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Aircraft Review | Beechcraft C90 GTx

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen flies first to Lugano, Switzerland and then to Florida Key West, USA and finally back to Switzerland to make a IFR flight from Lugano to LSZH. Wow, that’s a lot of flying but lucky it’;s all virtually, but for what?

Angelique – she hopes you like that as well – did a thorough check on the Carenado C90 GTx King Air, which is equipped with the Proline 21 Display Units. According to her “So one of the questions you will ask me is …. did I like the C90 GTx King Air for X-Plane 11? Yes, but to be honest I did like the same model already for X-Plane 10, the King Air C90B, so that doesn’t surprising me.” And she continues “Besides that the old King Air C90B and the C90 GTx look very similar, the cockpit instrumentation is totally different. The new C90 GTx comes with Proline 21 and additional equipment thus the flying experience will be different.”

Via this in-depth review link you can read all her experiences including a VFR flight from Lugano back to Lugano and an IFR flight to Zurich.

Aircraft Review | Alabeo C170 B

Andy Clarke, one of our reviewers, discovered the Alabeo Cessna C170 B. Oh yes, it’s an easy to go, non complex GA tail dragger, but Andy had a lot of fun flying it.

According to Andy “This model is not designed to have a high level of sophistication and is created to portray an aircraft of this vintage. The detail and character of the model really do achieve this and the thought put in to liveries, colours, textures and wear and tear does pay off. The lack of complicated navigation systems creates its own challenges but adds to the realism and also makes the model straight forward to fly.”

And “It does possess its challenges as it is a tail wheel aircraft and therefore visibility can be limited at times. I think it is a good model on which to learn the fundamentals of this design of aircraft before trying out others such as the various war birds. The model is fun to fly and creates interest for pilots and users of all levels of experience. The aircraft is light, responsive and forgiving and great fun to use.”

Want to read all about the Alabeo C170 B? Then check out Andy’s comprehensive review.

Aircraft Review | Carenado C208B EX G1000

I’m pleased to inform you that X-Plained.Com has released Andy Clarke his comprehensive review of the Carenado C208B Grand Caravan EX G1000. According to Andy “This model is created to a high visual and audible standard that creates a very realistic and convincing environment for the user. Attention to detail is impressive. I found a few challenges in that the Librain plug in created a problem, and the fact I could not make the PFD and MFD pop out, but these are minor issues which can easily be addressed in future updates.”

Andy continues “I do think the user would benefit from a cockpit diagram to make the use of instrumentation easier. The aircraft is great to fly either by simply loading and flying or by creating more in depth flight experiences by using all of the systems and procedures provided. The aircraft responds well to inputs, either manual or autopilot, and is more agile than its size suggests. A good and interesting model for pilots of all levels of experience.”

Want to read all about it? Then check out Andy’s in-depth review at X-Plained.Com.

Aircraft Review | Floridian vFlyteAir C150 Challenge

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen thinks she has written many reviews related to the Cessna C150/C152 aircraft models from Carenado, Just Flight and now from vFlyteAir. She’s aware of the modified for X-Plane 11 Nhadrian C152, but that’s a different story and not yet had the time to review this package.

But what’s the plan? Will it be a VFR cross country flight and if so, where?
The plan is to cross Florida, departing from KEVB and heading for Ocala International Airport-Jim Taylor Field and from here at a heading of 270 degrees to Cedar Key or actually, to the airfield Lewis (KCDK). A bit long trip, leaning is needed, but it’s possible and else on the way back you can always stop at one of the fields on the mainland to refuel. And that with the vFlyteAir C150 Commuter Trainer configuration.

Curious to her findings? Curious to her Floridian adventure? You can read her Florida cross country story right here via this comprehensive review link. Enjoy and feedback is always welcome.

Aircraft Review | vFlyteAir Cessna C150

With the holidays behind all of us, our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke found enough time to explore the vFlyteAir C150 Commuter. It’s fun to fly such a training GA model. Although Andy never flew this Cessna in real, I can tell you that it flies great. With this tiny model you really learn to fly!

According to Andy “The modelling and sound package of this aircraft is to a high standard and the documentation supplied is interesting, relevant and useful, needing perhaps a couple of small updates. The model is easy to load and is very interactive even though it is a relatively basic aircraft. It is easy to simply load and fly.”

Andy continues “The C150 was designed as a trainer aircraft and in my view this model makes a great platform for X-Plane users to learn how to use X-Plane itself, basic navigation equipment and skills and to gain flight experience.”

Want to read Andy’s whole review? Then follow this comprehensive link and enjoy!

Aircraft Review | Part II JARDesign JD330-200

Couldn’t we stop or did we had enough time, did we had a holiday or ….? No, we didn’t, but  X-Plained.Com reviewer Bruce Knight had more then enough time to check out once more the JARDesign JD332 version 3.3r1. Anyway, this is Part II and what can we say about it?

According to Bruce “I have never flown an A332- nor will I ever do so, and I wanted to have a good appreciation of what I should expect from an X-Plane 11.41 model vs what would be unreasonable to anticipate would be modelled. I even reached out to a retired A320 captain- knowing that the systems are so similar to an A332 that pilots can transition between one and the other. As I became more aware of the complexity of the systems, I also realized how well the JARDesign aircraft works.”

Curious what I has seen on his US flight, and what Bruce found out more, and decided what to do and so on? Take a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer, sit back, relax and enjoy his comprehensive US test flight review.