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FTU plus ASXP Clouds

FTU Advanced Clouds + ASXP HiRes Cloud Textures

Oops, for those who don’t know what all those abbreviations mean … FTU mean FlyAGI Tweaker Utility and ASXP stands for Active Sky for X-Plane. Anyway, FlyAGI Tweak Utility main menu can be opened by clicking on the menu helper ‘Tweak Utility Options’ on the lower right corner of the screen or by using the FlyWithLua macros menu (X-Plane menu bar > Plugins > FlyWithLua > Macros > FlyAgi Tweak Utility). The main page gives access to the essential performance and visual tweaks and links to submenus if configuration items are more complex – I will explain the different submenus and what they can do later.

The utility will always store the menu page last opened for quick access to submenus so you will get back to the menu page you have been in before closing the main menu. The menu can be closed by clicking on the button ‘Save + Close Menu’ or by clicking on the helper again. In both cases everything will get saved.

These screenshots show you the combination of the FTU utility in combination with ActiveSky package (HiFi Simulations Technologies).

According to Agi “Possibly the best cloud visuals I’ve seen in X-Plane 11 – and faster then everything else. The first shot shows the clouds setting I used for the screenshots. And just in case you’re lost .. check out these exclusive screenshots, provided to you by Agi from FlyAGI.”

Exclusive X-Codr Sedona Screenshots

Welcome to America’s Most Scenic Airport! Sedona Airport (KSEZ) is located in Sedona Arizona, a popular tourist destination for Arizona tourists. Due to its location atop a 500 foot mesa Sedona Airport is a destination that pilots often go out of their way to land at.

Enough for now about the real Sedona, up to the X-Codr Sedona Airport and surrounding area. According to Connor from X-Codr “Since I released Sedona, my development skills have become much better. So in December I started work on a major update to Sedona to say “thanks” to all those who supported me when I entered the payware market. The original version of Sedona was ok, but my goal is not to have an “ok” scenery, but one that is great, and something that users truly enjoy. The new version will be a free update to all users, and it will feature:

Improved airport buildings
3D People
New ambient airport sounds
New custom town
New custom 10 meter ortho4xp mesh (big thanks to NinjaWithGuitar for providing me with the correct format DEM)
New custom 3D rock models for Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Cathedral Rock
New custom forests and clutter for the surroundings
Improved orthophoto coloring and hand removed shadows
Improved model of Midgley Bridge”

We’re pleased to offer you on behalf of X-Codr some exclusive Sedona Airport screenshots. Enjoy!

Munich Winter Wonder World

In-between the many things your personal reporter Angelique van Campen does on my iMac on a daily base, is trying to find some time to visit SFD EDDM and preparing herself to start with the Short Final Design EDDM review. Today, Saturday February 2nd, she found some time to switch the SFD EDDM scenery to Winter. Since she don’t own TerraMAXX, she switched manually to Winter textures. Although it’s described in the user manual, but also very easy to do it with the following guidance.

In the root of the EDDM main folder (ShortFinal – EDDM – Munich Airport) you find two library.txt files. One if named as expected “library.txt” while the other is named “library_Winter.txt”. Rename the original library.txt to for example library_default.txt and the other library_Winter.txt to library.txt which means that this will be then the active library text file.

After that, restart X-Plane and you’re in Winter wonder world, but there’s also a kind of downside with this. That downside has nothing to do with the SFD EDDM airport scenery, but with the X-Plane default scenery. As we all know, X-Plane doesn’t now the seasons of the year. That said, everything that belongs to the SFD EDDM is transformed into Winter thus Winter textures. Everything outside the SFD EDDM parameter is still green or season-less.

Read the whole story and see it all at our exclusive Winter wonder world screenshots page.

Impression ShortFinalDesign EDDM

Short Final Design, known from many payware and freeware airports. The designer/developer behind SFD is also MisterX, known from his famous MisterX6 Library and much more.

Anyway, this page deals with the high quality and accurate modeled EDDM or Munich Airport or also known as Munich Franz-Josef Strauss. Munich airport (IATA: MUC, ICAO: EDDM) is a major international airport near Munich, the capital of Bavaria. It is the second-busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic after Frankfurt Airport, and the seventh-busiest airport in Europe, handling 44.6 million passengers in 2017.

But now the modeled airport. I didn’t know where to look since there was so much to see. When you think you’ve seen everything, then around a corner you see something new. I’ve been a lucky person being here many years ago when I was working/training for Lufthansa Techniek at the maintenance center. What I see or what SFD has made is well done and that’s almost an understatement. No, this isn’t a review yet. The review is in progress as they say. These exclusive screenshots are only to give and me an idea what to expect and I can tell you, it’s wonderful. Don’t believe me, check out our exclusive screenshots. Enjoy!

Special FF/QPAC A350 RR ALPS Livery

And now, coming soon to you for the Flight Factor A350 v1.5.x …… the Advanced Low-Pressure System (ALPS) virtual CTi fan blades and modified engine cowling and much more … even a complete livery.

After flights test in 2014 of CTi fan blades with a titanium leading edge and carbon casing, they had indoor and outdoor tests in 2017, including crosswind, noise and tip clearance studies, flutter mapping, performance and icing conditions trials. Rolls-Royce will ground test in 2018 its ALPS demonstrator: a Trent 1000 fitted with composite fan blades and case, including bird strike trials.

With this in mind, Fabio (Org user fscabral) decided to modify the Flight Factor A350 Series fan blades from the original virtual Ti blades to the CTi (Carbon Titanium) blades as well as modifying the rear engine cowling as can be seen on the Trent 1000 cowling. Let’s make one thing clear that the Trent 1000 isn’t the Trent engine fitted on the A350 series. Neither less, the idea is great as well as how it lokos like.

It started with modeling the Trent 1000 engine, but slowly, texture parts where added to it to make it complete as in real although we have to admit that Rolls Royce doesn’t has a Trent 1000 fitted on the Airbus A350. That said, Fabio added and painted a complete Rolls Royce livery for it including a unique aircraft registration namely N350RR. The livery Fabio has chosen is one of the many Rolls Royce uses for testing engines. And Fabio continued with more modifications; the typical black lining around the cockpit windows where improved, the wheels assemblies are now dirty. You normally see with many models very clean new wheel assemblies which is far from the reality. Oh yes, when you mount a new wheel, it’s clean, but the carbon brakes make them dirty before you know.

We’ve made for you an exclusive screenshots for during a flight from GCTS to LFBO. Check it out yourself.

Your Own Boeing 738NG Simulator

You are a simmer with a dream. You’re a simmer for whom there’s only one awesome aircraft in the world, oh, no sorry, in X-Plane … and that’s the Boeing 737 Series, right?

If this is your favourite aircraft to fly with, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a room in the house completely alone for you. A room that offers everything that deals with the 737 Series, whatever series it is. A room so big that you can install not one, not two, not three computers, no, where you can install a complete 1:1 scale cockpit. Today, January 11th, a got a new registration from Chris van Rensburg. He requested a registration which is of course no problem, but then I found out via this website ( that Chris is building his own full size Fixed Based 737-800NG Simulator.

A couple of photo’s with his approval can be found here at X-Plained.Com. More can be found at his website. Well done Chris ….. it may cost something, but then you have something great! Thank you for sharing your mockup.