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Aircraft Review | FlightFactor B767-400ER

As we all know, FlightFactor released somewhere in July another member of their 757/767 aircraft line, the 767-400ER.That was the moment Roman from FlightFactor asked us to review their -400ER. Although Angelique van Campen knew already that it will be a long and in-depth review, she ask the help from Paul Beckwith, our dedicated reviewer. The result is a massive review including all the ins and outs of this -400ER model.

Was it worth our time, is it worth the additional package that covers the -400ER including a brand new EFIS, EICAS and the remodelled flight deck? Yes, that’s the biggest difference, the flight deck that looks very similar to the Boeing 777. Together we explored the models -400ER, Paul had a hard time to write down all the ins and outs of the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) while Angelique takes you on a kind of tutorial flight from KPAE, home of one of the Boeing factories, to KSAN San Diego.

Curious? WE advice you to relax, take enough tea of coffee with you since this comprehensive review is past the 20.000 words!

Airport Review | Orbx Gateway to Queensland YBBN

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith takes the airplane to Down Under Brisbane. Why? Paul’s interest goes out to the Orbx Brisbane International Airport (YBBN) and believe me, Paul checks out almost every corner of what is modeled.

According to Paul “The number of custom modelled objects included are innumerable. There are so many, in so many different areas, I could not possibly manage to tell you what that count would be. Even so, every structure from the massive terminal buildings to the smallest weather station are treated with the same level of detail. The models, the textures, the colors, and the lighting effects are almost all spot on. As we have seen, the possible exceptions might be the International Terminal glass faces and the airport hotel building textures.”

But there’s so much more Paul would like to share with you with his comprehensive review. Check out Paul’s in-depth Orbx Brisbane International Airport (YBBN) review and enjoy the read. Comments are always welcome!

Airport Review | FeelThere Las Vegas

Our reviewer Todd C checked out for you the FeelThere KLAS – Las Vegas International Airport. According to Todd “The scenery is very much a real-life representation of the KLAS – Harry Reid International Airport that has been painstakingly updated to introduce simmers of all levels to the airport. The 3D modeling is excellent and the runway and taxiway textures, markings and signage are well done. The scenery transitions from day to night are also outstanding.”

Further on “In summary, the FeelThere KLAS – Las Vegas International Airport – XP11 scenery package is very well done and is worth the USD19.99 that is being charged for the scenery.” Curious what else T odd has to say? Then you should check out his review at X-Plained.Com.

Airport Review | Orbx Václav Havel Airport Prague

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith travels for you and Orbx to the massive airport of LKPR Václav Havel Prague. It turns out that it offers lots of awesome experiences with well modeled textures, but there’s so much more.

According to Paul “my final impression of the LKPR Václav Havel Airport Prague by Orbx is as follows; if you are a frequent flyer in the Prague vicinity, then this package is for you since it is, hands down, much better than anything that can be accomplished with the default building materials available in X-Plane. The very layout of the airport, as it will be when construction is finished, is not available in X-Plane unless you choose to do it yourself. The structure and details of the building architecture are extremely well done. The surface textures for the aprons, taxiways, and runways are very much worthwhile.”

And “I can highly recommend this package to the airline pilots looking for a realistic representation of the airport as they pull up to the jetways and load or unload passengers and prepare for their next flight. I can recommend it for those pilots who are frequently flying in the Prague vicinity and want something that clearly states, “this is LKPR” but don’t get immersed in the details.”

Check out what else Paul has to say about this Orbx masterpiece via this X-Plained.Com link. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Thranda “Caravans”

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith reviews for you the Thranda Caravan models. Yes, you’re right, Caravan models since it’s not just one model, but more then that. Actually, it are the Caravan 675 and Grand Caravan 208B models.

According to Paul “Okay, so you have plowed through this exceedingly lengthy opus and can probably figure out what my “bottom line” on the Thranda Caravan is. Despite the presence of three other Caravan models, this Caravan package is a must buy if you enjoy flying work horse turboprops. There is none better available for X-Plane 11 and this will likely be the only one that gets optimized for the upcoming X-Plane 12. The systems that Thranda has incorporated in this package bring it to a near “study level” flight experience.”

Paul has so much more to say about these Thranda aircraft. You can read it all, but it will be a long read so relax, sit back, take a drink, and enjoy this in-depth Thranda DGS (Dynamic Generation Series) Caravan review from Paul.

Airport Review | Verticalsim KBOI

Our dedicated reviewer Todd C. flew to KBOI or also known as Boise Air Terminal which is modeled with great precision by Vertical Simulations or just short Verticalsim. According to Todd “Verticalsim has a very strong reputation of being a top-notch scenery developer for X-Plane and it is evident with this scenery outing. The scenery is very much a real-life representation of the Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field that has been painstakingly recreated to introduce the simmer to the unique nature of the airport.”

Hold on, there’s more “For me, the Boise Air Terminal XP scenery package very well done and is worth the 23.99 USD that is being charged for the scenery. The scenery has proven to be a great addition to my flight sim universe. I am also very appreciative of the hard work that Andrew and his team has put into the modeling of the airport which results in an outstanding recreation of the Boise Air Terminal and Gowen Field.”

And now it’s time to check out Todd’s review via this review link. Enjoy the reading and comments are as always welcome.