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Just Flight/Thranda Design Cessna C152 Review

Add-ons like this Cessna C152 from Just Flight/Thranda Design are such rewording products. And that’s what your personal reporter Angelique van Campen had in mind too. Back to the good old days, back to the days she tried to get her US PPL in Florida, KEVB.

According to Angelique “I flew to New Smyrna Beach, Florida (KEVB), where I had my lessons at IFT (International Flight Training). Thus, the question is, is it worth acquiring this modeled C152? The answer is YES, without doubt! Worth being a member of your GA aircraft collection.”

And she continues “I liked this GA aircraft while flying and testing around.I liked it very much! I felt in love “again” with this dedicated X-Plane 11 C152 from Just Flight/Thranda Design.”

You can read it all. Where? …. here at X-Plained.Com via this comprehensive review link.

X-Plane 11 Alabeo C207 Skywagon review

Your personal reporter Angelique decided to check out the recent released Alabeo C207 for X-Plane 11. And was it worth it?

According to Angelique “It’s as usual a nicely modeled GA aircraft, with some new features and luckily, an old-fashioned “original” cockpit. Old-fashioned or not, the overall instrument quality and virtual cabin is well made and regarding the indicators, razor sharp when zoomed in.”

She continues “And yes, I’m aware that some simmers will say that it’s just an updated X-Plane 10 version. That’s partly true! It’s a bit more then that, but you and I shouldn’t forget that it’s now officially compatible with all the new features X-Plane 11 offers.”

But she has so much more to say including a review with an VFR and IFR flight for using the Garmin equipment. Curious? You can read it all by following this comprehensive review link.

AOA Simulations Boeing V-22B Osprey Review

We (X-Plained.Com), but in particular Andy Clarke, welcomes you in the AOA Simulations Bell Boeing V-22B Osprey add-on aircraft. Andy had a couple of days off and wanted to try this weird looking aircraft. And did Andy succeed?

According to Andy “I would like to compliment the developers on the User Guide for this model. It is written in a helpful way and covers all of the main points required to fly the model and goes in to some of the aspects in greater detail. This aircraft is no exception to this and AOA have created a high quality model of an unconventional aircraft within the constraints of a flight simulator.”

And there’s so much more to tell. That said, Andy invites you to read his comprehensive V22B review.

Aerobask DA62 Review

Perhaps not expected, but since your personal reporter Angelique van Campen was still in Corfu for a short virtual vacation, reviewing the Aerobask DA62 here in Corfu wasn’t such a bad idea.

That said, Angelique took the DA62 under her wings and tested and checked the aircraft under all kind of conditions. According to Angelique “Both the external and interior textures are well done, with eye for details and even the leather of the interior looks great. Besides the instrument panel it must be said that the cabin or passenger area, looks great too. No further words are needed to highlight this. The included manuals are well written, all information that is needed is included to fly this aircraft.”

But theres’ so much more to read. I would say … check it out via this in-depth review link.

Carenado CT210M X-Plane 11 Review

Our dedicated X-Plane 11 reviewer Andy Clarke had a thorough look at the Carenado CT210M for X-Plane 11.

According to Andy “Having never flown a real CT210M I cannot comment on whether the model flies in a similar fashion to the real thing. I can say this is a highly detailed model and is impressive in both its internal and external appearance and its sound package. The attention to detail is very high and the aircraft has many working parts and equipment.”

Andy continues “The selection of navigational tools and avionics is large and varied and the combination of this with a realistic model provides a new pilot with an aircraft that is easy to fly and enjoy and those with more experience the opportunity to hone various navigational and flying skills. Carenado have produced a user friendly but convincing version of the Centurion II.”

Want to read all about it? Want to read Andy’s comprehensive review? Then you must check out this review link. Enjoy!

Aerobask Pipistrel Panthera Review

Our dedicated reviewer Rick Verhoog took a dive into the Aerobask Pipistrel Panthera version 3.x and wrote a comprehensive review of this well modeled aircraft.

According to Rick “General aviation enthusiast without an aversion to glass cockpits? Get this airplane! Or perhaps another one of Aerobask’s GA fleet with this avionics suite. It’s not too expensive, has a huge amount of functionality, can work very well with online networks and is very well suited for IFR flights. Featuring full SID/STAR support, this GA airplane is a beautiful addition to any IFR (or VFR, for that matter) fan’s hangar.”

Curious? Then you must check out Rick’s in-depth review.

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