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Aircraft Review | PWDNH Let L-200D

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke did a thorough inspection on the PWDNH Let L-200D aircraft. According to Andy “This is a well produced and presented model, created in detail and staying true to the original, both outside and inside. The developers have worked hard to ensure the systems in the model mirror the real thing and this makes it very interesting, although a little more detail about them in the manual may be beneficial.”

But Andy continues … “The set up page is a great extra allowing the user to add variation to settings and flights. Given its realistic lack of complicated systems it is a great model on which to learn and practice twin engined flight. An aircraft modelled correctly for its age and maintaining a considerable amount of character, giving the user a very enjoyable experience once its slightly quirky systems have been learned.”

Curious what else Andy has to say? Then you must read his in-depth review of this gorgeous modeled aircraft.

Aircraft Review | JARDesign JD340-500

While your personal reporter and longtime reviewer Angelique van Campen is writing and writing, and seeking for additional information and adding interesting sections, she proud, also on behalf of the JARDesign Group, to present to you a comprehensive review of the JD340-500. It wasn’t written in one day, nor in a week. It almost took a month to complete this review, but it’s worth it. Lots of sections that are more then juist a review, more like a tutorial. The review also includes JAR Co-Pilot Linda which is a great addition for this aircraft. The free Linda works only on the ground and does all the checklists and procedures for you, while the paid Linda helps you also in the skies.

Anyway, although Angelique instructed at the Lufthansa Technical Training centers in Hamburg and Munich the Airbus A340-200/-300, her love for Airbus aircraft in general and in particular for the A340-500/600 is huge. That said, she loved the aircraft and although a couple of things need to be corrected (the JAR team is already working on those tiny things), the overall is a well modeled/crafted aircraft with gorgeous 3D cockpit.

I invite you to sit back, take the time, relax, and don’t forget to take a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer, since this JD340-500 review is approximately 19.000 words, so a very long read, but worth it (she thinks). You can read the JD340-500 review via this in-depth review link at X-Plained.Com.

Aircraft Review | JF BAe 146 Professional

On behalf of our dedicated and longtime reviewer Andy Clarke, I’m thrilled to inform you that X-Plained.Com has published Andy’s comprehensive Just Flight/Thranda Design 146 BAe Professional review.

According to Andy “This is a very high quality model with great character. The interior and exterior presentation is completed to a very high standard demonstrating a keen attention to detail. There are many different and interesting liveries and versions of the BAe 146.”

But there’s so much more. Andy continues “The amount of systems provided creates an extremely realistic environment and a challenge for pilots of all capabilities. The manual for the model is comprehensive and makes understanding the individual systems, instruments and controls and their interaction somewhat less daunting. Flying the model can be done at the jump in and fly level all the way to a completely immersive, detailed and demanding journey.”

Want to read Andy’s in-depth BAe 146 Professional review, then you must check out this review link. Enjoy the reading and comments are as always welcome.

Aircraft Review | Netavio Business Jet CJ4

I can tell you that this was a great experience, reviewing the Netavio Citation CJ4. Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen reviewed on request this brand new Citation CJ4. Brand new because there’s no Citation CJ4 for X-Plane and brand new because this is the first modeled business jet from Netavio.

Anyway, you can read about it in our comprehensive review. The modeled CJ4 comes with in-house modeled Collins Proline 21 integrated avionics systems, and dedicated developed Williams engine control thus own made FADEC and so much more. Angelique had many discussions with Greg, the owner of Netavio via Skype. It was not only pleasant to discuss the things with Greg, it was also refreshing to talk to a real business jet pilot. I hope you will enjoy the review and comments are always welcome.

Aircraft Review | AOA Simulations F-22A

Your X-Plained.Com reviewers Andy Clarke and Angelique van Campen are pleased to offer you a massive review of the AOA Simulations F-22A Raptor. One of the words from Andy are ….. “this is an extremely interesting model. Yes it can be flown “out of the box” but this means it is not being used to anywhere near its potential.”

But Andy has much more to say “to use it properly the manual has to be thoroughly studied and used as a constant reference. This is because the developers have created a blend of X-Plane systems, adapted generic systems and their own bespoke systems to produce an aircraft that carries much of the equipment known to be in the real F-22, some systems that are likely to be in the real thing and others that help the pilot use the model.”

A short conclusion …. a thoroughly impressive and enjoyable model! Check out our comprehensive Raptor F-22A review. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Embraer Phenom 300

X-Plained.Com reviewer Angelique van Campen and Andy Clarke finished their Embraer Phenom 300 Aerobask tour. A tour, no, a massive review is the result. Both Andy and Angelique did a lot of testing and system description and operation. I can tell you that both Andy and Angelique had a lot of fun checking out this very nice and well modeled Embraer business jet.

According to Andy “The model is supplied with numerous working systems all of which are created to a high standard. The manual provides good guidance on how these various systems can and should be used. The systems are easy to follow and the signage for switches and instruments in the cockpit is very clear.”

Angelique continues “The aircraft is very realistic to fly. It is responsive yet forgiving and gives a very smooth ride. It is possible to just jump in and fly the model but more challenging and accurate flights are available to the more experienced user. This was confirmed by their real Phenom 300 safety pilot who advices and tested the modeled Phenom 300.

Curious what Angelique and Andy have to say? Due to the length of the review I advice you to relax, take a drink and enjoy the comprehensive Aerobask Phenom 300 review.