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Video | Netavio CJ4 Flight LFBZ LFSL

During the writing of Angelique’s Netavio Citation CJ4 review I decided to fly another “shortstretch from LFBZ to LFSL, both in France. I did it because I wanted to test a couple of things during this flight, but I had so much fun that I decided to record the overall flight and added text blocks to visualize the flight sections to potential Netavio CJ4 buyers.

That said, X-Plained.Com offers an in-depth review of the brand new Netavio Citation CJ4 – review published on June 15th 2021 – while this 30 minute movie shows you hopefully how I made this flight. There’s always something and also with this flight. It’s not perfect, but it will give you a good impression of the flight model, the aerodynamics and the in-house modeled ProLine 21 Integrated Avionics System.

Enjoy the movie and feel free to comment. I’ll always reply!

Video | VSKYLABS R44 Raven II Project 1.1c

OK, I know. It’s not an aircraft, but a rotorcraft although I’ve aded the video in the aircraft section.

This video and belonging review ( which can be found at X-Plained.Com deals with the VSKYLABS Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter.

It’s been a while ago that your personal reporter Angelique van Campen has reviewed a helicopter. Depending on the degree of realism, it is either not that difficult to fly them or it is quite complex to review and thus to fly a helicopter. This VSKYLABS helicopter will be a challenge. It won’t be a challenge to find out how it’s made, how the 3D model is created or how the small, but beautiful cockpit looks like. The challenge lies in hovering with regular flight sim equipment.

The challenge will be setting up all the hardware for the R44 and then to fly it. When you want to give it a try and read what problems I faced and the solutions I found with the help of and JetManHuss from VSKYLABS, then you should check out in-depth review.

Video | Part II ToLiss A319 Initial climb – FL210

Another test flight with the ToLiss A319. Not only a flight, also testing the possibilities of video recording and editing program Camtasia. It is a bit old video, but it’s still worth to leave it and not to throw it away. Perhaps in the near future a modern X-Plaiend.Com tutorial movie will pop up. Enjoy for now.

Video | Part I – JD330 LFBO (taxi-TO-CLB-CR)

A typical Airbus test flight from Toulouse/Blagnac (LFBO). The movie is not intended to be a tutorial. The movie covers the JARDesign JD330 v3.3 with the BSS Trent 700 custom sound pack installed. Part I deals with the JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe (GHD), the taxi to runway 32L, the TO, CLB and CR.

Video | Part II – JD330 LFBO (DES-APPR-LDG)

That’s a weird title isn’t it?
Perhaps it works as I have in mind. In part I of our JARDesign JD330 review, I was trying out to make with Final Cut Pro X some movies. I’m not a story teller, but I was a technical instructor and had a good feeling what was nice or necessary to tell my students. With that I mind, I made 2 movies for the JARDesign JD330 … see it as just a try out!

This topic shows you part II which reflects a typical flight from cruise, descent, approach, final approach and landing at LFBO Toulouse/Blagnac.

Feel free to comment whenever you feel there’s a need to.

Video | Preview ToLiss Airbus A321 LFBO

On behalf of ToLiss we’re pleased to share with you the following video and ToLiss news. Just in case; this preview is not a review. A comprehensive review will be published at a later time.

This preview video has everything to do with the new ToLiss Airbus A321. ToLiss is known about their Airbus A319, but now she has a sister, the largest model of the A320 Family.

The preview video that comes in SD and HD quality offers you as much as details we could find on this typical Airbus test flight around the French Pyrenees. The departure is from LFBO (Toulouse/Blagnac) runway 32L. The A321 climbs out to the intended cruising level of FL320, and with an FMS MCDU DIR (DIRECT TO) command we bring you direct to PPG (Perpignan). Then via STAR MEN6L, the Airbus A321 makes the landing at runway 32L LFBO. It’s not surprising that X-Plained.Com comes to one conclusion …. it was a successful ToLiss A321 French Pyrenees test flight. For more information check out the ToLiss website. The product will be available on February 28th 2020.

Enjoy the video!