic, and annotations. Navigraph Charts 8 has been developed with emphasis on delivering a seamless and intuitive experience, reducing the pilot workload in all phases of the simulated flight.


What’s New?
Navigraph Charts 8 has been completely rewritten to accommodate an extensive roadmap of new features scheduled for release over the next couple of months. In the new version, you will see the following new features:

  • Worldwide VFR Charts
  • Drag and Drop Route Construction (only Desktop and Cloud in initial release)
  • Seamless Zoom
  • 3D Globe Projection
  • Autopinning of Procedure Charts
  • Airport Crosswind and Weather Information
  • Vector Charts

A more detailed feature explanation, along with product videos, is available on the Navigraph Charts product page.

VSKYLABS Maule M-7-235B Update

On behalf of VSkyLabs we’re pleased to share with you their latest updated X-Plane 12 aircraft.

The VSKYLABS Maule M-7-235B Project was just updated to version v1.15. Version v1.15 is a MAJOR UPDATE RELEASE:

  • Additional G1000 variant was added to the project.
  • Analog cockpit received IFR instrumentation (RMI/CDI).
  • Switchable landing gears were added (classic / 35″ Bushwheels), can be switched during flight, incorporated in the flight dynamics (affecting ground handling and aircraft performance).
  • Thorough flight model update to refine STOL performance and ground handling of the Maule M-7-235B aircraft. Includes landing gears modifications (physics and 3-d representation).
  • Sunroof is now modeled into the aircraft.
  • FMOD (sounds) update – new engine sounds.

Important: the VSKYLABS Maule M-7-235B project updating system was shifted from the STMA autoupdater to the SkunkCrafts updater. Updating to new version v1.15 requires to re-download the package from your store account. Delete the older installation to avoid confusion.

GeoReality Global Forests for XP12

On behalf of GeoReality and Orbx we’re pleased to share with you the following news.

GeoReality brings the successful series of Global Forests to X-Plane 12. Scans of global data have bee analysed to produce an accurate natural forest tree footprint, which is then installed into X-Plane 11, re-creating global forests in terms of variation, tree density, tree type, and tree height.

Global Forests v2 will replace all the default, and any other add-on tree product previously installed. It is a completely independent add-on, with its own set of optimized textures and tree classifications based on real-world data. This single Global Forests v2 product includes data for Europe, North America, and Asia-Oceania. Some of the features are:

  • Accurate representation of the Global forest footprint in XPlane12, according to global data
  • More than 400 .for files, with unique combination of tree type, variation, density, and height, based on real-world data
  • Tree type and classifications according to global data
  • Tree height information has been analysed from global maps and infused into Global Forests v2
  • Seamless integration with Ortho4XP, or any other package that includes satellite images
  • Seamless integration with default X-Plane12 terrain

For more information check out the dedicated Orbx storepage or the GeoReality website.