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Wilson’s Douglas DC-8-61 Impression

This screenshot impression has everything to do with a bit of history. Not just history, perhaps one of the change makers in aviation. It has everything to do with the Douglas Aircraft Company DC-8.

That said, we’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of the Michael Wilson Douglas DC-8-61 Series of his recent released X-pLane 11 package. The released package offers a bit more then only the DC-8-61 Series. I comes with the:
– DC-8-61 Series
– DC-8-63 Series
– DC-8-71 Series Passenger
– DC-8-71F Series Freighter

But for now, enjoy these screenshots and as promised to myself … a review is in the making. But why did I chose the DC-8 and not his B707? I was working in the aviation as a mechanic and while I was working on the old-fashioned DC-9-30, I’ve seen at Schiphol Airport many Douglas DC-8 aircraft, in particular from the KLM and some other companies. I was impressed by, for example, the length of the DC-8-63 – also included in the package – which was almost of the same size if the Douglas DC-10. During that time, I’ve seen more DC-8 aircraft then Boeing 707.

A.T.S. Simulations MD82 on Approach

On behalf of A.T.S. (Aircraft Training Solutions), we’re at X-Plained are pleased to inform you about a brand new add-on X-Plane 10 aircraft. And this is not just an add-on, but more then that. Oops, almost forgotten … check out our exclusive screenshots, but remember, still work in progress! And the A.T.S. team is pleased to announce the release of their own website. Wirth to check it out!

The first project of A.T.S. is an X-Plane 10 aircraft built as a study level simulation: the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 will bring you into a real plane. As they say by themselves “We turn great ideas into brilliant realities. We believe that just brilliant ideas could turn into the best product. All our efforts are focused on providing the best solutions for simmers and real pilots too. Don’t miss the chance to try our products, you are only one step away from getting it!”

See it with your own eyes!
And we keep you informed when something more news will be available. For now, check out this feature list.

Again …. but …. FlightFactor aero | QPAC A350

This will be fun. Checked, rechecked my previous A350-900 review which is no longer available via ASN X-Plane, thus time to check the contents and see what has to be updated. By the way … this redux impression will be published on December 28th 2016.

There’s a lot to modify, but it is worth the time and investment and above all, the redux of the Airbus A350-900. Although not yet X-Plane 11 compatible, it was an interesting job to find out all the ins and out “again” of this Airbus. During the rewriting and new screenshots, I made more the needed for the impression. This screenshot link that are “left over” are presented to you. Enjoy!

The A.T.S. McDonnell Douglas MD82

ats-md82-seriesThe A.T.S. McDonnell Douglas MD82

Probably you think … oops, another McDonnell Douglas MD82 Series? Yes, we’re all ware of the Rotate MD80 Series, but it’s not possible to compare these two aircraft. I know both aircraft since for both models I was and still am beta tester. And no, this short screenshot impression won’t say anything about which one is better. By the way, I can’t even say that right now since the A.T.S. model isn’t released yet. And besides that, I wrote before … you and I can’t compare them when it comes to programmed systems and how real does it all look like.

Oh yes, if I want, I can compare the external model with each other, but that won’t help much since both models are well made and have eye for many tiny details. But the hearth of it is the programmed systems and how they function compared to the real McDonnell MD82 aircraft. Just see it with your own eyes how the beta A.T.S. MD82 is progressing.

Exclusive Look and Feel A.T.S. MD82

ats_md82_seriesMy deepest respect goes out to this WIP (Work In Progress) McDonnell Douglas MD82 Series from Aircraft Training Solutions, or short A.T.S.
Why my deepest respect in what these Italian designers create?

As ex-ground engineer MD80 Series, Iv’e worked for years on this aircraft, did engine run-ups, line maintenance and inspections. Looking how accurate or perhaps better to say, how realistic systems are simulated, is far beyond what I’ve seen. That the development takes a lot of time, is known. No no, don’t ask me when this X-Plane 10 aircraft will be released. That’s up to A.T.S.!

And …. surprise … there’s a lot to come (what … I don’t tell you yet), so keep on watching and don’t forget our Facebook page. For now, enjoy these exclusive external screenshots … at least, I hope you like them.

Exclusive WIP SSG 747-8 Cockpit Shots

ssg-747-8-wip-v1-052WIP SSG 747-8 Cockpit “Look and Feel”

We’re at are pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of the Work In Progress (WIP) Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) Boeing 747-8 version 1.5. Although it looks now already gorgeous, there’s a lot of rework done in this cockpit, but there’s so much more to tell and to do, but that’s for later.

Right now, we would like to say … enjoy these exclusive screenshots.

Many thanks Ricardo, AJ, Stefan, Javier and Kostas and don’t forget … still under development and copyright belongs to SSG!

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