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Carenado’s Saab 340, so beautiful

No no, this is not a comprehensive review, and it’s also not an in-depth impression although it’s an exclusive screenshot impression I made today, February 28th while test flying in Germany. It was during this short flight, departing from ShortFinal Design EDDM, where I discovered the beauty of this latest – mid February 2019 – Carenado aircraft, the Saab 340.

It took a while before the model came to X-Plane, but now we finally have this medium size commuter also for X-Plane. What said, this is not a comprehensive review, but what I quickly saw was a well modeled aircraft with a beautiful interior, including a well designed virtual cabin.

I could write many words what I felt when I made those screenshots, but I think it’s better when you look and judge for yourself. Enjoy these exclusive Carenado Saab 340 screenshots. Comments and/or suggestions are always welcome.

Special FF/QPAC A350 RR ALPS Livery

And now, coming soon to you for the Flight Factor A350 v1.5.x …… the Advanced Low-Pressure System (ALPS) virtual CTi fan blades and modified engine cowling and much more … even a complete livery.

After flights test in 2014 of CTi fan blades with a titanium leading edge and carbon casing, they had indoor and outdoor tests in 2017, including crosswind, noise and tip clearance studies, flutter mapping, performance and icing conditions trials. Rolls-Royce will ground test in 2018 its ALPS demonstrator: a Trent 1000 fitted with composite fan blades and case, including bird strike trials.

With this in mind, Fabio (Org user fscabral) decided to modify the Flight Factor A350 Series fan blades from the original virtual Ti blades to the CTi (Carbon Titanium) blades as well as modifying the rear engine cowling as can be seen on the Trent 1000 cowling. Let’s make one thing clear that the Trent 1000 isn’t the Trent engine fitted on the A350 series. Neither less, the idea is great as well as how it lokos like.

It started with modeling the Trent 1000 engine, but slowly, texture parts where added to it to make it complete as in real although we have to admit that Rolls Royce doesn’t has a Trent 1000 fitted on the Airbus A350. That said, Fabio added and painted a complete Rolls Royce livery for it including a unique aircraft registration namely N350RR. The livery Fabio has chosen is one of the many Rolls Royce uses for testing engines. And Fabio continued with more modifications; the typical black lining around the cockpit windows where improved, the wheels assemblies are now dirty. You normally see with many models very clean new wheel assemblies which is far from the reality. Oh yes, when you mount a new wheel, it’s clean, but the carbon brakes make them dirty before you know.

We’ve made for you an exclusive screenshots for during a flight from GCTS to LFBO. Check it out yourself.

Your Own Boeing 738NG Simulator

You are a simmer with a dream. You’re a simmer for whom there’s only one awesome aircraft in the world, oh, no sorry, in X-Plane … and that’s the Boeing 737 Series, right?

If this is your favourite aircraft to fly with, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a room in the house completely alone for you. A room that offers everything that deals with the 737 Series, whatever series it is. A room so big that you can install not one, not two, not three computers, no, where you can install a complete 1:1 scale cockpit. Today, January 11th, a got a new registration from Chris van Rensburg. He requested a registration which is of course no problem, but then I found out via this website ( that Chris is building his own full size Fixed Based 737-800NG Simulator.

A couple of photo’s with his approval can be found here at X-Plained.Com. More can be found at his website. Well done Chris ….. it may cost something, but then you have something great! Thank you for sharing your mockup.

Vive La France with Carenado

It’s such a day as usual in the Netherlands … colder then normal or at the weather forecast they will say … it’s hotter than average. To me it feels cold, windy and whatsoever. Time to do what I promised already a while ago …. flying to France and see how the Carenado Cessna Citation flies.

It’s a long time back that I worked as ground engineer on a Citation. Not this model, but I believe one of the first 500 Series, when I’m right. It was a terrible aircraft to work at. It was small, and it had installed systems as you see in large commercial jets. Working in the cockpit was not a pleasant job, working in the tail was really a disaster. But flying the Citation 550 II from Carenado is fun.

I took virtually off from LFBD (Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport) and created with Little Navmap- one of my favorite nav planning programs – a flight plan to the Pyrenees, and then heading for the Méditerranée and finally back via Frejus to Bordeaux. The created flight plan has the X-Plane 11 “fms” format and the installed navigation equipment is the default X-Plane 11 FMS MCDU. For weather I use already for a while the FlyWithLua scripts and Environment+ lua script. I decided to go for real weather via the Laminar Research weather server.

Enjoy our exclusive screenshots!

Exclusive Screenshots “Carenado C172SP”

Flying the Grand Canyon
We’ve visited many times the US Grand Canyon National Park. Many time it was driving around by car and twice we walked down to the river and back up. Ok, not in one day, but we did it.

During one of those visits we decided to rent an airplane and fly above the Grand Canyon. No no, not what you think. I was not flying the aircraft. We paid that company for a flying trip over the Grand Canyon and for some reason, we had a lot of luck that day since we where the only 2 passengers in that aircraft. It was not a Skyhawk C172SP, but slightly bigger. Anyway, would it be great to do it once more but this time with X-Plane, an awesome photo-real scenery below and a well developed airport near the south rim.

That said, I decided to rent the Carenado C172SP Skyhawk for X-Plane 11, loaded the freeware airport of KGCN National Park airport, loaded all the ortho textures to get the best of the best down below me when flying over the canyon. How was it? Did I like it and how was the C172SP? Curious … check out the following exclusive screenshots. Enjoy!

Carenado PA31 / DO228 Adventures

Today is such a day that you can’t go out, so time to find something else to do. I had a long list of things I needed to do for X-Plained.Com. One of these “things“ to do is replacing the 2nd fullwidth slider on the front page with new aircraft screenshots. But there’s more to do like making a flight about ortho scenery in The Netherlands and about the Grand Canyon National Park with Carenado aircraft.

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen rented the Carenado Piper PA31 and took off from a nearby airport to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park, made possible by Org user Forkboy2. These photo real packages of Arizona and in particular the Grand Canyon are huge, but oh oh, so beautiful.

Oh, there’s much more. Want to see it? Then you must check out the following screenshot impressions. I would say .. enjoy our exclusive screenshots.