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Airport Review | Globall Art Vancouver CYVR

It’s not that far from England to Vancouver International Airport. That said, our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke took a virtual flight to Canada and explored all the ins and outs of the latest Globall Art airport development.

And what has Andy to say? According to Andy “The scenery package enhances the default airport to a detailed, busy airport site. There is so much to do and see that it become a totally immersive experience. Ground traffic and static aircraft are modelled in detail. The developers recommend the addition of plug-ins and scenery that add even more detail and allow various functions to be animated.”

Andy continues “The additional mesh scenery means the detail continues beyond the airport boundary and the site is integrated in to the surrounding area. Despite the amount of activity and detail the developers have gone further to facilitate the change of seasons and also a great appearance in low light and darkness. This a great addition to the X-Plane flying experience and will give any user a very interesting start or finish to any flight.”

You can read Andy’s in-depth review via this review link. I hope you enjoy the reading and feel free to comment!

Utility Review | SAM World Jetways

Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen virtually travelled around the world to check out Stairport SAM World Jetways. She visited default Laminar Research airports, but also a lot of payware add-on airports. The last one she visited for her comprehensive review of SAMs World Jetways was Vancouver International Airport modeled by Globall Art.

According to Angelique “To get an idea of what World Jetways can do for you, it doesn’t cost much effort to find that out. I mentioned this before, by default all X-Plane airports equipped with jetways are just static objects. They don’t do anything when you’re parked at the designated position or arriving at that location. One of the functions of the SAM World Jetways plugin is to bring these jetways alive.”

She continues “Was it worth my time to figure out all the ins and outs of this payware plugin/extension? Yes, it was although it took me a lot of time to find the right words and the right flow, but luckily, she managed it.”

You can read all about her SAM World Jetways experience via this in-depth review link. I hope you like it and whenever you haven’t bought it yet, decide to buy it at the X-Plane.Org store.

Utility Review | JARDesign Co-Pilot ToLiss A319

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke took a new challenge in reviewing products; the JARDesign Co-Pilot plugin for the ToLiss Airbus A319. According to Andy “Usually when flying X-Plane models we may be assisted by autopilots and other automated systems and we may be able to view the cockpit with animated figures, representing the the pilot and co-pilot, clearly visible but ultimately we fly the aircraft alone, unless we let X-Plane AI take over. Many aircraft are not designed to be flown by one person and developers have come up with some ingenious ways of allowing us to swap seats or take the co-pilots view.”

Andy continues “JARDesign have approached this issue by modelling a co-pilot who sits in the cockpit with you, interacts with the user and carries out some of the functions and procedures.”

There’s of course a lot to tell you about this plugin which is not only available for the ToLiss A319, but also for other aircraft types. But for now, check out what Andy has to say with his comprehensive review about this Co-Pilot plugin for the ToLiss A319.

Hardware Review | Honeycomb Flight Controls

At X-Plained.Com we’re reviewing all kind of products, ranging from software aircraft, airports, scenery, utility add-ons and what else more. Some are chosen by us, some are written on request.

I’m sure you know what we all do regarding reviews. But, not often, there’s also a need to review some new hardware and this time we had the possibility to review the Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Flight Control unit. Since Saitek was taken over by Logi, we missed the Saitek Pro Flight equipment and belonging products and this gap is slowly taken over by Honeycomb Aeronautical.

The reviewed product, the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls is a GA aircraft look alike device with switches, buttons and an engine selector. I was a bit curious what to expect and therefore, I contacted Aerosoft. It was worth my time to review this piece of hardware from US manufacture Honeycomb Aeronautical. It was fun reviewing it due to the used material and thus the overall quality and what else I found out during the testing. Curious what our personal reporter Angelique van Campen has to say about this piece of hardware?

Check it out via this in-depth review link. Enjoy the reading and comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Aircraft Review | Just Flight Avro Vulcan

Andy Clarke and your personal reporter Angelique van Campen are pleased to offer you a comprehensive review of the Thranda Design and Just Flight teams, the Avro Vulcan.

In case you lost it, this historical fighter package covers the Avro Vulcan models B Mk2, K.2 and MRR versions. We’re both very excited reviewing this aircraft in-depth. Andy has seen and touched the real aircraft when he was young while I’m in for all kind of historical aircraft that are modeled with passion. According to Andy “this is a highly detailed and impressive model.”

Andy continues “The exterior and interior detail really do create the aura of the real aircraft and the textures and colours create a very realistic experience, especially in the cockpit. There are so many pieces of equipment and systems modelled that the aircraft must contain something of interest for any user and challenges for pilots of all abilities.”

But both Andy and Angelique have so much more to offer. Curious what we think? Check out our in-depth review. Enjoy! 

Aircraft Review | Carenado Cirrus SR22 GTx

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen loves Florida, US and then in particular with the Orbx TrueEarth ortho scenery, but there’s more. And that more are aircraft. Although Angelique had her PPL lessons in New Smyrna Beach (KEVB) she drove from north top south, from, west to east to explore Florida.

In this new adventure she explores the Carenado SR22 GTx G3 for X-Plane 11 GA aircraft. A great aircraft for your IFR flights. That said, she tried to find all the ins and outs of this GA model and did that on a IFR flight from Key West to Daytona Bech International Airport.

Was it fun? Did you had any issues or did she like the aircraft. According to Angelique “it’s a great aircraft to practice, especially in combination with the installed X1000 from Laminar Research. The X1000 represents the Garmin G1000 with all the components that belong to this. Although the simulated G1000 doesn’t offer all what the real G1000 has, it’s still fun to fly this aircraft.”

Curious how it was? Curious what she thinks of it? Then you must read this comprehensive review link. Enjoy!