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Airport Review | Aerosoft Heathrow (EGLL)

This time your personal reporter Angelique van Campen stays close to home. Ok, she need to take the aircraft to pass the Channel to reach out London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL), modeled on behalf of Aerosoft. Although this is an updated X-Plane 10 airport, what has Angelique to say about it?

According to Angelique “It is worth the money since it covers an important airport within the European airports. Let me try to keep things simple. I will begin with the obvious: ‘is it worth purchasing such a large European airport?’ That question is quickly answered, YES!”

It has become a massive review. A bit longer than expected, but that’s also due to the design of the airport itself and if she wanted it or not, Angelique had to travel a lot to visit every corner of EGLL. Curious what Angelique has to say? Check out her in-depth review at X-Plained.Com.

Airport Review | SFD EDDM

It’s Winter time. October Fest is gone with the wind, but your personal reporter Angelique van Campen has some time left to visit the Bavarian landscape and then in particular the ShortFinal Design EDDM airport. EDDM is an important international hub for many airliners, in particular for Lufthansa. Besides that, EDDM is also an important maintenance base for Lufthansa Techniek.

According to Angelique “A must airport! That’s a very simple and short sentence isn’t it, but I don’t know what else to write. Is it because I’ve worked on this airport? Is it because it’s an important European airport for me as European citizen? Isi it because I love Germany?

Perhaps all of the above reasons are applicable to me, but the mean reason is the way it is modeled. As we know from MisterX6, he’s also responsible for many high quality airports, his famous MisterX Library and a couple of more libraries and not to forget his payware airports. EDDM is again a master piece. That says enough, right?”

Curious what Angelique has to say about it? Then I invite you to read her comprehensive SFD EDDM review.

Airport Review | X-Codr KDEN

For our reviewer Bruce Knight, KDEN or Denver International Airport it is just around the corner of his house. That said, it’s for Bruce a challenge to find out all the ins and outs of this well-modeled X-Codr Designs KDEN.

According to Bruce “To conclude this review, I do need to mention the excellent support by X-Codr. I posted several questions on his forum at before he was aware I was doing the review, and got good and useful answers within several hours.”

Bruce continues “I later used PM’s to communicate with him, and found him to be very helpful and excellent to work with. A good product is great, and when combined with excellent customer service it’s priceless!”

You can read Bruce his X-Codr KDEN finding via this in-depth review link. Enjoy!

Airport Review | DD/JustSim Tenerife Sur

When we say Canary Islands, we say nice temperatures, nice landscape, great food, but also a well modeled Tenerife Sur Airport by Digital Design and JustSim. Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen took the plane and visited the airport as well as the surrounding area.

According to Angelique; “Did I cover everything of Digital Design’s GCTS? I hope so because the more I look around, the more I see and sometimes I think; “I haven’t seen that before?” and then I think “It’s a much bigger area then initially thought” and so on. I found it worth my time to review this airport.”

That said, she tried to find something in every corner, she tried to find out if the developers had enough eye for all those tiny details you may expect from airport developers and she can only conclude; they had! Many tiny details are included. Ortho ground textures are included too for a large area around the airport. I can only say to you … read her in-depth review.

Airport Review | JustSim EBBR

Traveling to Brussels or to be exactly to Zaventem, is for Angelique, your personal reporter, only a couple of hours by car. She did this to visit JustSim Brussels International Airport (EBBR) for X-Plane.

It was great to see how it is made, how realistic is looks and feels. According to Angelique “Before I know, I’ve reached the end of this JustSim add-on review. Was it fun, was it worth my time, is it worth your money Without any hesitation I say … absolutely worth my review time and worth every Euro cent or whatever your currency is.”

In other words, she thinks it is worth your money, but you should read her in-depth review. It gives you a lot of information about almost every corner at the airport that she has seen during her virtual walk. Check it out via this in-depth review link.

VirtualDesign3D Alicante International

Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, flies for you to of LEAL Alicante International Airport, modeled by VirtualDesign3D. And guess what, it’s gorgeous, it’s as real as it gets!

According to Andy “This scenery package is detailed and of high quality throughout. There is something for everyone in that the airside detail. Activity and animation is very impressive, with modelled jetways adding more interaction, for those who want the flight experience to be realistic, and to be able to carry out as many functions as near to the real thing as possible.

Andy continues “The scenery covers an extensive area meaning flight on the approach and departure to the airport is detailed and immersive and there are many reference points for VFR flight.”

Want to read Andy’s impression? Then visit his in-depth review. Worth the reading!