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Orbx Brisbane Package for X-Plane 12

Our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith has to travel a lot. This time Paul visits Brisbane, Aussie from Orbx. A long flight, yes, that true, but it was worth the time, the investment and the “inspection”.

According to Paul “Without a doubt, the first Landmarks package from Orbx adds a very distinctive touch to the area of the X-Plane world it addresses. Let’s review what we have seen.”

He continues “The well-done category is extensive. Orbx tells us we can expect to see over 100 custom-made objects. I have not done the count and I know I have not seen them all. The ones I have seen are impressive with their accurate modeling and fine details bringing a real-life sensibility into the sim environment.”

But Paul has so much to say about the Brisbane landmarks as wel las the updated/modified Brisbane International Airport. You can read all his findings in his latest comprehensive Brisbane Exploration for X-Plane 12 review. Enjoy!

Scenery Review | Faroe Island X-Plane 12

Flying from the States to the Faroe Islands is for our reviewer Paul Beckwith not a long trip and therefore, Paul decided to review for you the Faroe Islands from Maps2XPlane which is updated to X-Plane version 12.

According to Paul “The Faroe Islands XP is a tremendous piece of scenery or the Faroe Islands XP from Maps2XPlane is an award-winning scenery, and it continues to demonstrate exactly why it merited that award. Faroe Island XP. Buy it. There are few packages that are as worth the asking price as this work by Maps2XPlane and Albert Ràfols is. You will not regret it especially if you are a fan of helicopter flying and challenging your landing skills. If you are an airliner pilot, the Faroes are an increasingly popular destination in and of themselves, and the airport at Vágar is sure to challenge your skills especially when the weather is less than cooperative.”

Want to know all the ins and outs Paul discovered on his Faroe island hopping? Then you MUST check out his comprehensive review. Enjoy!

Scenery Review | Updated Maps2XPlane Society Islands

We’re pleased to inform you that our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith flew back to the Society Island which are updated for X-Plane 12. The Society Islands or actually the package is known as “Society Islands XP – Bora Bora and the Leeward Islands” are a product from Maps2XPlane and published by Aerosoft.

According to Paul “Society Islands XP – Bora Bora and the Leeward Islands remains a scenery package that will draw you in. It does so even more than it did when it was first released under the last version of X-Plane. Maps2Xplane has diligently corrected the mesh problems introduced by X-Plane 12 and created the perfect blend of the Society Islands with the remainder of the X-Plane world. Updating this package to work with XP 12 was definitely worth the effort since the efforts of Laminar Research have enhanced the Leeward Islands in dramatic fashion.”

Curious what Paul has to say or do you want to know all about this scenery add-on package? Then check out Paul’s short review impression for X-Plane 12 or his previous comprehensive X-Plane 11 review.

Scenery Review | Frank and Fabio “Italian Dolomites”

Angelique van Campen, your personal reporter for detailed and in-depth reviews tried to cover the Italian Dolomites from Frank and Fabio.Not an easy task since the X-Plane 12 version of the Dolomites covers an area of 11.000 square kilometeres. That said, where to start, what to see, what to cover, what not and so on. According to Angelique “This is way tooooooo much to cover, but what I did see during my three stretches flying thru and around the modeled area offers me awesome realistic looking major and minor Dolomites, many airports, airfields and heliports.”

And “But thousands if not more objects representing every thing you can imagine. It’s all there. It is all included. Actually, I can’t find any other words then impressive, gorgeous, awesome, wow! A big thumb up for Frank and Fabio with this Italian Dolomites master piece.”

You can read Angelique’s Dolomites experiences at the dedicated X-Plained.Com review. Enjoy!

Scenery Review | ALPS UHD Mountain Scenery

Your personal reporter and long time reviewer Angelique van Campen goes back to explore the most famous mountains in Europe, the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. The Alps are famous of the Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco, situated nearby the Italian city Aosta or the French city of Chamonix. Then we shouldn’t forget the Matterhorn near the city of Zermatt and the Eiger, Jungfrau and Jungfraujoch, near Grindelwald, all in Switzerland. This mountain scenery “ALPS UHD XP12” is brought to you by Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini. 

According to Angelique “And as I always say “did I cover everything”, “did I see everything”. I can tell you, no way. Frank told me this “with a lot of patience I placed thousands of 3D objects, all self-built, and tried to improve the mountains by building 3D models with a lot of details”. With that in mind, there’s so much to see and so much left for you to explore. So therfore, can I use one word to express my thoughts, my feelings about ALPS UHD XP12? I would like to use one word, but I don’t know which one to use … awesome, gorgeous, stunning and so on. You got the message, right?”

Check out Angelique’s in-depth ALPS UHD for X-Plane 12 review. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Airport Review | SFD KSFO Definitive

On behalf of our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith we’re pleased to in form you that Paul finished his comprehensive SFD (Short Final Design) KSFO review. According to Paul “KSFO is a five-star scenery package that is worth much more than the asking price. Period. If you want an example of what every airport scenery package should strive for, look no further than KSFO Definitive by SFD. The attention to detail, the evident skill, the application of texture, orthophotography, and PBR effects are second to none.”

As well as “Add to that the brilliant implementation of what the SAM plugin can bring to an airport, and this becomes an airport to visit again and again. Most impressive is that all of this is done with a negligible impact on frame rate. I could not find one thing to not like about this airport and I do believe that is a first for me.”

No more words needed. Check out his in-depth review via this link.