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Exclusive Lugano Airport Impression

Lugano Airport, an impressive creation developed by FlyLogic, upgraded for X-Plane 11 by Omar Masroor and published by Aerosoft.

Curious how the updated X-Plane LSZA looks like and feels?
Then you must check out the following exclusive screenshots we’ve made for you. The Windows 10 screenshots are taken with the latest X-Plane 11 version (11.05) and use, besides a Carenado aircraft and the airport itself, xEnviro 1.07.

For those who aren’t familiar with LSZA, let’s have a closer look …. Lugano Airport (IATA: LUG, ICAO: LSZA) is a regional airport located 4 km (2.5 mi) west of the Swiss city of Lugano, approximately 80 km north of Milan, in the municipalities of Agno, Bioggio and Muzzano.

It lies closer to the village of Agno than to Lugano itself, and is sometimes known as Lugano-Agno. Around 200,000 passengers use the airport each year, using some 2,400 flights. There are also limited freight operations, a flying club and flight school. The headquarters of Darwin Airline are located at the airport. The airport is situated on land owned by the city of Lugano, whilst management is the responsibility of Lugano Airport SA, whose shares are owned by the canton of Ticino (12.5 percent) and the city (87.5 percent). The company has 73 employees, and an annual turnover of 10 million Swiss francs.

But what does it bring ….. ?
The updated airport for X-Plane 11 comes with a lot of bug fixes and a lot of improvements. For those who love to fly in the Swiss region, this is absolutely a worthy airport.

Exclusive Photo Impression “Wilson DC-8-71F”

Birth of a Jet

This screenshot impression has everything to do with a bit of history. Not just history, perhaps one of the change makers in aviation. It has everything to do with the Wilson Classic Aircraft Douglas Aircraft Company DC-8 Series.

Soon X-Plained.Com will publish a comprehensive review of the Wilson Classic Douglas DC-8 Series. The review deals with the X-Plane 11 DC-8 Series package. This means it deals with the -61, -63, -71 and -71F aircraft types. We’ll also discuss the use of xCIVA INS and some history. Was it worth the review, was it worth the time? I think it was, but first, we’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots made on a flight from EHAM to LFBO.

Enjoy these screenshots.

Impression X-Plane 11 vFlyteAir Cirrus SR-20

Recently released by vFlyteAir, their updated Cirrus SR-20 version 2.5. Not only a fresh update, but fully compatible with X-Plane 11. A beauty to see, a beauty to fly!

The updated vFlyteAir Cirrus SR-20 comes with a lot of new features, of course partly because of the X-Plane 11 platform, but also new features added to the aircraft systems and if also comes with a lot of bug fixes.

Is it worth the aircraft, is it worth the Look and Feel?
We haven’t had yet the time to review it for you, but I think we will find a moment to do that and knowing vFlyteAir now for a while, I think it will be a beauty! What we offer now for you are some exclusive screenshots of the Cirrus SR-20 version 2.5.


Wilson’s Douglas DC-8-61 Impression

This screenshot impression has everything to do with a bit of history. Not just history, perhaps one of the change makers in aviation. It has everything to do with the Douglas Aircraft Company DC-8.

That said, we’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of the Michael Wilson Douglas DC-8-61 Series of his recent released X-pLane 11 package. The released package offers a bit more then only the DC-8-61 Series. I comes with the:
– DC-8-61 Series
– DC-8-63 Series
– DC-8-71 Series Passenger
– DC-8-71F Series Freighter

But for now, enjoy these screenshots and as promised to myself … a review is in the making. But why did I chose the DC-8 and not his B707? I was working in the aviation as a mechanic and while I was working on the old-fashioned DC-9-30, I’ve seen at Schiphol Airport many Douglas DC-8 aircraft, in particular from the KLM and some other companies. I was impressed by, for example, the length of the DC-8-63 – also included in the package – which was almost of the same size if the Douglas DC-10. During that time, I’ve seen more DC-8 aircraft then Boeing 707.

FunnerFlight KLAX v2 Impression

On behalf of Jeff from FunnerFlight, Jeff would like to show you all the ins and outs of his recent released KLAX (Los Angeles International Airport) v2.

For those who missed it, a while ago this massive airport has been updated/renewed and with success. Although these exclusive screenshots, provided by Jeff, all cover KLAX v2 X-Plane 10, the airport package is also compatible with X-Plane 11.

Is KLAX v2 worth it … oh yeah, it’s absolutely worth KLAX and your investment. It is now time to depart and arrive from FunnerFlight KLAX! And don’t forget to visit the dedicated X-Plane.Org web page.

Landed … GlobalArtt SBSV Salvador-Bahia

Always looking for something new, looking for something that ‘s realistic, right?

We’re pleased to inform you that GloballArt modeled Salvador Bahia Airport (SBSV) with great precision.We’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of this airport with X-Plane 11 and SkyMAXX Pro. Curious ….. check out this screenshot link. and, does it look promising?

Oh, let’s go officially … Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport, formerly called Dois de Julho International Airport is the airport serving Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

The airport, originally called Santo Amaro do Ipitanga Airport, was founded in 1925. In 1941 Panair do Brasil participating in the World War II efforts with the support of the American and Brazilian governments completely rebuilt the facility. A brand new passenger terminal was opened in 1998, replacing the original outdated terminal. This new terminal continued to be upgraded and was completed by the end of year 2000. The main terminal, which includes a shopping mall has 69,400 m², 11 jetways and a capacity to handle 6,000,000 passengers/year. Traffic has been growing at an average of 14% per year.

On March 2017, Vinci SA purchased for R$ 2,35 billions (€ 640 millions) the administration for 30 years.

Some of the airport features are:
– Accurate replica of Salvador International Airport, updated 2017.
– Modeled from the original airport plants
– Customized runways, pavement and taxiways, with ambient occlusion included in the textures.
– Fingers Auto Gate with marshalls by Marginal
– Static objects, vehicles and aircraft.
– Avenues and streets with personalized vehicle traffic.
– 2D Grass.
– Airport and adjacent áreas Mesh personalized.
– Mesh Remexe Tool – Joz
– Partial modeling of the terminal interior
– HDR effect of interior of the Terminals and Jetways illumination.
– HDR lighting with custom night textures.
– Custom textures with ambient occlusion.
– Ground service for aircraft and traffic (default).
– Ground Traffic by Marginal
– Custom Approach Lights (ALS) systems.

You can buy the airport at the dedicated X-Plane.Org webpage.

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