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Aircraft Review | Carenado F50

Once in a while new X-Plane 11 add-on products have a kind of wow factor. That’s for example with this Carenado Fokker F-50 aircraft. Originally made in the Netherlands, but for you reviewed by our dedicated reviewer Bruce Knight. The same as for me, Bruce flew as passenger, many times with this Fokker F50 while I worked during those days at Schiphol-East and have seen the Fokker models – F27, F28, F50, F70 and the F100.

Back to Bruce and his Fokker adventure. As you can expect, once Bruce is enthusiastic about a product, he can’t stop but the end result is a comprehensive and very detailed with lots of examples how to handle the aircraft. According to Bruce “textures- both internal and external- are very well done. All the flight deck and cabin functions as well as the gear animations are very good. The aircraft is a joy to fly, and is stable in flight so that those who would rather fly the aircraft without the auto-pilot will enjoy doing so. Carenado have incorporated a functional passenger cabin, including moving arm rests, tray tables as well as working lighting. I would recommend this aircraft as being ideal for short-haul regional operations. It’s a fun aircraft to fly!”

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Aircraft Review | Milviz Turbo Otter

We’re pleased to offer you Andy’s in-depth review of the Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter for X-Plane 11. Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, took the time to find out all the ins and outs of this Milviz X-Plane product.

According to Andy “The way this aircraft is modelled gives it real character. Exterior and interior views are created with great realism and are weathered and worn in a convincing way to show an aircraft with lots of hours os service. These systems are realistic and varied and the user interface allows the model to be configured in several ways. The systems also have their own character and do need to be learned to be used effectively but again this is part of the qualities of the model and users should persist as the rewards are worthwhile.”

But there’s much more. Check out via the following link Andy’s comprehensive Milviz Turbo Otter review.

Aircraft Review | Aerobask Diamond

On behalf of our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke, we’re pleased to offer you his comprehensive review of the Aerobask Diamond DA62. According to Andy “This is a detailed model and the graphics and sounds package make the whole experience very immersive.”

“The extra ground equipment provided looks good and the interface with the user makes operations very straight forward. The documentation provided really does help the user use the model to its full potential.”

But there’s more according to Andy. Andy continues “The developer’s attention to detail and their efforts to make the user interface even easier than the default processes pay dividends in creating a model that is immersive and challenging for users of all levels.”

Want to read the whole review? Then you should check out Andy’s in-depth DA62 review available at X-Plained.Com. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Carenado Baron 58

We’re exited to offer you on behalf of our dedicated reviewer Bruce Knight, a well written and comprehensive review of the Carenado Beechcraft Baron 58 for X-Plane 11. Bruce traveled for his Baron 58 investigation to many places and one of this is Chicago. The result … amazing!

According to Bruce “The stability, ease in handling, the feeling of having a heavy aircraft under your control- even how it is unforgiving if landings are done without sufficient airspeed. While I was generating my “numbers” table in the test flight, I found them to be overall relatively close to the real thing.”

Bruce continues “The graphics and look of this model is amazing (even given the few small issues I found).  Great sound and good handling, along with effective lighting, to me all equals immersion, and this product is certainly that- I had a feeling of satisfaction after flying it, not frustration, which I often get if it doesn’t feel almost real.”

Want to know all about the Baron 58 from carenado? Then you must read Bruce his in-depth Beechcraft Baron 58 for X-Plane 11 review. Enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Carenado Cheyenne II

X-Plained.Com is pleased to inform you on behalf of Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, that Andy checked out for you the Carenado Cheyenne II for X-Plane 11 aircraft. According to Andy “A high quality model which is realistic both inside and out with a large amount of modelled equipment and a comprehensive sound package. The developers provide a very useful on screen menu which enables the user to initiate changes to the model, livery and various settings without leaving the flight itself.”

And Andy continues “The modelling is carried out in detail and provides a very immersive experience. I think the model would benefit from the provision of a bespoke aircraft manual for the model to allow a user to use it to the full potential provided by the hard work of the developers.

The aircraft is fun to simply jump in and fly but does provide a progressively more challenging flight environment as more and more systems are employed correctly. An impressive model which can be a great platform from which to learn and experience twin engined flight whilst at the same time providing enjoyment and challenge for pilots of all levels.”

Curious what Andy has to say more? Then checkout his comprehensive Cheyenne II review.

Aircraft Review | Airfoillabs King Air

Everybody knows the X-Plane developer Airfoillabs, right?
Airfoillabs had set new standards with their Cessna 172SP, but the King Air 350 goes even further. We from X-Plained are therefore pleased that our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke had a thorough look into the Airfoillabs A350.

One of the conclusions from Andy is “This is a very detailed model and can appear quite daunting given the number and complexity of the systems that are modelled. I was very impressed by the detail of the aircraft and it’s sound package. The exterior and interior modelling is completed to a high standard creating a very interesting and convincing environment. It is great to fly immediately and is stable but responsive.” but there’s more.

Andy continues “The systems are modelled very accurately and in great detail and will take a less experienced user some time to learn yet the aircraft can be flown successfully and enjoyably without using them, if that is what the user wants. What makes the package even more impressive is the extent to which the developers have worked to make the whole aircraft accessible and understandable to all levels of pilot.”

You can read this and much more in Andy’s comprehensive Airfoillabs King Air 350 review.