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Aircraft Review | Netavio Business Jet CJ4

I can tell you that this was a great experience, reviewing the Netavio Citation CJ4. Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen reviewed on request this brand new Citation CJ4. Brand new because there’s no Citation CJ4 for X-Plane and brand new because this is the first modeled business jet from Netavio.

Anyway, you can read about it in our comprehensive review. The modeled CJ4 comes with in-house modeled Collins Proline 21 integrated avionics systems, and dedicated developed Williams engine control thus own made FADEC and so much more. Angelique had many discussions with Greg, the owner of Netavio via Skype. It was not only pleasant to discuss the things with Greg, it was also refreshing to talk to a real business jet pilot. I hope you will enjoy the review and comments are always welcome.

Aircraft Review | AOA Simulations F-22A

Your X-Plained.Com reviewers Andy Clarke and Angelique van Campen are pleased to offer you a massive review of the AOA Simulations F-22A Raptor. One of the words from Andy are ….. “this is an extremely interesting model. Yes it can be flown “out of the box” but this means it is not being used to anywhere near its potential.”

But Andy has much more to say “to use it properly the manual has to be thoroughly studied and used as a constant reference. This is because the developers have created a blend of X-Plane systems, adapted generic systems and their own bespoke systems to produce an aircraft that carries much of the equipment known to be in the real F-22, some systems that are likely to be in the real thing and others that help the pilot use the model.”

A short conclusion …. a thoroughly impressive and enjoyable model! Check out our comprehensive Raptor F-22A review. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Embraer Phenom 300

X-Plained.Com reviewer Angelique van Campen and Andy Clarke finished their Embraer Phenom 300 Aerobask tour. A tour, no, a massive review is the result. Both Andy and Angelique did a lot of testing and system description and operation. I can tell you that both Andy and Angelique had a lot of fun checking out this very nice and well modeled Embraer business jet.

According to Andy “The model is supplied with numerous working systems all of which are created to a high standard. The manual provides good guidance on how these various systems can and should be used. The systems are easy to follow and the signage for switches and instruments in the cockpit is very clear.”

Angelique continues “The aircraft is very realistic to fly. It is responsive yet forgiving and gives a very smooth ride. It is possible to just jump in and fly the model but more challenging and accurate flights are available to the more experienced user. This was confirmed by their real Phenom 300 safety pilot who advices and tested the modeled Phenom 300.

Curious what Angelique and Andy have to say? Due to the length of the review I advice you to relax, take a drink and enjoy the comprehensive Aerobask Phenom 300 review.

Aircraft Review | NKDesign C140

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke checks out the NKDesign Cessna C140. You’re right, a very old, almost a historical GA aircraft, but Andy had a lot of fun and worth to check out the model.

According to Andy “This is a fun aircraft to fly. The all round visibility from the cockpit is really helpful. There are no complicated systems to learn and the checklist is almost completed by switching the engine on and off. There are no navigation aids so VFR skills are put to the test.” And Andy continues “There is real character to the appearance of the aircraft augmented by some bespoke sounds to accompany various actions and operations. The checklists and engine start up are extremely straight forward that it is simple to “wake” the aircraft. A real opportunity also for those who want to practice VFR flight.”

You can read Andy’s review via this X-Plained.Com link.

Aircraft Review | VSkyLabs C-47 FLP

It wasn’t an easy job, and it took a lot of time to figure out how all the systems work and above all, to fly the C-47, but it was worth your personal reporters time. On behalf of your reviewer Angelique van Campen, we at X-Plained.Com present to you a massive in-depth review of the VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain FLP (Flying Lab Project). Yes yes, she knows that there’s also an Aeroworx C-47/DC-3, but according to the Aeroworx group this model is till in beta, so we need to wait til that’s OK.

But now the VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain review based on model version 3.0c. According to Angelique “It may be an old aircraft with not so many systems, but it has so many different systems in it, that it’s hardly impossible to discuss every tiny section. On the other hand, she thinks she offered some background information, included her own tips and tricks and how to deal with the simulated systems and yes, not every system is modeled as in the real DC-3/C-47, but perhaps with the new update these are also included.

Then I suggest that you seek for a relax seat, take something to drink and eat since it is a long read, but worth every paragraph. Oops, almost forgotten. Here’s the link to this comprehensive review. Enjoy!

Airport Review | Granada XP by LOGO Projects

Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen took a virtual flight from EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol International to Granada International Airport, modeled by LOGO Projects. Although this wasn’t a long flight, it was worth her time and investment exploring Granada XP.

According to Angelique “For some reason I had a lot of fun exploring this small to medium size Spanish airport. I think it had to do that I knew that only one person modeled it, living in Barcelona, Spain. And yes, it’s not a large airport, but even this small one has it’s own charme.”

She continues “Combine this with the freeware SpainUHD ortho textures, and you’re ready to explore Spain in general. And for those simmers who like to fly under VFR rules, it’s even more fun making a stop at the modeled LOGO Projects Granada.”

And now it’s up to you to judge. Check out Angelique’s her LOGO Projects Granada for XP review at X-Plained.Com.