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Cockpit Impression JARDesign A345

On behalf of the JARDesign team and Evgeny Romanov we’re pleased to offer you some screenshots of their A340-500. As for now, the A345 project is still beta thus all screenshot are still under development and work in progress. We would like to offer you also some external screenshots since the model looks gorgeous, but in consult with Evgeny we only offer you for the moment 3D cockpit screenshots.

Not sure if you’re familiar with the A340-500?
Combining performance, comfort and range for highly efficient ultra-long-haul operations, A340-500 is popular with passengers and airlines alike. The four-engine, twin-aisle wide-body jetliner’s range of up to 9,000 nautical miles allows the A340-500 to operate some of the world’s longest non-stop routes, while its optimised 222-inch fuselage cross-section gives airlines the cabin versatility to match market requirements.

As a jetliner in the A340 product line, it joins the A340-200, A340-300 and A340-600 in fully benefitting from Airbus commonality. All four aircraft can be flown with the same type rating, while the cross-crew qualification concept means pilots can more rapidly qualify for another aircraft type within the Airbus fly-by-wire product line, leading to significant cost savings.

The A340 Family aircraft have amassed some impressive numbers: Over 600 million passengers have flown well over 20 million flight hours and 2.5 million flight cycles with airlines flying A340s as long as 16 hours per day. This illustrates the continued appeal of an aircraft family that introduces passengers to the most modern standards of comfort whilst remaining one of the most reliable, efficient and profitable in the sky.

For now, enjoy these beta JARDesign A340-500 cockpit screenshots. Feel free to comment as usual.

WIP JARDesign A340-500 Series

On behalf of the JARDesign Group I’m please to offer you some exclusive screenshots of there WORK IN PROGRESS A340-500 Series. As you all know, JARDesign offers the A330 and the A320Neo and with all their knowledge, they’ve started a while ago with the development of the A340-500 Series. As far as it’s now, there will be no A340-600, so only the A340-500.

A bit of background information of the mid-sized A340 would be welcome, right?
According to Airbus “As a jetliner in the A340 product line, it joins the A340-200, A340-300 and A340-600 in fully benefitting from Airbus commonality. All four aircraft can be flown with the same type rating, while the cross-crew qualification concept means pilots can more rapidly qualify for another aircraft type within the Airbus fly-by-wire product line, leading to significant cost savings.”

Airbus continues “Capable of flying 9,000 nautical miles with a maximum passenger payload, the A340-500 is Airbus’ longest-range jetliner. This extended flight endurance allows the A340-500 to operate many of the world’s longest commercial air routes, including direct Singapore-New York flights with durations of more than 18 hours.”

Now back to the model JARDesign A340-500. It’s worth to check out the provided screenshots, offered to us by Evgeny, lead developer at JARDesign. As you can see yourself, an awesomely modelled 3D model as well as a great and accurate modelled virtual cockpit. But we have to wait a while. In case you want to know or to ask ….. no release date is announced but we can tell you that this model is almost compatible with SALS3 and Vulcan/Metal which will be implemented in X-Plane 11.50. and since there’s not yet an public beta available of X-Plane 11.50, we need to wait for this aircraft too.

For now, enjoy some of the exclusive A340-500 screenshots we’ve received from JARDesign.

Impression Carenado Fokker F50

I’m aware that I love Fokker aircraft. Yes, I’m also aware that Fokker doesn’t exist anymore as it was in the good old days at Schiphol-East. Anyway, I know the Fokker F27, but more familiar with t5he Fokker F28. While being a mechanic with Martinair, I worked on the NLM (Nederlandse Luchtvaart Maatschappij) F28, the government F28 PH-PBX and for a very short time, at the Martinair F28. and yes, I’m also aware that the F28 isn’t a F50 nor is the F27, but as you might know, the F50 follows the F27. The F27 was a world famous aircraft due to its STOL capabilities which was, by the way, also applicable for the F28.

That Carenado ported the F50 from FSX to X-Plane is for me great news and I hope for others too. I have flown with the model but haven’t tested every part of it. I leave that up to myself or one of my reviewers to review this gorgeous aircraft after our last season holidays.

For the moment I can only say … enjoy these exclusive screenshots which are taken at EBBR, and flying above the Norwegian landscape.

Exclusive Screenshots Cheyenne II

During these days it’s fun to fly over my own country. In my case that’s the Netherlands, Europe (for those simmers who have no idea where the Netherlands are situated). It gives me a moment to relax, a moment to test all the aircraft I have in my huge hangar.

This time I decided to make a photoshoot session of the Carenado PA-31T Cheyenne II for X-Plane 11. And no, in case you think that, this is not a review of the aircraft, it’s just a bunch of photos I make on this IFR trip, starting at EHBK to EHTX. I created with Little NavMap, my favourite flight planning program (besides that, the program can do much more then only flight planning), an scenic IFR flight from Maastricht-Aachen airport via RKN (Rekken VOR) to EEL (Eelde VOR), via PAM (Pampus) to Texel airport (EHTX). Yes yes, I know, when you’re familiar with the Netherlands then this is far from an economical flight plan, but that’s the advantage from you fly offline and if you want, you could do it in real too although it will cost you a lot of money. For now, enjoy these exclusive screenshots, offered by X-Plained.Com for you!

Anyway, to give the overall a good look, I decided to install the following freeware add-on packages, besides of course the Carenado aircraft itself:

  • X-Europe from SimHeaven
  • ZonesPhoto photo-real textures for the Netherlands with adjacent packages from Belgium and Germany
  • FlyWithLua NG
  • FlyAgi Tweak Utility (FTU) lua scripts
  • X-Visibility lua script
  • Cloud textures Environment+

Carenado’s Saab 340, so beautiful

No no, this is not a comprehensive review, and it’s also not an in-depth impression although it’s an exclusive screenshot impression I made today, February 28th while test flying in Germany. It was during this short flight, departing from ShortFinal Design EDDM, where I discovered the beauty of this latest – mid February 2019 – Carenado aircraft, the Saab 340.

It took a while before the model came to X-Plane, but now we finally have this medium size commuter also for X-Plane. What said, this is not a comprehensive review, but what I quickly saw was a well modeled aircraft with a beautiful interior, including a well designed virtual cabin.

I could write many words what I felt when I made those screenshots, but I think it’s better when you look and judge for yourself. Enjoy these exclusive Carenado Saab 340 screenshots. Comments and/or suggestions are always welcome.

Special FF/QPAC A350 RR ALPS Livery

And now, coming soon to you for the Flight Factor A350 v1.5.x …… the Advanced Low-Pressure System (ALPS) virtual CTi fan blades and modified engine cowling and much more … even a complete livery.

After flights test in 2014 of CTi fan blades with a titanium leading edge and carbon casing, they had indoor and outdoor tests in 2017, including crosswind, noise and tip clearance studies, flutter mapping, performance and icing conditions trials. Rolls-Royce will ground test in 2018 its ALPS demonstrator: a Trent 1000 fitted with composite fan blades and case, including bird strike trials.

With this in mind, Fabio (Org user fscabral) decided to modify the Flight Factor A350 Series fan blades from the original virtual Ti blades to the CTi (Carbon Titanium) blades as well as modifying the rear engine cowling as can be seen on the Trent 1000 cowling. Let’s make one thing clear that the Trent 1000 isn’t the Trent engine fitted on the A350 series. Neither less, the idea is great as well as how it lokos like.

It started with modeling the Trent 1000 engine, but slowly, texture parts where added to it to make it complete as in real although we have to admit that Rolls Royce doesn’t has a Trent 1000 fitted on the Airbus A350. That said, Fabio added and painted a complete Rolls Royce livery for it including a unique aircraft registration namely N350RR. The livery Fabio has chosen is one of the many Rolls Royce uses for testing engines. And Fabio continued with more modifications; the typical black lining around the cockpit windows where improved, the wheels assemblies are now dirty. You normally see with many models very clean new wheel assemblies which is far from the reality. Oh yes, when you mount a new wheel, it’s clean, but the carbon brakes make them dirty before you know.

We’ve made for you an exclusive screenshots for during a flight from GCTS to LFBO. Check it out yourself.