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Airport Review | Verticalsim KBOI

Our dedicated reviewer Todd C. flew to KBOI or also known as Boise Air Terminal which is modeled with great precision by Vertical Simulations or just short Verticalsim. According to Todd “Verticalsim has a very strong reputation of being a top-notch scenery developer for X-Plane and it is evident with this scenery outing. The scenery is very much a real-life representation of the Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field that has been painstakingly recreated to introduce the simmer to the unique nature of the airport.”

Hold on, there’s more “For me, the Boise Air Terminal XP scenery package very well done and is worth the 23.99 USD that is being charged for the scenery. The scenery has proven to be a great addition to my flight sim universe. I am also very appreciative of the hard work that Andrew and his team has put into the modeling of the airport which results in an outstanding recreation of the Boise Air Terminal and Gowen Field.”

And now it’s time to check out Todd’s review via this review link. Enjoy the reading and comments are as always welcome.

Scenery Review | Aerosoft Society Islands XP

X-Plained.Com and reviewer Paul Beckwith are pleased to inform you that Paul visited the Society Islands XP – Bora Bora and Leeward Islands for X-Plane 11. According to Aerosoft “Welcome to Bora Bora and the Leeward Islands, the western part of the Society Islands in the South Pacific. Arrive with your regional airliners or business jets (up to ATR 72 and Bombardier Global Express) at Bora Bora Airport, and start island hopping with your smaller aircrafts and helicopters. Explore stunning atolls, sandy beaches and mountainous islands in one of the most exclusive and luxurious vacation spots in the world.”

But what has Paul to say about these islands and belonging scenery. Paul think in his final question “these islands deserve a place in your scenery collection if you are about the island lifestyle, atmosphere, coastlines, and sparkling waters. They belong in your world if you are a fan of high quality, world enhancing textures. They belong if you enjoy watching the world in which you fly take on a new ambiance with every change of the light. Ultimately, Society Islands, Bora Bora and the Leeward Islands is a brilliantly executed artistic vision of a unique area on the globe that is a “don’t miss” if you do not object to the stylistic decision to omit orthoimagery.”

Curious? I think you are. Check it out at our dedicated Society Islands review.

Scenery Review | TrueEarth Canary Islands

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke decided to cross the English Channel and flew to the Canary Islands. Actually, Andy visited the Orbx TrueEarth EU Canary Islands for X-Plane 11.

According to Andy “I have certainly not covered every part of the scenery but have tried to make flights and remarks that give a flavour of what is provided. The experience of using this scenery immerses the pilot in a high quality, detailed and interesting world. The attention to detail is highly impressive as is the consistency of quality of scenery.”

Andy’s conclusion is easy and straightforward …. “This is a great scenery package and its beautiful creation of the natural environment and detailed provision of the man made aspects blends exceptionally well. A great flight experience.”

On behalf of Andy I invite you to check out his comprehensive Canary Islands review. Enjoy.

Airport Scenery | X-Codr Mammoth Lakes

On behalf of your personal reporter Angelique van Campen, X-Plained.Com is pleased to share with you her comprehensive review of X-Codr Designs Mammoth Yosemite Airport.

According to Angelique “At first KMMH may look a basic airport, but the package offers a bit more then only an airport and I should not forget that the airport comes with lots of features and high quality, read razor sharp apron ground textures. X-Codr implemented lots of features like for example the gorgeous realistic looking 3D trees, or in particular during evening and night conditions, the integral lighting thru the windows of the buildings and offices and the tiny details found at and near the apron and not to forget the roads around the airport.”

And she has more to say. Continuing “But what said, the package is not only the modeled airport. It comes with a generic Mammoth Lakes village and belonging ski resort although this is generic modeled which means there’s something, but not as real as it gets, in particular applicable to the Mammoth Lakes village. I noticed a couple of issues, but some are related to the borders between ortho ground textures and default X-Plane ground textures.”

Curious what else she has found, explored and so on? Check it out via this in-depth review link. Enjoy!

Airport Review | Aerosoft St. Croix

X-Plained.Com is please to announce, on behalf of our dedicated reviewer Paul Beckwith, that Paul visited the Saint Croix scenery from Aerosoft.

According to Paul “If you enjoy tropical islands, custom modelling, crystal waters teeming with reefs and ocean life, and a feeling that you are there, then run, don’t walk, to the Aerosoft store and buy the St. Croix XP package.”

“These are my expectations when heading to an island with my helicopter or my float plane. This is not a land for jets because it is gone in a twinkling and you never get beyond the airport. Soak in those tropical breezes, walk on the beach, step into that warm, turquoise water, and settle back with something containing the local rum. So, were my high expectations met? In a word, yes.”

Just follow this in-depth review link from Paul, but above all, enjoy his review and as usual, feel free to comment.

Airport Review | Globall Art Congonhas Airport

Our dedicated and long time reviewer Andy Clarke takes a look at the Globall Art SBSP Congonhas Airport. According to Andy “This is a detailed and interesting airport model. There are facilities for using most type of aircraft within the scenery. Textures and colours are realistic and thoughtfully applied. The many flight start options give the user options to use aircraft across all parts of the scenery.”

Andy continues “The additional scenery and suggested plug ins add value. In low light and darkness the scenery maintains its standards and remains interesting and absorbing. The scenery sits well with the surrounding area and the modelling of Sao Paulo adds realistic challenges to using the airport due to the close proximity of urban areas.”

As well as “The scenery is great for the user to become involved in activity on the ground and also looks great from any approach in the air. A very enjoyable airport to use.” Check out Andy’s in-depth review via this X-Plained.Com link.