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VoiceCommander! Your best virtual Co-Pilot

We’re pleased to inform you, on behalf of Guillaume Langlais, designer from A.M.I.S. Informatique, the release of his ultimate virtual co-pilot VoiceCommander.

VoiceCommander is the concept by Guillaume Langlais and allows you to create your own vocals commands in X-Plane and other simulators. Looking for the real co-pilot effect … then look for the Pro version which are really Co-Pilot simulators.

VoiceCommander ! A new way for the best virtual Co-Pilot.
Pro versions are some really virtual copilot. Want to see it with your own eyes what it is and how it works? Then you must check out the following Youtube movies; YouTube I, YouTube II, YouTube III and YouTube VI.

More information about A.M.I.S. Informatique and their products including VoiceCommander can be found at their website.

Some words about XPlane.A.M.I.S.
Designed and created by Guillaume Langlais. X-Plane A.M.I.S. develops great freeware and payware add-ons for X-Plane.

Hold Advisor by Alan Wright

We proudly present to you from Alan Wright (Teignmouth) his “hold advisor” ….. a quick and easy means of obtaining the correct join path to fly to enter a hold. You always wanted to fly the perfect holding? From now on this is possible with the “Holding Pattern Calculator for Virtual Pilots, courtesy of SWFSG (South West Flight Simulation)”.

According to Alan Wright aka Teignmouth “copy the HoldAdvisor.amw file to your PC; rename (right click and select RENAME from pop-up menu) the HoldAdvisor.amw file to be HoldAdvisor.exe; you WILL get a stability warning but say yes; create a shortcut if wanted. Downloaded .exe (executable) files may trigger your PC security. Sorry, at the moment only for Windows X-Plane simmers.”

“The software is totally stand-alone and so can be placed anywhere accessable, either on or off the PC. Note there is no link to the flight sim and so it does not know where you are or any details of the hold or the ambient wind conditions so you still have to do some work. I think use is self-explanatory, however, there is a help button which gives some clues.”

Then you must check out our dedicated tutorial page for more information as well as how to download it. Remember, only available for registered X-Plained.Com simmers!

Announcing SkyMaxx Pro 4.5 ….

II’m pleased being a SkyMAXX Pro simmer, that SkyMAXX Pro has been updated to version 4.5. This seems to me a big step.

According to the incoming news “Beginning somewhere today, May 27th 2017, you’ll be able to enjoy SkyMaxx Pro v4.5. This is a pretty nice update we’re excited to get out to you, and we’re hoping you enjoy it as much as we do!
Of things to note, you can expect the following:

  • Procedural sky box (based on the Hosek model) to accurately simulate sky colors for any time, place, and weather
  • Improved blending of distant clouds into the sky
  • Cloud draw distance increased by 20%
  • Stutters with high cloud draw area settings reduced
  • More realistic and distinctive representation of “HD cloud puffs” stratiform clouds
  • More variety of cloud shapes and positions
  • New, much-improved cloud textures for “crisp” and “soft” cumulus clouds
  • Added glare effect surrounding the sun
  • Our own ephemeris model, for accurate placement of the sun, moon, stars, and planets at night
  • Accurate moon phases and orientation of the moon
  • Various bug fixes and graphical polish

By replacing X-Plane’s skies with our own, it enables us to make the lighting on our clouds more consistent with the skies you see behind them. The screenshots below show what you can expect. This results in better blending and color continuity, which makes the clouds seem much more natural and realistic. This is a big upgrade to SkyMaxx Pro, and will be offered free of charge to existing SkyMaxx Pro 4 customers running X-Plane 10 or X-Plane 11.”

Watch your mailbox closely since today, May 27th, it will happen.

Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1706

Another Navigraph AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) period starting on May 25th, 2017. Let’s give some background information about the AIRAC Cycle.

The AIRAC cycle was adopted in 1964 and further improved over the years. Key are the worldwide effective dates with 28 days intervals (e.g. 4 August 2005, 1 September 2005, 29 September 2005, …). Effective days are always on a Thursday. It may look indeed like a long period, 28 days, or even 56, but it should be understood that aeronautical information changes, mostly published through so called AIRAC Amendments.

Back to our Navigraph Cycle 1706, effective from May 25th. By following this link you reach the download section of Navigraph.

Aerosoft NavDataPro Cycle 1706

Aerosoft released on May 25th a new AIRAC Cycle 1706 for their NavDataPro.

NavDataPro users are now able to download and install the datasets for X-Plane. NavDataPro is our new update service for navigational data used by various simulatorsWith this service flight sim pilots will always get up-to-date navdata for flight planning and in flight use.

More information can be found at the dedicated Aerosoft web page.

FSWidgets Updates iOS Apps

We’re pleased to announce the following post from the FSWidgets team. The team at FSWidgets has rolled out updates to four of their iOS apps (iGMap, iGMapHD, QuickPlan & EFB).

According to FSWidgets “Under the hood the apps were significantly re-worked to use the very latest technologies (iOS SDK 10.3, Dropbox API v2, AFNetworking) so they should run faster and smoother, especially on the latest devices with iOS 9 or later.”

For full details please see their News page.

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