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Video | Pro Flight Trainer PUMA TBM

This YouTube movie belong to a comprehensive review published by X-Plained.Com.

Part II of the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA review explains you all about the Toe Brake Modification (TBM) kit for the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA which was reviewed in combination with Laminar Research X-Plane 11 on both Windows and macOS.

During an email conversation I had with a Pro Flight Trainer team member, I was informed that most helicopters have no wheel and therefore no brakes. When the helicopter has no wheels, then the Toe Brake Modification (TBM) kit is not needed, but when you fly occasionally helicopters with wheels like the Sikorsky S-92, S-76, SH-3 Sea King, UH-60 Blackhawk, K-1200 K-MAX, Cowan Simulation 222B, X-Rotors AW139 and many other models I haven’t mentioned or just forgotten, then it is convenient to have the Toe Brake Modification kit mounted/installed on your Pro Flight Trainer PUMA.

This YouTube movie was recorded on an iMac Pro with X-Plane 11.50r3. I used the X-Rotors AW139 and took off nearby Zermatt, Switzerland. It was a scenic trip around the Matterhorn. With Picture-In-Picture I added the way I used the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA with the TBM installed.

Enjoy the movie.

Video | VSKYLABS R44 Raven II Project 1.1c

OK, I know. It’s not an aircraft, but a rotorcraft although I’ve aded the video in the aircraft section.

This video and belonging review ( which can be found at X-Plained.Com deals with the VSKYLABS Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter.

It’s been a while ago that your personal reporter Angelique van Campen has reviewed a helicopter. Depending on the degree of realism, it is either not that difficult to fly them or it is quite complex to review and thus to fly a helicopter. This VSKYLABS helicopter will be a challenge. It won’t be a challenge to find out how it’s made, how the 3D model is created or how the small, but beautiful cockpit looks like. The challenge lies in hovering with regular flight sim equipment.

The challenge will be setting up all the hardware for the R44 and then to fly it. When you want to give it a try and read what problems I faced and the solutions I found with the help of and JetManHuss from VSKYLABS, then you should check out in-depth review.

Globall Art Vancouver Intl. Airport Video

Originally planned as a slide show at X-Plained.Com, but final thoughts changed me to creating a movie. Although being a movie slide show, it’s still a bit better and pleasant to look to.

Enjoy our Vancouver airport impression.
It’s a very detailed and well modelled airport from Globall Art. Animated aircraft are from World Traffic 3.1.9 while the used X-Plane version is 11.41. No additional ad-ons installed. And don’t forget to check out Andy’s comprehensive review of Vancouver Airport.

Video | TrueEarth US Florida Part 3 “KTNT – KNQX”

On our third and last IFR Orbx TrueEarth US Florida HD flight I take you to the Keys and Key West, the most Western remote located part of the Keys. It’s roughly 214 NM from KTNT in the way I’ve created the flight plan although I must admit that the flight plan with all the included waypoints, which offers a fly-around Key West, so flying more direct will be for sure shorter.

Here’s some detailed information; I depart from Dade-Collier Airport and fly to NAS (Naval Air Station) Key West Boca Chica Field. As you know, for Dade-Collier there’s no add-on package available, but for KNQX there is. It’s the package from NAPS (North Atlantic and Pacific Sceneries) led by Freddy De Pues. When you have an account with X-Plained.Com, you’re free to download this ready-to-go Orbx compatible airport. Compatible because it works flawless with Orbx TrueEarth US Florida SD/HD scenery.

What I noticed during this last trip is the split in different ground textures. More exactly; the difference how the Everglades look like and the Keys with the shallow waters. While the Everglades seems to me completely dried out, but having beautiful colours, the Keys and water textures and not to forget the blending, is awesome. Orbx member Tony Wroblewski did a great job together with his team, no doubt about that.

The IFR flight plan was made with SkyVector and converted to a “fms” FP format with XPlaneTools. As mention before, you can also create a flight plan with the freeware program Little NavMap and convert it directly to the X-Plane 11 “fms” FP format.

This video belongs to the a review, written and provided by X-Plained.Com, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen. On behalf of the whole X-Plained.Com team …. enjoy this first flight.
P.s ; this video shows you how semi-transparant road textures look like in the Orbx scenery when enabled.

Video | Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls

The review covers all the parts of the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls yoke and switch unit. It checks out the durability of the product, how it feels and looks like and important too, how to install or configure under Windows 10 and macOS. Although this nice piece of hardware is not only intended for X-Plane, it’s also for FSX, P3D and other flight simulators.

This movie covers a bit about how to install the mounting pad via the 3M Micro-Suction pad or just connecting the pad with the clamps. It shows you also how to connect the base unit to the mounting plate, the LED lighting look and the yoke return from a PITCH or ROLL input.

On purpose we didn’t add a movie that shows me flying and seeing how the yoke behaves. That part we described since that tells and offers more details than what you could see in a movie. Yes, we’re aware that this is our way of thinking.

Video | Orbx TrueEarth GB North “Inverness etc.”

On our last cross country trip we depart from Inverness and rented the Just Flight / Thranda Design Beechcraft Duchess 76. Before heading for Aberdeen, we cross at an altitude of approximately 5000 feet Cairngorms National Park. Then via the East we fly to Aberdeen. After some sightseeing around Aberdeen, we move on to Dundee and finally to Edinburgh. This movie is a part of a comprehensive review published at X-Plained.Com.

Check it out!