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vFlyteAir Piper Twin Comanche Review

On behalf of Andy Clark, one of our dedicated reviewers, is pleased to inform you that Andy has reviewed the vFlyteAir Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche for X-Plane 11.

According to Andy “This model allows X-Plane to be used in a large variety of levels. Visually it is very impressive with clear, sharp graphics and impressive attention to detail. The sounds supplied are realistic and help immerse the user in the whole experience. This is a great aircraft to simply get in and fly and allows the user to appreciate the scenery and effects created within X-Plane.” but Andy has much more to say.

Andy continues “For the new pilot the handbook is very helpful with good clear diagrams of the instrumentation aided by labelling of many instruments by hovering the mouse. On screen warnings and advice are also there to help but the aircraft can simply be flown if required.”

Want to read Andy’s in-depth review? Then follow this review link.

Review Carenado Shrike Aero Commander

Andy Clark, one of our dedicated reviewers, dives into the “Carenado Shrike Aero Commander” world.

It will be a great and thorough ride, I can promise you. According to Andy “This detailed model creates a very realistic and immersive experience. The attention to detail in terms of the interior, exterior and instrumentation of the aircraft is very impressive. The amount of interaction with the model and its equipment allows this aircraft to be used from a basic flight simulation aircraft to fly within X-Plane up to a model representing all facets of flying.”

Andy continues with “The reflections, lighting and shadows on the aircraft add to the realism and the fight experience itself it thoroughly enjoyable. Carenado have cleverly produced a model that flies well, provides a challenge and captures the character of this older aircraft whist integrating the opportunity for the pilot to fully interact with all aspects of a flight.”

But Andy has so much more to tell. Enjoy Andy’s comprehensive review of the Carenado 500s Shrike Aero Commander.

Review Drzewiecki Design LUKK

We’re at X-Plained.Com are pleased to inform you that Jude Bradley visited the airport of Chișinău (LUKK), modeled by Drzewiecki Design.

According to Jude “Drzewiecki Design are no strangers to X-Plane, having successfully ported most of their products from FSX/P3D. despite being from Europe, I had not really paid much attention to Moldova, it sounds like someplace Dracula might reside, or one of the more obscure Eurovision song contest entries. However, looking closer, Moldova has had an old history linking back to the Roman and Byzantine era.”

And Jude continues “At first glance, this airport does not look very interesting with its single runway, but Drezwiecki have done one nice job on this airport. (The traffic lights were a nice touch) There is such a lot of interesting things to see here, and boring is not the word I would use here. They have even gone as far as adding some photo real and local landmarks which blend in very nicely with the airport.”

Curious what Jude has to say and to show you? Then it’s worth to check out his review.

Airfoillabs C172SP Review

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen goes back to her GA roots; exploring, flying and testing the Airfoillabs Cessna C172SP Skyhawk. She rents this X-Plane 10.51 and X-Plane 11 model at KJGG and makes a IFR flight from EHBK to ELLX. By the way; her overall impressions are based on using X-Plane 11 as flight simulator platform.

And, is it fun? Is it worth the model?
Angelique concludes that the Airfoillabs C172SP is worth every penny although some external and internal weathering would be a bit more realistic.

Knowing this, the rest of the model and the implemented features is overwhelming, even with her real C172 experience.

You’re curious what she has to say about it and how she felt the aircraft flies? Then there’s an absolute need to read her comprehensive Airfoillabs review.


On Final Approach FunnerFlight KLAX v2

On behalf of FunnerFlight, we’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of Jeff Mueller his updated KLAX v2.

According to Jeff “KLAX version 2.0 is a very detailed airport for X-Plane. This updated version looks awesome, with many details like:
– Airport Hotels, carparks, street lighting, and area warehouses – LAX landscaped entry mound, Departure Level and Overpass system. Custom Southern California trees and bushes, including various kinds of palm trees. – GroundTraffic with several options; now includes auto traffic with buses, taxis, several taxiing aircraft, airport terminal buses, trucking at Cargo facilities, street traffic, and a full 747F loading animation with airport pilot shuttle, mobile stairs, cargo loader, cargo cart trains, forklifts, mobile light units, and fueling trucks and drivers.

This is only a small list of his free updated KLAX v2. As said, the update will be free for registered users. The airport update is not only for X-Plane 10.51, but also compatible with X-Plane 11. The airport will be released soon. That said, monitor the X-Plane.Org news on a regular base to keep track of the update data.”

Aerobask Antares 20E Review

Looking for a great glider and looking for an adventure with the Lange Aviation Antares 20E from Aerobask?

If you like gliding with the possibility to use the onboard motor, then this Aerobask Antares 20E is a great model. Together with the thermal plugin from Alex Ferrer, your X-Plane 10 and/or X-Plane 11 adventure can begin.

Stephane Buon, lead developer of Aerobask modeled this glider a while ago, and recently it was updated for X-Plane 11 and when I say updated, the glider benefits now of all the new X-Plane 11 features.

Angelique van Campen, your personal reporter as always, has tested the Antares 20E with both X-Plane 10.51 and X-Plane 11 including the special thermal plugin. Was it worth it, was it fun, did it all work? You can read it in her comprehensive review.

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