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Impression-CIVA-INS-FlyJSimWriting about an add-on like the CIVA INS isn’t an easy job. It’s not really the way it’s modeled, it’s more what’s behind it and how to implement it in the FlyJSAim aircraft or perhaps you can use it even with other aircraft. After your personal Angelique van Campen challenged the FlyJSim Boeing 727 Series, she made a promise to herself and you … reviewing the CIVA INS software.

Angelique thinks that “this software package is still one of my favorite add-ons. It doesn’t mean I don’t like Boeing or Airbus Auto Flight systems with FMS, but this goes back to the basics of navigation. In combination with the FlyJSim 727, it adds something to this extraordinary aircraft.”

And “flying the FlyJSim 727 from VOR or NDB station to the next station, means a lot of work. Adding the CIVA INS to this aircraft relieves you of a lot of the navigational work and provides you with lots of fun.”

Want to have the complete impression? Check out her CIVA INS impression.