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Colimata FA-18F Super Hornet Review

Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, had a thorough look into the Boeing FA-18F Super Hornet from developers group Colimata. Andy is so enthusiastic about this modeled Boeing fighter, that it turned out to be an in-depth review.

According to Andy “Detail both outside and inside the aircraft is very good and this is augmented by the realistic custom sounds. The 3D cockpit is full of realistic gauges, switches and displays giving the model a high level of capability.”

He continues “The large number of liveries supplied allow multiple variants to be flown in both armed and unarmed configuration. The flight experience is varied and can be viewed from both front and rear cockpits and the included challenges of in flight refuelling and carrier operations are very well produced.”

Overall worth to read Andy’s comprehensive review that offers you all the ins and outs of the FA-18F Super Hornet.

Just Flight “Piper Arrow III” review

Ever wanted to fly the brand new refreshing Just Flight Piper Arrow III for X-Plane 11 in Florida and Southern France?

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen did it for you. In her comprehensive review she tried to find out everything from this new X-Plane 11 aircraft. According to Angelique “The 3D cockpit is well modeled, realistic, lots of used weathered parts are included and, unless I’m wrong, many photo real textures are used to give it that realistic look as it has now.” She used for her flight X-Plane 10.05, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, Just Flight Arrow III version 1.0 and a couple of add-ons as well as ZonePhoto ortho ground textures.

But she has so much more to share with you.
Curious? Then you must follow this in-depth review link an I would say .. enjoy!

Carenado C90B X-Plane 11 Review

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen is pleased to offer you her in-depth review of the Carenado C90B King Air for X-Plane 11.

According to Angelique “Did I like the C90B King Air for X-Plane 11? Yes, but to be honest I did like the same model already for X-Plane 10, so that’s not really new to me. Overall a nice, not too far away, test flight for this C90B to LSZH using the Garmin equipment and although the installed Garmin GNS 430 is default X-Plane stuff, the installed/modelled Auto Pilot is nice to operate and does its work.”

To find that out it’s time to reads her exclusive review, right here at X-Plained. Enjoy!

Review Carenado Grand Caravan

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke takes a look at the Carenado Cessna C208B Grand Caravan for X-Plane 11. As a dedicated X-Plane 11 reviewer, Andy tries to find out all the ins and outs of this modeled aircraft.

According to Andy “A really interesting model which is highly detailed and clear. The numerous variants and loads options mean that this package feels like more than just one aircraft due to the different responses in flight and the change between passengers and cargo. There is so much to interact with in this model that the pilot can simply fly and enjoy the experience or become totally immersed in a fully realistic flight.”

Andy continues “The aircraft has similarities to the Cessna 172 in terms of the cockpit and systems and makes it quite easy to learn whilst it differs enough to have its own challenges. The various configurations and liveries allow for many different flights and experiences. The detail inside and outside the aircraft is authentically reproduced and makes the use of this model all the more interesting.”.

Want to read the whole review? Then you must check out Andy’s comprehensive review.

Wilson Classics Douglas DC-8 Series Review

Back to the good old days … back to a great name in history … Douglas Aircraft Company.

On behalf of Wilson Classics, we’re pleased to offer you an in-depth review of the Wilson Classic Douglas DC-8 Series for X-Plane 11. Although your personal reporter Angelique van Campen goes on holiday for a couple of weeks, she wanted to finish part I of this great aircraft. Part I means that the whole aircraft package will be discussed except for the xCIVA INS Add-on integration. That will be discussed in part II including a test flight while using the INS.

What else can she say “I personally like old-fashioned aircraft, so I like the FJS 737 Classic, FJS 727, the Rotate MD80 and these Michael Wilson DC-8 models. And from a distance the DC-8 looks very realistic!”

Time for the review. Check out this comprehensive DC-8 Series Wilson Classics review link.

vFlyteAir Piper Twin Comanche Review

On behalf of Andy Clark, one of our dedicated reviewers, is pleased to inform you that Andy has reviewed the vFlyteAir Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche for X-Plane 11.

According to Andy “This model allows X-Plane to be used in a large variety of levels. Visually it is very impressive with clear, sharp graphics and impressive attention to detail. The sounds supplied are realistic and help immerse the user in the whole experience. This is a great aircraft to simply get in and fly and allows the user to appreciate the scenery and effects created within X-Plane.” but Andy has much more to say.

Andy continues “For the new pilot the handbook is very helpful with good clear diagrams of the instrumentation aided by labelling of many instruments by hovering the mouse. On screen warnings and advice are also there to help but the aircraft can simply be flown if required.”

Want to read Andy’s in-depth review? Then follow this review link.

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