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Haversine AirFMC Utility Review

This time a utility review of a well-known Mac platform developer … Haversine AirFMC. Thanks to Joao, developer at Haversine, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen got the right grip on this remote CDU/MCDU iOS and maCOS tool.

According to Angelique “Utility add-on programs are always fun to review. The same with the Haversine AirFMC although it’s only available for iOS hardware or for macOS. That some aircraft need to be added to the list makes sense, but the overall idea having on a remote device your CDU/MCDU is great.”

you’re a Mac simmer, you also own an iPad? When you do that, then I encourage to sit back and read this comprehensive review of the AirFMC iOS app.

FS Instant Approach 2019 Review

This time your personal reporter, Angelique van Campen, has chosen for a different kind of review. On special request, and curious what to expect, Angelique digs into the FSInventions FS Instant Approach 2019 for Mac.

According to Angelique “I can tell you that it took me some time to figure out how to test it. How to write down what I’ve seen and how it works. Once I had that feeling, the writing and explaining was no longer an issue. And at the end I say, yes, this was fun testing your approach skills with all kind of aircraft models.”

It seems she liked it and yes, that’s correct, but Angelique has a bit more to say then just this. Curious what the add-on can do for you, curious how to make your own approaches, curious in …. check it out yourself by reading her comprehensive review.

VirtualDesign3D Alicante International

Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, flies for you to of LEAL Alicante International Airport, modeled by VirtualDesign3D. And guess what, it’s gorgeous, it’s as real as it gets!

According to Andy “This scenery package is detailed and of high quality throughout. There is something for everyone in that the airside detail. Activity and animation is very impressive, with modelled jetways adding more interaction, for those who want the flight experience to be realistic, and to be able to carry out as many functions as near to the real thing as possible.

Andy continues “The scenery covers an extensive area meaning flight on the approach and departure to the airport is detailed and immersive and there are many reference points for VFR flight.”

Want to read Andy’s impression? Then visit his in-depth review. Worth the reading!

Skunkcrafts Mustang P-51 Review

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke took a look at the exclusively for X-Plane 11 modeled Mustang P-51 from Skunkcrafts.

According to Andy “It would be easy to imagine that the modelling of a WW2 origin, single seat fighter would be straight forward and with limited detail and equipment. The developers have proved this too be very wrong with a great amount of detail both inside and outside the aircraft and with most of the cockpit switches, instruments, levers and operations simulated to work.”

But there’s more. Andy continues “Several useful additions have been created to enhance the flying experience together with a sound package that is easily customised and very realistic. Whilst the model is great to just climb in and fly, with sensitive controls and details such as working guns, it is when the user starts to add more detail and procedures to the flight that it can be seen how challenging these aircraft were and just how much went in to flying them.”

You can read Andy’s comprehensive P-51 review via this link.

Grand Arctic Scenery Review

Ever wanted to see and to know everything about the Grand Arctic Scenery v3 from HSimulators, written by our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke? Now you can ….!

Andy visited this virtual region and oh oh, he has so much to say about it. According to Andy “When I stared this review I was concerned that I would have to find interesting things to say about large areas of white, snow covered ground and large areas of water. This is not the case with this scenery as the landscape and airfields provided are varied and detailed.”

and Andy continues “Whilst the developers did say they had modelled for flight and there would not be a large amount of detail beyond that I found the equipment, building lighting and other detail provided was impressive. It is not as refined and detailed at the airfields as when buying a pay ware single airport but considering the scale of this scenery it is very impressive.”

OK, ready for the review?
Keep in mind, you need several cups of tea or coffee, relax, site back and enjoy this comprehensive Grand Arctic review.

FlyJSim 727 Professional v3 Review

Back to the good old days .. back to February 1963 … back to the maiden flight of the Boeing 727-100, but this time brought to you by FlyJSim with there latest creation … the Boeing 727 Series Professional.

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen has the pleasure to find – as far as possible – all the is and outs of this old-fashioned aircraft although the implementation of the Laminar Research default FMS and the add-on xCIVA INS are possible. According to Angelique “Should you own the FlyJSim 727 Professional v3? I think it should be in your hangar, even when you’re a modern electronic computerized flight simmer.”

Angelique continues “When you like old-fashioned aircraft and like to fly only with the help of VOR/VORTAC and NDB beacons, then this is your companion. But it’s even possible to add to this aircraft the “as real as it gets” Delco CIVA INS unit.”

She has put a lot of time and effort into it, but it’s worth the result, it’s worth the reading, it’s worth .. find it out yourself by following this massive in-depth FJS 727 v3 review.