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Airport Review | JustSim EBBR

Traveling to Brussels or to be exactly to Zaventem, is for Angelique, your personal reporter, only a couple of hours by car. She did this to visit JustSim Brussels International Airport (EBBR) for X-Plane.

It was great to see how it is made, how realistic is looks and feels. According to Angelique “Before I know, I’ve reached the end of this JustSim add-on review. Was it fun, was it worth my time, is it worth your money Without any hesitation I say … absolutely worth my review time and worth every Euro cent or whatever your currency is.”

In other words, she thinks it is worth your money, but you should read her in-depth review. It gives you a lot of information about almost every corner at the airport that she has seen during her virtual walk. Check it out via this in-depth review link.

VirtualDesign3D Alicante International

Andy Clarke, our dedicated reviewer, flies for you to of LEAL Alicante International Airport, modeled by VirtualDesign3D. And guess what, it’s gorgeous, it’s as real as it gets!

According to Andy “This scenery package is detailed and of high quality throughout. There is something for everyone in that the airside detail. Activity and animation is very impressive, with modelled jetways adding more interaction, for those who want the flight experience to be realistic, and to be able to carry out as many functions as near to the real thing as possible.

Andy continues “The scenery covers an extensive area meaning flight on the approach and departure to the airport is detailed and immersive and there are many reference points for VFR flight.”

Want to read Andy’s impression? Then visit his in-depth review. Worth the reading!

Grand Arctic Scenery Review

Ever wanted to see and to know everything about the Grand Arctic Scenery v3 from HSimulators, written by our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke? Now you can ….!

Andy visited this virtual region and oh oh, he has so much to say about it. According to Andy “When I stared this review I was concerned that I would have to find interesting things to say about large areas of white, snow covered ground and large areas of water. This is not the case with this scenery as the landscape and airfields provided are varied and detailed.”

and Andy continues “Whilst the developers did say they had modelled for flight and there would not be a large amount of detail beyond that I found the equipment, building lighting and other detail provided was impressive. It is not as refined and detailed at the airfields as when buying a pay ware single airport but considering the scale of this scenery it is very impressive.”

OK, ready for the review?
Keep in mind, you need several cups of tea or coffee, relax, site back and enjoy this comprehensive Grand Arctic review.

Chios Island National Airport Review

While on vacation, Andy Clarke, your dedicated reviewer, decided to make a detour to …. Descent2View LGHI or also known as Chios Island National Airport.

According to Andy “This model shows this is truly not the case and the amount of detail and extra objects added by the developers draw the user in to a thoroughly enjoyable and convincing experience. The model fits in to the generic scenery very well and it is the items the developers have chosen to model that immerse the visitor in the whole experience.”

And Andy continues “Colours, textures and detail remain convincing throughout all areas of the model and actually create an atmosphere within the scenery.”

Curious what Andy has to say? Then you should read his in-depth review. Enjoy!

FlyTampa Corfu Review

Beautiful Corfu … an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea, is defined by rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline. This means, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen is on her way to FlyTampa Corfu and see with her own eyes what she can expect from this scenery

The FlyTampa scenery package covers not only the airport, but also a lot of resorts as well as the old town and not to forget, the whole island. Wow, that’s worth a VFR and IFR review and a bit more. Was it worth Angelique’s her time, was it worth the VFR flight and IFR arrivals and departures?

Was it worth the time to review this product? It’s a great creation of Corfu Island, the old town, all the resorts, the harbors, the ortho ground textures and not to forget the airport. Is it worth your 26.00 USD?

You can read it all via this in-depth Corfu review. Enjoy!

Toronto Pearson Int. Airport Review

We’re pleased to offer you Andy’s in-depth CYYZ Toronto Pearson International review.

According to Andy “This is a highly impressive model with great attention to detail and a real effort to deliver a huge project as accurately as possible.”

Andy continues “The model works well whether being used simply as a place to takeoff and land, with the runways realistically following the real thing, or whether using the extended facilities with ten runway options and nearly 200 ramp starts available. The airport can be enjoyed in many different aspects and with many different aircraft types and those areas still under development in the real thing have working sites and detail which makes the pilot wary of FOD!”

But there’s so much more. On behalf of Andy I encourage you to read his comprehensive review.