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On Final Approach FunnerFlight KLAX v2

On behalf of FunnerFlight, we’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of Jeff Mueller his updated KLAX v2.

According to Jeff “KLAX version 2.0 is a very detailed airport for X-Plane. This updated version looks awesome, with many details like:
– Airport Hotels, carparks, street lighting, and area warehouses – LAX landscaped entry mound, Departure Level and Overpass system. Custom Southern California trees and bushes, including various kinds of palm trees. – GroundTraffic with several options; now includes auto traffic with buses, taxis, several taxiing aircraft, airport terminal buses, trucking at Cargo facilities, street traffic, and a full 747F loading animation with airport pilot shuttle, mobile stairs, cargo loader, cargo cart trains, forklifts, mobile light units, and fueling trucks and drivers.

This is only a small list of his free updated KLAX v2. As said, the update will be free for registered users. The airport update is not only for X-Plane 10.51, but also compatible with X-Plane 11. The airport will be released soon. That said, monitor the X-Plane.Org news on a regular base to keep track of the update data.”

Review Montpellier Airport by XPFR

Your personal reporter Angelique flies to the XPFR created X-Plane 10 airport of Montpellier. Is it fun, is it worth the download, is it worth to add ZonePhoto photo-real ground textures around it, is it …..

Oh, so many question, and one simple answer … read the short review of her experiences. The runway and taxiways tarmac is great as well as the night lighting system.

OK, what has Angelique to say in short …. The taxiways signs are clear, and they are located on spots where you expect them. On purpose, I didn’t add evening screenshots in the review for the simple reason to challenge you to download and install the XPFR Montpellier.

Overall an interesting freeware XPFR scenery and as said before, I encourage you to add the ZonePhoto photoreal scenery packages of Montpellier area too.

Curious? Then it’s time to check out her Montpellier XPFR review.

Freeware Hawaiian Hopping (Part II)

Impression_Hawaii_NAPS_FlagAs promised, part II of the Hawaiian island hopping flight adventure.

Reviewer Angelique van Campen takes you on this second part of her virtual Hawaiian trip. After a break at Kahului International Airport (PHOG), it’s time to move on to her final destination; Hilo International Airport (PHLI).

Please enjoy Angelique’s island hopping part II.

Freeware Hawaiian Hopping (Part I)

Impression_Hawaii_NAPS_FlagYour personal reporter Angelique van Campen takes you this time on a virtual Hawaiian trip.

This time she offers you on behalf of ASN X-Plane a different kind of review/impression. This time, and perhaps on other occasions too, I offer you a flight adventure. Not just a flight adventure, no, a Hawaiian flight adventure! This impression has everything to do with island hopping.

Due to the length of the review/impression, it’s it split into part I and part II. Enjoy Angelique’s Hawaii island hopping part I.

JustSim Hamburg International (EDDH) Review

Since it’s not to far from Rick’s home town, our dedicated reviewer Rick Verhoog decides this time to drive to Hamburg International Airport (EDDH). Arriving there, he’s impressed by JustSim’s EDDH creation.

According to Rick “At about 20 dollars I can definitely recommend this product. Taxiway, gate and runway signing is great and accurate. Additionally, the runways look very nice with custom texturing work and hand-placed materials. The jetways are well modeled and with detailed buildings and objects, this scenery is definitely recommended for those who like to visit German airports. Also a great place for online flying!”

You can read it all in Ricks in-depth review at X-Plained.Com.

Review “Belga12345” Williamsburg Airport

We from are, on behalf of Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345, pleased to announce the release of a new Virginia airport, Williamsburg Airport (KJGG). And together with that, we’re pleased that our personal reporter Angelique van Campen took a look at KJGG.

She’s very enthusiastic about what she has seen and since you can use it both for X-Plane 10.51+ and for X-Plane 11.00pb11, fun can start in the US state Virginia. Angelique checked for you every corner of what Marc has modelled and it’s again stunning that you all get.

Ok, her we go ….

Here’s the link to our in-depth review, while this is the link to our dedicated download page. Remember, downloads are only available for registered users! Not yet a registered user (and after being register you also get our e-Newsletter), then register yourself first.

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