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Aircraft Review | ToLiss A320neo

We are pleased to announce that your personal reporter Angelique van Campen thoroughly checked for you the ToLiss Airbus A320neo. Angelique tried to find all what the A320neo offers and how it flies, how all systems work but above all, was it all worth the time she put into it.

As usual, Angelique was impressed by this other Airbus aircraft. It was an extraordinary experience and lots of “wow” effects. The modeled A320neo not only looks great, the modeled aircraft systems are extremely accurate modeled and it flies … oh oh … that is so nice to feel, to see and to experience yourself (when you bought it of course).

You can check out Angelique’s comprehensive ToLiss A320neo review via this link. Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment.

Aircraft Review | Norman-Islander by Thranda

We are so happy that Thranda Design modeled for X-Plane 12 the famous British Britten Norman-Islander and we are even more exited that our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith reviewed this beauty.

Paul states in his summary “Fans of the BN2, bush pilots, twin engine aficionados, and pilots operating regional airlines cannot go wrong with this installment of the Britten-Norman BN-2A-27 Islander. It is a solid purchase that is worth the asking price, and it will very likely hold its value through the life of X-Plane 12 since Thranda has a history of updating aircraft as needed for incremental changes made to the sim by Laminar.”

But there’s so much more to explore about this Thranda model with of course “That it is offered to the community by a developer with a high level of commitment to the X-Plane simulator.” Curious what Paul has to say? Check it out in his in-depth review, written and published for you by X-Plained.Com.

Aircraft Review | Thranda Cessna C337F Skymaster

Paul Beckwith, our personal Thranda reporter reviews for you the latest Thranda GA aircraft; the Cessna C337F Skymaster. The C337 Skymaster is a twin-engine civil utility aircraft built in a unique push-pull configuration. Its engines are mounted in the nose and rear of its pod-style fuselage. The Thranda C337 Skymaster is part of Thranda “Dynamic Generation Series”.

According to Paul “The Cessna C337F “Skymaster” is a noteworthy addition to the Thranda lineup of aircraft for X-Plane 12. Thranda has set a very high bar of expectations over the course of their aircraft releases and they live up to it with this presentation. The modeling is precise, and the texture work is incredible if not the best available. The only niggle here is the overly glossy tires.”

And “If you are a fan of unusual aircraft, this is a model for you. If you want to make the step up from a single engine plane to a twin engine, this is as good a plane as any to use for getting used to managing a dual set of engine controls.”

But this is only a very small excerpt from the massive in-depth review from Paul. Check it out via this review link, offered by X-Plained.Com. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | VSkyLabs M-7-235B

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith explored the VSkyLabs Maule M-7-235B Project aircraft for X-Plane 12. As on owner said “My Maule is a fairly straightforward airplane to fly—but a very nuanced and difficult airplane to fly well. I am constantly working on improving our relationship.” but what experiences Paul.

Paul experienced that the modeled Maule “The VSKYLABS Maule M-7-235B Project is a noteworthy addition to the fleet of aircraft available for X-Plane 12. If your idea of fun is low and slow observation of the world beneath your wheels, the Maule will provide you with hours of that as well. This aircraft is also for those pilots who want to experience the world of conventional gear or “taildragger” aircraft. It is subject to all the benefits and pitfalls of a taildragger while having a little more tailwheel authority and stability than I’ve experienced in other taildraggers.”

But Paul has much more to say then only this. On behalf of Paul and X-Plained.Com we invite you to check out Paul’s comprehensive VSkyLabs Maule M-7-235B review. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Thranda Stationairs

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith checked out the oil level, the fuel quality, the different instruments and so much more of the Thranda Design Cessna Stationair 675 / Grand Stationair 208B. Actually, Paul checked out the whole models and did sao many checks that this review is a must be to understand all about the Thranda GA aircraft.

According to Paul “Ultimately, if you are a bottom-line type of person, my bottom line is this: The Thranda U206G Stationair is worthy of a place in your hangar. The high quality of their productions continues in their latest offering, and their end user support and dedication to the X-Plane platform means this transition aircraft is going to have a long and useful life throughout the duration of X-Plane 12.”

Ready to start reading Paul’s review? Check it out via this link. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | FlightFactor B767-400ER

As we all know, FlightFactor released somewhere in July another member of their 757/767 aircraft line, the 767-400ER.That was the moment Roman from FlightFactor asked us to review their -400ER. Although Angelique van Campen knew already that it will be a long and in-depth review, she ask the help from Paul Beckwith, our dedicated reviewer. The result is a massive review including all the ins and outs of this -400ER model.

Was it worth our time, is it worth the additional package that covers the -400ER including a brand new EFIS, EICAS and the remodelled flight deck? Yes, that’s the biggest difference, the flight deck that looks very similar to the Boeing 777. Together we explored the models -400ER, Paul had a hard time to write down all the ins and outs of the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) while Angelique takes you on a kind of tutorial flight from KPAE, home of one of the Boeing factories, to KSAN San Diego.

Curious? WE advice you to relax, take enough tea of coffee with you since this comprehensive review is past the 20.000 words!