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Airport Scenery | Orbx London City Airport X-Plane 12

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith flies virtually to Europe to visit London City Airport. It has been updated and modified by Orbx to fit perfectly with X-Plane 12, but what has Paul to say about all of this.

According to Paul “London City Airport in the Docklands. Orbx calls this a unique flight experience which bringing in commercial airliners at a 5.5 degrees approach certainly is. The airport is also unique in that only certain aircraft are allowed. The aircraft and the pilot must be certified to use this facility. Aircraft certification includes both performance and noise criteria. General aviation and rotor craft need not apply.” but Paul has much more to explored at this city airport.

Check out this comprehensive review at X-Plained.Com.

Airport Review | Ocean State Sceneries KPVC

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith flies from Boston via via to KPVC – Provincetown Municipal Airport which is only a flight of 20 minutes. The modeled airport from Ocean State Sceneries seems according to Paul worth his visit and exploration.

Paul writes “Ultimately, I found myself spending a lot of time at KPVC while doing this review and it is an airport I will return to time and again. The charm and character of the New England seashore pervade the scenery and the nuances of a small airport are elegantly captured. While the area does benefit from satellite imagery, the developer’s choice to add the features of Race Point beach and lighthouse does help to bring the seashore to the X-Plane default terrain.”

But there’s more “The VFR landmarks of the two additional lighthouses, various channel markers, the breakwater, and the Pilgrim Monument add to the overall value of the project. If you choose to add satellite imagery and X-World scenery to experience the airport as the developer envisioned it, you will simply add something incredible to an airport that is already amazing.”

Paul hasn’t finished yet. Want to know all the ins and outs of this scenery package? Check it out via Paul’s in-depth review link.

Aircraft Review | Norman-Islander by Thranda

We are so happy that Thranda Design modeled for X-Plane 12 the famous British Britten Norman-Islander and we are even more exited that our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith reviewed this beauty.

Paul states in his summary “Fans of the BN2, bush pilots, twin engine aficionados, and pilots operating regional airlines cannot go wrong with this installment of the Britten-Norman BN-2A-27 Islander. It is a solid purchase that is worth the asking price, and it will very likely hold its value through the life of X-Plane 12 since Thranda has a history of updating aircraft as needed for incremental changes made to the sim by Laminar.”

But there’s so much more to explore about this Thranda model with of course “That it is offered to the community by a developer with a high level of commitment to the X-Plane simulator.” Curious what Paul has to say? Check it out in his in-depth review, written and published for you by X-Plained.Com.

Airport Review | Axonos-Orbx Owen Roberts

X-Plained.Com is pleased to offer you an in-depth review from Axonos/Orbx Grand Cayman Owen Roberts Airport written by Paul Beckwith. The Owen Roberts International Airport is the main entry point for the Cayman Islands that feature an airport on each of the three Islands. As can be expected from Paul, with a lot of passion and sight seeing hours he has explored the modelled airport.

According to Paul “Axonos’ rendition of Owen Roberts International Airport brings another island airport to X-Plane’s Caribbean world and is a welcome addition to other Caribbean Island airports available for the sim for pilots that enjoy tropical island hopping. The package does an admirable job of presenting the essence of this gateway to the Cayman Islands with its customized terminal and outlying buildings, use of ortho imagery, and admirable tarmac textures and details.”

But there’s so much more to explore and to share with you. Curious what Paul has more to offer while checking out this airport? Then he invites you to read his comprehensive review at X-Plained.Com. Enjoy the reading and comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Orbx Brisbane Package for X-Plane 12

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith has to travel a lot. This time Paul visits Brisbane, Aussie from Orbx. A long flight, yes, that true, but it was worth the time, the investment and the “inspection”.

According to Paul “Without a doubt, the first Landmarks package from Orbx adds a very distinctive touch to the area of the X-Plane world it addresses. Let’s review what we have seen.”

He continues “The well-done category is extensive. Orbx tells us we can expect to see over 100 custom-made objects. I have not done the count and I know I have not seen them all. The ones I have seen are impressive with their accurate modeling and fine details bringing a real-life sensibility into the sim environment.”

But Paul has so much to say about the Brisbane landmarks as wel las the updated/modified Brisbane International Airport. You can read all his findings in his latest comprehensive Brisbane Exploration for X-Plane 12 review. Enjoy!

Scenery Review | Faroe Island X-Plane 12

Flying from the States to the Faroe Islands is for our reviewer Paul Beckwith not a long trip and therefore, Paul decided to review for you the Faroe Islands from Maps2XPlane which is updated to X-Plane version 12.

According to Paul “The Faroe Islands XP is a tremendous piece of scenery or the Faroe Islands XP from Maps2XPlane is an award-winning scenery, and it continues to demonstrate exactly why it merited that award. Faroe Island XP. Buy it. There are few packages that are as worth the asking price as this work by Maps2XPlane and Albert Ràfols is. You will not regret it especially if you are a fan of helicopter flying and challenging your landing skills. If you are an airliner pilot, the Faroes are an increasingly popular destination in and of themselves, and the airport at Vágar is sure to challenge your skills especially when the weather is less than cooperative.”

Want to know all the ins and outs Paul discovered on his Faroe island hopping? Then you MUST check out his comprehensive review. Enjoy!