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Haversine AirFMC Utility Review

This time a utility review of a well-known Mac platform developer … Haversine AirFMC. Thanks to Joao, developer at Haversine, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen got the right grip on this remote CDU/MCDU iOS and maCOS tool.

According to Angelique “Utility add-on programs are always fun to review. The same with the Haversine AirFMC although it’s only available for iOS hardware or for macOS. That some aircraft need to be added to the list makes sense, but the overall idea having on a remote device your CDU/MCDU is great.”

you’re a Mac simmer, you also own an iPad? When you do that, then I encourage to sit back and read this comprehensive review of the AirFMC iOS app.

FS Instant Approach 2019 Review

This time your personal reporter, Angelique van Campen, has chosen for a different kind of review. On special request, and curious what to expect, Angelique digs into the FSInventions FS Instant Approach 2019 for Mac.

According to Angelique “I can tell you that it took me some time to figure out how to test it. How to write down what I’ve seen and how it works. Once I had that feeling, the writing and explaining was no longer an issue. And at the end I say, yes, this was fun testing your approach skills with all kind of aircraft models.”

It seems she liked it and yes, that’s correct, but Angelique has a bit more to say then just this. Curious what the add-on can do for you, curious how to make your own approaches, curious in …. check it out yourself by reading her comprehensive review.

Beta Impression JARDesign GHD Version 4.0

On behalf of Evgeny Romanov from JARDesign Group, we’re pleased to offer you some screenshots of the upcoming updated with new features Ground handling Deluxe version 4.0.

Several popup windows are included, changes are made to make it more logic, easy to use, on the fly changing the liveries set is also one of the new features. Recently Evgeny informed me that, but remember it’s still in beta, it will be compatible with X-Plane 11.20 and VR features are included too although it must be said that the updated product can work with or without VR.

To give you an idea of how things look like and how the menu structure has changed, have a look to these “under development” screenshots. As you might know, for those who have heard of GHD, but never used it, the screenshots are taken at the airport of Corfu from FlyTampa, with the default Boeing 737. Many “aircraft” sets are made by many simmers but you’re also able (was already a feature) to create your own set of ground equipment.

Enjoy our exclusive “under development” screenshots!

Review “Saitek X52 Pro”

The Saitek X52 Pro or should we say Logitech X52 Pro …. no, let’s keep it for the moment with Saitek.

Saitek was never good in supporting X-Plane, but that’s changed already a while ago although Mac is officially not supported with drivers and/or software. Neither less, the Saitek X52 Pro works great with X-Plane Windows and Mac. Sorry, Angelique haven’t tested it with Linux!

That said, Angelique found it useful to review this piece of flight simulator joystick/throttle unit once more. It’s inexpensive, and does the work great compared to the much more costly X-65 Rhino.

Want to know more about it? Check out her in-depth review.

Impressions “QuickPlan for Mac”

Another in-depth review. This time from FSWidgets “QuickPlan for Mac” (or Windows). I wrote on purpose also for Windows, although I didn’t tets this, it has in basic the same product features.

No no, don’t worry, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen doesn’t have shares in FSWidgets stocks! It’s just a matter of seeking for flight planning programs and since FSWidgets owns for the Mac OS X (macOS Sierra) platform a flight planning program, I’m in for testing it.

If this impression/review is informative for you, I’ve reached my goal. To me, QuickPlan for Mac does what I had expected, when you want to fly VFR and even for IFR. That said, using the QuickPlan flight planner without all the bells and whistles as you can find with other flight planners, is still a useful and easy to handle flight planner. You can read all about it via this QuickPlan for Mac link.


xEnviro, the Impression

I never thought I will make it, a comprehensive review/impression of xEnviro, the Ultimate Environment Engine.

This was really a complex review/impression because it’s not always something that can be compared or can be seen. I don’t matter that I highlighted some comparisons between xEnviro and SkyMAXX Pro. I won’t and don’t say “this and this program” is the best. Even with xEnviro things are still missing, but looking to their road map, many things will be implemented soon.

Overall a very interesting product that can beat SkyMAXX Pro however, some additional functions must be implemented first before it can do the same as its competitor. At the same time it must be said that what I’ve seen, I have a strong preference for xEnviro, keeping in mind my real cockpit flight experience (thus the different cloud layers I’ve seen in real) during the many flights I did as ground engineer on-board of the Martinair Airbus.

Curious what Angelique figured out? Check it out at her in-depth xEnviro impression.