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Review Carenado SR22 GTSX HD Series

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen continues with her Carenado and Alabeo adventure. Today it’s time to explore, to investigate, to maintain and to fly the Carenado Cirrus Aircraft SR22 GTXS Turbo. Is it a beast, is it a beauty, it is … yes, it’s all of it!

According to Angelique “The overall quality, as you may expect from Carenado, of the 3D SR22 Turbo modeling of the aircraft body itself and the 3D cockpit/cabin are of a high level. The same can be said of the G1000 PFD and MFD as well as the belonging AP and control unit for the MFD. Even the popup displays look very nice.

But there’s so much more to tell, to see and to read about this beauty!

Check out Angelique’s in-depth review of the SR22 GTXS Turbo.

Carenado Beechcraft B1900D Review

Fasten Your Seatbelt.
Ladies and Gentleman, welcome on-board our brand new Beechcraft B1900D. We’re pleased to inform you that this brand new aircraft is developed and produced by the Carenado team. We hope you have a pleasant flight with us. We will keep you informed about any issues on this flight and our expected landing time at Auckland International Airport.

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen flies with Air New Zealand in a Carenado Beechcraft B1900D and is she enthusiastic? According to Angelique “it’s quite a large GA aircraft with, I would say, a lot of potential. It looks great, comes with more liveries then normal and it offers a very nice modeled virtual cabin as well as a high-quality 3D cockpit.”

With all those liveries and the very well modeled GA aircraft, I’m a happy simmer. That said, the Carenado B1900D has a permanent place in my hanger and hopefully it will also get a nice place in your hanger too.

Want to know all about it? Then it’s time to read Angelique’s comprehensive B1900D review.

Carenado Beechcraft Baron 58 Review

According to your personal reporter Angelique van Campen reviewing the old-fashioned Beechcraft Baron 58 is/was fun. Yes, it’s not the newest twin engine GA aircraft, neither less, a lot to see, a lot modified since version 1.0 which came from 2012.

Angelique thinks that “Are current Carenado or Alabeo models better then this one? I don’t think so, but perhaps that current GA models offers different techniques and knowledge that’s being implemented then these older models. That said, is the Baron then old-fashioned?

No, it’s not old-fashioned. Ok, is has no modern EFIS instruments or whatever is possible these days, but it’s not an old-fashioned aircraft to fly with.”

Worth the review and the read? Yes, absolute worth to read her comprehensive review.

Review B-52 Stratofortress by “depas57”

Hmmm …. the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress was not a review title I had in mind. On the other hand, it’s an impressive aircraft, so why not review it and it’s fun too? I found this “modified” aircraft a while ago on X-Plane.Org, uploaded by depas57.

So, what’s then so special? The aircraft gets, besides many other things, a 3D cockpit. Worth to check out by your personal reporter Angelique van Campen. According to Angelique “Although we’re dealing with a default XP10 aircraft, tested with X-Plane 10.51, the added 3D cockpit gives the B-52 new wings. Nice job.”

You can read Angelique’s B-52 3D cockpit review via this link.

Carenado Malibu Mirage Review

One of my favourite aircraft from Carenado, besides the C337, the Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage.

Why you would ask …. because I’ve seen this aircraft in real at Texel Airport (EHTX). A rich business men who has a license to fly this aircraft and who was also the owner. A gorgeous looking model although some find the nose a bit long, but further on, a well modelled and accurate created GA aircraft.

Hold on, who’s “I’ve”?
Oh, sorry, that me, your personal investigator and reporter Angelique van Campen. But what was she doing at Texel Aircraft? In the first place camping and making hundreds of NEF photos from every building and object to use for my next project, using SketchUp and WED to build my own Texel, with a bit of help from Marc Leydecker and Freddy De Pues however, still not found a minute to start with it.

Curious to what she has to say about the modelled Malibu version 3.2? Sit back, relax, take a cup of coffee, tea or something else and enjoy her comprehensive PA-46 Malibu Mirage review.

Review Stampe et Vertongen SV-4 by XPFR

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen thinks that many flight simmers, including me, aren’t familiar with the old fashioned Stampe SV biplane aircraft. That said, time to highlight the XPFR Stampe et Vertongen SV-4.

Stampe et Vertongen was a Belgian aircraft manufacturer formed in 1922 and based at Antwerp, Belgium. The company specialised in design and construction of primary trainers/tourers and advanced trainers. One of the products, the Stampe SV.4, has become well known as just Stampe.

Ok, now we know that, how’s the model, how does it look like, how does it fly and so on. Some notes from the review “Anyway, the instruments are well modeled and sharp for a freeware add-on aircraft and that’s true not only from normal viewing locations, but also if you zoom in to the panel. I’ve got the idea that all, or at least most of the instruments, are made by the developer.” But there’s so much more to tell about this aircraft.

You can it all at our comprehensive Stampe review.

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