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Exclusive Screenshots ENOV Ørsta-Volda Airport

On behalf of Tony Wroblewski, we’re pleased to offer you a bunch of X-Plane 11 screenshots of his recent released ENOV Ørsta-Volda Airport.

Ørsta-Volda Airport is a regional airport located in Ørsta, Norway serving the towns of Ørsta and Volda. The airport features a 1,070-meter asphalt runway aligned to 06/24. Surrounded by stunning scenery, it is a short flight away from Ålesund and Sandane. The airport is mainly used by Widerøe who operate several flights a day using their fleet of Dash 8s. The main route flown is to Oslo, but there are also other regional flights.

This version of ENOV and the surrounding industrial estate has been created to be as accurate as possible with highly detailed ground and object textures, night-lighting and trees. The entire airport and the surrounding industrial estate has been recreated in very high detail and should be very accurate to real-life. The ground textures have also been hand-created to match the buildings correctly.

This airport was developed mainly in X-Plane 10, but also works fine in X-Plane 11. The airport was designed to work on the default XP10 mesh, but also works with Ortho4XP. There is a mesh provided for use with X-Plane 11 which will smooth out the main runway surface (To use drag out the z – ENOV Mesh XP11 into your Custom Scenery and make sure it is below the airport in scenery_packs.ini)

Because of the detail in this scenery, a fairly good machine is required. An NVidia 750 with 2GB should be around the minimum required to run this scenery smoothly depending on settings and other installed scenery. If using with UHD mesh, then be aware that you’ll need a fast machine with at least 16GB of RAM. This scenery is completely custom made and requires no libraries and can be installed by simply dropping the airport into your Custom Scenery folder.

The airport can be used with the default scenery, Ortho4XP and Norway Pro (excluding the mesh). Curious … then you must check out these exclusive screenshots and when satisfied, you can grab your free copy from Org.

El Hierro … ZL19 … Amazing

The SpainUHD El Hierro ZL18/ZL19 installation is simple and straightforward, and the result is what they call … gorgeous … stunning or whatever you can imagine. ZL19 ortho package is really awesome to see and to fly over.

Yes, it’s only El Hierro which isn’t a big island, but it gives you a good impression what’s possible with ortho scenery packages.

According to SpainUHD “Although the quality of the orthophotos SpainUHD is quite high (zoom 17 zoom 18 peninsula and islands) we wanted to go a step further and try to zoom textures 19 (about 30 cm per pixel); ie twice the width and height resolution in respect zoom 18 (4 times more resolution in total) in a given area -the island of El Hierro to see what the result …”

Want to see it with your own eyes? Check out this.

WIP Belga12345 KJGG

Belga12345 aka Marc Leydecker is busy with another highly detailed US airport.

This time is KJGG. (Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport, Virginia, USA). According to Marc “I started this project in February 2016 and easily spend over 2000 hours on it. All objects, including vehicles, static aircraft, buildings, vegetation, animations, etc. were made in Sketchup and based on the hundreds of pictures I took.

KJGG comes with, just an example, with over more 400 custom objects. You can read it all, but above see it on X-Plained. Just follow the exclusive screenshots link and enjoy.

A.T.S. Simulations MD82 on Approach

On behalf of A.T.S. (Aircraft Training Solutions), we’re at X-Plained are pleased to inform you about a brand new add-on X-Plane 10 aircraft. And this is not just an add-on, but more then that. Oops, almost forgotten … check out our exclusive screenshots, but remember, still work in progress! And the A.T.S. team is pleased to announce the release of their own website. Wirth to check it out!

The first project of A.T.S. is an X-Plane 10 aircraft built as a study level simulation: the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 will bring you into a real plane. As they say by themselves “We turn great ideas into brilliant realities. We believe that just brilliant ideas could turn into the best product. All our efforts are focused on providing the best solutions for simmers and real pilots too. Don’t miss the chance to try our products, you are only one step away from getting it!”

See it with your own eyes!
And we keep you informed when something more news will be available. For now, check out this feature list.

Looking at “Beti-X Bella Coola”

Curious as I am … some screenshots from Beti-X Bella Coola, Canada, but this time the screenshots are made on my iMac with Sierra 10.12.2, X-Plane 11pb3 with SkyMAXX Pro 4.0.1.
Check out this X-Plane 11 Beti-X CYBD link!

Bella Bella …… still no bell ringing or perhaps …….

Perhaps when you read this, taken from X-Plane.Org; a brand new scenery from Beti-X, creator of well-known CZST – Stewart, one of the most detailed sceneries ever created for X-Plane. Bella Coola (CYBD) goes even further and is more detailed! Be ready to be blown away by this new amazing airport. You can look forward to very detailed textures, animated trees, volumetric grass, 3D people, the town of Bella Coola and Hagensborg, etc.

The whole scenery is covering an area of over 275 square kilometers. CYBD – Bella Coola is also one of the few sceneries for XP10/XP11 with the ability to switch to the winter version. CYBD is located 11 km northeast of Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. The town of Bella Coola is close to the stunning and vast Tweedsmuir Park, and set within a lush valley and between stunning mountain ranges.

The airfield comes with the following features:
• Faithful replica of the real airport with HD buildings and pre-rendered ambient occlusion
• Airport surroundings with handcrafted ground imagery with a resolution of 2cm per pixel
• Surrounding Photoscenery at a resolution of 50 cm per pixel covering an area of over 275 square kilometers
• Volumetric grass
• Hand placed 3D animated trees and other custom objects
• The architecture of the buildings fits in precisely with this location
• Winter version included
• 1GB of pure High-detailed fun
• X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 compatible

As I would say …. that looks indeed impressive. For now, enjoy all these exclusive screenshots taken on a Windows 10 Professional platform, X-Plane 10.51 and with xEnviro. More information can be found at this dedicated Org web page.

Again …. but …. FlightFactor aero | QPAC A350

This will be fun. Checked, rechecked my previous A350-900 review which is no longer available via ASN X-Plane, thus time to check the contents and see what has to be updated. By the way … this redux impression will be published on December 28th 2016.

There’s a lot to modify, but it is worth the time and investment and above all, the redux of the Airbus A350-900. Although not yet X-Plane 11 compatible, it was an interesting job to find out all the ins and out “again” of this Airbus. During the rewriting and new screenshots, I made more the needed for the impression. This screenshot link that are “left over” are presented to you. Enjoy!

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