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Simulator Review | X-Plane 12 Early Access

We’re pleased to inform you that your passionate reviewers Paul Beckwith and Angelique van Campen checked out X-Plane 12 Early Access. We don’t call it a review but more an overview of what X-Plane 12 will bring. As of this writing, October 2022, X-Plane 12.00b6 is still beta, but it’s already promising. Paul is doing his share related to the Windows platform while Angelique is taking care for macOS. For Paul “FPS” (Frames Per Second) isn’t really a problem but Angelique needs to think about buying a new iMac or Mac Studio.

According to Paul “Personally, I have found X-Plane 12 to be quite an exciting update to X-Plane 11 and am looking forward to the coming months when the scenery and aircraft become available for this upgrade. I think my biggest disappointment thus far is that all my float planes have been broken by the new aquatic properties.” But good news is on the way; most GA aircraft with floats will become compatible with X-Plane 12 water.

And we found so much more for you and therefore, check out our comprehensive “X-Plane Early Access overview”.

Utility Review | Stairport Airport Vehicles

Hi, this is your personal reporter Angelique van Campen with a second Stairport SAM Suite payware add-on review. A while ago Angelique reviewed SAM3 World Jetways and although this was reviewed with an older version of SAM Suite, the basic principle of the payware add-on stays the same. And now – March 2022 – she completed our second SAM Suite review, the AirportVehicles add-on. Most likely we will soon review their third SAM product, the Follow Me.

According to Angelique “I’m aware that this add-on only replaces airport vehicles at default X-Plane airports and not at freeware or payware airports although I have to correct myself since freeware airport developers can implement default X-Plane vehicles from the Laminar Research library. SAM Suite is free of charge as well as the global trees and seasons options and of course the base plugin is free too. At the Aerosoft store page it shows me a price of 18.25 Euro including VAT.”

“It’s not cheap, but on the other hand, I know that there are still lots of simmers who fly and use default X-Plane airports. That said, when they have this plugin, better quality vehicles are implemented and vary with the region you’re flying.”

Curious what she has to say about it? Then it’s time to check out her in depth Stairport SAM3 AirportVehicles review.

Utility Review | SkyScout for X-Plane

Your personal reporter and dedicated reviewer Angelique van Campen is pleased to inform you that she made it. Yes, she finished a comprehensive review of XPlane Aviator SkyScout.

Angelique says “It wasn’t an easy review. It took a while to get the right flow. That has nothing to do with the product. It’s just different finding your way then reviewing an aircraft, an airport, a scenery or hardware.”

And “Most likely, and looking to myself too, simmers who have interest in buying SkyScout will use the upper four SkyScout functions (buttons) which are, just in case, the PFD, MFD, XPD and MAP. Looking to myself, I found the PFD very useful since it offers almost every feature you can imagine. The MAP button/function is very handy for those who want a separate device that shows them a chart or map with one tap/click.”

Want to read the whole article? Take a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer, relax, sit back and enjoy this in-depth SkyScout review.

Utility Review | SAM World Jetways

Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen virtually travelled around the world to check out Stairport SAM World Jetways. She visited default Laminar Research airports, but also a lot of payware add-on airports. The last one she visited for her comprehensive review of SAMs World Jetways was Vancouver International Airport modeled by Globall Art.

According to Angelique “To get an idea of what World Jetways can do for you, it doesn’t cost much effort to find that out. I mentioned this before, by default all X-Plane airports equipped with jetways are just static objects. They don’t do anything when you’re parked at the designated position or arriving at that location. One of the functions of the SAM World Jetways plugin is to bring these jetways alive.”

She continues “Was it worth my time to figure out all the ins and outs of this payware plugin/extension? Yes, it was although it took me a lot of time to find the right words and the right flow, but luckily, she managed it.”

You can read all about her SAM World Jetways experience via this in-depth review link. I hope you like it and whenever you haven’t bought it yet, decide to buy it at the X-Plane.Org store.

Utility Review | JARDesign Co-Pilot ToLiss A319

Our dedicated reviewer Andy Clarke took a new challenge in reviewing products; the JARDesign Co-Pilot plugin for the ToLiss Airbus A319. According to Andy “Usually when flying X-Plane models we may be assisted by autopilots and other automated systems and we may be able to view the cockpit with animated figures, representing the the pilot and co-pilot, clearly visible but ultimately we fly the aircraft alone, unless we let X-Plane AI take over. Many aircraft are not designed to be flown by one person and developers have come up with some ingenious ways of allowing us to swap seats or take the co-pilots view.”

Andy continues “JARDesign have approached this issue by modelling a co-pilot who sits in the cockpit with you, interacts with the user and carries out some of the functions and procedures.”

There’s of course a lot to tell you about this plugin which is not only available for the ToLiss A319, but also for other aircraft types. But for now, check out what Andy has to say with his comprehensive review about this Co-Pilot plugin for the ToLiss A319.

Utility Review | Laminar Research Control Pad app

It’s time for another utility review. Time for a freeware iOs or iPad OS review. It’s time for Laminar Research Control Pad app.

According to your personal reporter Angelique “When you own an Apple iPhone or iPad, and using X-Plane 11 on your Mac, Windows or Linux, then this article could be very interesting to you. Oh yes, I’m aware that this free Apple Store app is already for a long time available, but I get the impression that it’s a bit “a forgotten Laminar Research app”. But first, let me introduce you to the Laminar Research X-Plane Control Pad.”

This was fun.
I know this Laminar Research app already for a while, but I’m not always using my iPad in combination with X-Plane on my Mac. Strange isn’t it and at the same time also a shame since many other developers make also great add-ons to project for example the FMS MCDU on the iPad and/or iPhone or maps, charts and so on. That said, this Laminar Research app is free of charge. It doesn’t cost anything and you can change settings, change the aircraft, change the airport and so much more on the fly. Worth trying it out I would say and that was also the idea of writing this review/impression; try it!

Curious what Angelique has to say about the Control Pad app? Check out her in-depth review of the LR Control Pad.