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Christmas GA (General Aviation) e-Newsletter

Earlier then expected? I guess it is, right?

You’ve just received the first of a series of e-Newsletters dedicated to aircraft types or whenever applicable, airports and utility programs of all our reviews from the moment we started till yesterday.

Anyway, in e-Newsletter issue 28 I wrote the following; let us continue with the section; Winter or Summer thus wherever you life, this e-Newsletter is not only a mix of fresh news. Since June 2016 we’ve written many reviews. So many reviews that you’ve lost track of all our product reviews or impressions. So many that you’ve got no idea what we all have written and although you can do a search at X-Plained.Com, it’s easier to offer you ……..

That said, here’s the first surprise …..
It’s easier to offer you an additional GA (General Aviation) e-Newsletter that offers all our GA aircraft reviews since the start of X-Plained.Com. And that GA (General Aviation) e-Newsletter will be followed by another special e-Newsletter that contains all commercial aircraft reviews and so on.
What does it all mean?
It means forgotten aircraft models or reviews of aircraft that where initially designed for X-Plane 10 and updated for X-Plane 11 or just aircraft that are compatible with both the previous and current X-Plane. I’m aware those e-Newsletters will be long, but neither less, I hope you will enjoy those special editions.

So watch your mailbox … oh no, you’ve just received it. An e-Newsletter with all GA aircraft reviews, at least, I hope I haven’t forgotten some, but I think this is it. What said before and don’t forget this …. it’s a mix of dedicated developed for X-Plane 11 reviews, some aircraft reviews are for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 while a small number of reviews is only written for X-Plane 10, but I think there are still enough simmers who use X-Plane 10 and therefore, we decided to add these too.

When you think you miss something that is worthy for X-Plained to have, or you would love to see a review of a specific product, please feel free to contact us via

Enjoy this special Christmas GA (General Aviation) e-Newsletter!

Important note:
Those who haven’t received the X-Plained.Com newsletter or for those who would love to receive this newsletter. If you haven’t received anything or would like, please contact me at and I’ll put you on the mailing list.