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Aircraft Review | Thranda Stationairs

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith checked out the oil level, the fuel quality, the different instruments and so much more of the Thranda Design Cessna Stationair 675 / Grand Stationair 208B. Actually, Paul checked out the whole models and did sao many checks that this review is a must be to understand all about the Thranda GA aircraft.

According to Paul “Ultimately, if you are a bottom-line type of person, my bottom line is this: The Thranda U206G Stationair is worthy of a place in your hangar. The high quality of their productions continues in their latest offering, and their end user support and dedication to the X-Plane platform means this transition aircraft is going to have a long and useful life throughout the duration of X-Plane 12.”

Ready to start reading Paul’s review? Check it out via this link. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | FlightFactor B767-400ER

As we all know, FlightFactor released somewhere in July another member of their 757/767 aircraft line, the 767-400ER.That was the moment Roman from FlightFactor asked us to review their -400ER. Although Angelique van Campen knew already that it will be a long and in-depth review, she ask the help from Paul Beckwith, our dedicated reviewer. The result is a massive review including all the ins and outs of this -400ER model.

Was it worth our time, is it worth the additional package that covers the -400ER including a brand new EFIS, EICAS and the remodelled flight deck? Yes, that’s the biggest difference, the flight deck that looks very similar to the Boeing 777. Together we explored the models -400ER, Paul had a hard time to write down all the ins and outs of the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) while Angelique takes you on a kind of tutorial flight from KPAE, home of one of the Boeing factories, to KSAN San Diego.

Curious? WE advice you to relax, take enough tea of coffee with you since this comprehensive review is past the 20.000 words!

Aircraft Review | Thranda “Caravans”

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith reviews for you the Thranda Caravan models. Yes, you’re right, Caravan models since it’s not just one model, but more then that. Actually, it are the Caravan 675 and Grand Caravan 208B models.

According to Paul “Okay, so you have plowed through this exceedingly lengthy opus and can probably figure out what my “bottom line” on the Thranda Caravan is. Despite the presence of three other Caravan models, this Caravan package is a must buy if you enjoy flying work horse turboprops. There is none better available for X-Plane 11 and this will likely be the only one that gets optimized for the upcoming X-Plane 12. The systems that Thranda has incorporated in this package bring it to a near “study level” flight experience.”

Paul has so much more to say about these Thranda aircraft. You can read it all, but it will be a long read so relax, sit back, take a drink, and enjoy this in-depth Thranda DGS (Dynamic Generation Series) Caravan review from Paul.

Aircraft Review | Rotate MD-11F

When you’re familiar with X-Plained.Com reviews, you know that we not only try to write comprehensive reviews, we also want to add additional sections with in-depth information in it. What those sections are, depends on the reviewer. Whatever it is, we – Angelique van Campen and Paul Beckwith – try to do our best, and that’s the same for this Rotate McDonnell MD-11F.

There’s then always the end of a review. Not often a product is tested and written by two reviewers. Due to the complexity of the modeled Rotate MD-11F, Angelique van Campen asked Paul Beckwith if he was interested in helping her with testing and writing. That the review will be a long one, that was something she expected already, but again, it’s a massive in-depth high quality review. Yes yes, I know, only our readers and the developer can tell us if the review is of a good and honest quality. Still Angelique thinks that the overall review written by Paul and Angelique is one of passion, passion in the same way the Rotate team tried to modeled this McDonnell Douglas MD11-F.

Rotate has created sharp and clear textures where they are needed and have found healthy compromises to preserve frame rates as is a necessity on a model this large and complex.

But there’s so much more to write, and to tell about this McDonnell Douglas MD-11F. And yes, it’s officially the freighter version, but for sure later in time a passenger model will be added. For now we can only say “enjoy our review, enjoy the passion of Rotate team members with our comprehensive Rotate MD-11F review.

Aircraft Review | AD Simulations CRJ700

You personal reporter and long time reviewer Angelique van Campen took a lot around, and in it and flew with the AD Simulations Bombardier CRJ700 jet. The result of this check is a comprehensive review of the Bombardier jet and it was worth her time.

According to Angelique “The 3D external modeling is well done. It comes with lots of tiny details including high quality textures, which are all 4K pixels. The virtual cabin and 3D cockpit are modeled with love and again, with eye for many tiny details. And yes, the FMS, Auto Flight and a couple of other systems are using the default X-Plane systems.”

Further on “These systems are not yet dedicated programmed by the AD Simulations team, but according to what they told me and what can be read on the dedicated X-Plane.Org forum, work is in progress and dedicated systems will be implemented step by step.”

Although there’s still some work to do, it is worth your time to read this in-depth AD Simulations CRJ700 review. Enjoy and comments are as always welcome.

Aircraft Review | Part II Airfoillabs Skyhawk Digital

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith started to explore the Airfoillabs Next Generation Cessna C172 Skyhawk, but came quickly to the conclusion that this is a comprehensive model with lots of features. No, not lots of feature … a huge amount of features.

According to Paul “Part 2, We will climb on in, finish our pre-flight, start up, taxi, and take-off. We will then put the Cessna through its paces and try out a few scenarios to see what they do and how they work. Finally, we’ll bring it down to land and wrap it all up.” You can read this and much more in his Part 2 of the amazing Airfoillabs C172 Skyhawk Digital.

And for those who missed part 1, here’s the link to Paul in-depth Part 1 of his Airfoillabs Next Generation Cessna C172 Skyhawk impression. Enjoy the reading.