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Aircraft Review | C177 Cardinal X-Plane 11


We’re pleased to offer you an in-depth review of the Alabeo C177 Cardinal for X-Plane 11, but first, let me introduce you Bruce Knight, our new reviewer and real licensed PPL pilot. It’s my pleasure to have Bruce being a member of our team. We’re both looking forward to see many reviews from his hand.

Bruce his first review isn’t just a review … it’s a comprehensive realistic examination of this Alabeo aircraft. According to Bruce “In full disclosure I have never flown a Cessna-177, however I do have significant time in a C-172 and have flown a C-182 with a CFI onboard. Both of these real aircraft are very stable and exhibit a heavy and stable feel, which is translated into the Cessna-177 very well. I am very impressed by the stability of the flight model, almost to the point that I feel it’s a shame to use the autopilot and let “George” have all the fun!”

And Bruce thinks that “For anyone who wants to step into the world of “complex aircraft” from a slower C-172 or similar, this product by Alabeo is a beautiful way to do that.”

Curious what Bruce has to say more? Then you must check out his in-depth review here at X-Plained.Com. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | P-47N Thunderbolt

Historical aircraft are always fun to review and therefore, we’re pleased to inform you that our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke took a close look in, around, under, up-side-down or whatever you like, the FlyingIron Republic P-47N Thunderbolt fighter.

According to Andy “This a highly detailed model and possesses real war time character with a choice of liveries which all carry appropriate wear weathering marks. The aircraft looks great whether viewed from inside or outside and with much of the equipment modelled to use as the real thing or cleverly adapted to integrate original systems with X-Plane.”

Andy continues “It is fun to fly when simply loaded and flown and the interest is extended to working guns. Navigation is assisted by the clever inclusion of a Garmin GPS pop out.” but there’s so much more Andy want to tell you.

Check it out, and take your time, to read Andy’s comprehensive P-47N review.

Aircraft Review | Hawk T1/A

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke welcomes you in the world of the BAE Systems Hawk T1/A, modelled by Just Flight and Thranda Design. Is it a master piece? Is it an exclusive fighter design? Is it … let’s check that out!

According to Andy “This model looks good as soon as it is loaded and the detail immediately impresses whether inside or out of the aircraft. Inside the instrumentation is clear and legible from any distance and the fact that they are easy to read makes flying easier.”

But Andy has much more to say “In flight the model is responsive and great, though not easy, to fly. Visibility from the aircraft is good and mistakes are forgiven to some extent, in keeping with the role as an advanced trainer.”

Want to read Andy’s comprehensive Hawk T1/A review? Now you can, here at X-Plained via this review link. Enjoy!

Skunkcrafts Mustang P-51 Review

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke took a look at the exclusively for X-Plane 11 modeled Mustang P-51 from Skunkcrafts.

According to Andy “It would be easy to imagine that the modelling of a WW2 origin, single seat fighter would be straight forward and with limited detail and equipment. The developers have proved this too be very wrong with a great amount of detail both inside and outside the aircraft and with most of the cockpit switches, instruments, levers and operations simulated to work.”

But there’s more. Andy continues “Several useful additions have been created to enhance the flying experience together with a sound package that is easily customised and very realistic. Whilst the model is great to just climb in and fly, with sensitive controls and details such as working guns, it is when the user starts to add more detail and procedures to the flight that it can be seen how challenging these aircraft were and just how much went in to flying them.”

You can read Andy’s comprehensive P-51 review via this link.

FlyJSim 727 Professional v3 Review

Back to the good old days .. back to February 1963 … back to the maiden flight of the Boeing 727-100, but this time brought to you by FlyJSim with there latest creation … the Boeing 727 Series Professional.

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen has the pleasure to find – as far as possible – all the is and outs of this old-fashioned aircraft although the implementation of the Laminar Research default FMS and the add-on xCIVA INS are possible. According to Angelique “Should you own the FlyJSim 727 Professional v3? I think it should be in your hangar, even when you’re a modern electronic computerized flight simmer.”

Angelique continues “When you like old-fashioned aircraft and like to fly only with the help of VOR/VORTAC and NDB beacons, then this is your companion. But it’s even possible to add to this aircraft the “as real as it gets” Delco CIVA INS unit.”

She has put a lot of time and effort into it, but it’s worth the result, it’s worth the reading, it’s worth .. find it out yourself by following this massive in-depth FJS 727 v3 review.

X-Plane 11 Embraer EMB-110 Review

Your personal reporter and enthusiastic reviewer Angelique van Campen flies the DreamFoil Creations “Embraer EMB-110 for X-Plane 11” and comes to one conclusion, a very nice and well-modeled GA/commuter aircraft.

Angelique thinks that “This is another interesting addition to the X-Plane aircraft fleet. I’m aware that it becomes a bit crowded with all kind of these twin engines GA aircraft on the X-Plane 11 market. Carenado has got a few, vFlytAir has got one, Alabeo has got one, and so on. Neither less, I was impressed with the DreamFoil model for X-Plane 10, so it is logical that I like it still while being updated for X-Plane 11 with a couple of new features and a couple of nice implemented modifications.

The operations manual is – in my view – very colorful but the majority of things you need to know are there. The EMB-110 is nicely modelled externally and internally which was already the same for the X-Plane 10 model. The exterior has many tiny details, as well as the virtual cabin and 3D cockpit. I sincerely hope painters will take the time and effort to provide some more liveries. The current default liveries are nice, but the model deserves more.”

You want to know al about it …. then you must read her comprehensive Bandit review.