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We’re trying our best to fulfil others wishes by writing comprehensive reviews and/or in-depth impressions. Occasionally writing interesting and educational articles is also our goal, but perhaps you have requests, ideas or thoughts. Therefore, comments, remarks, wishes, ideas and/or questions are always welcome. So please don’t hesitate to contact us.

But this form can also be used to become a registered X-Plained.Com simmer. Please note the following regarding downloading files, liveries and others: For downloading files/packages from X-Plained.Com, you need to login thus you need to be a registered X-Plained simmer.

What when you’re not yet a registered X-Plained simmer?

Then it’s time to request a manual registration, but remember, it is important for us – this to filter out fake requests and bots that when you apply for an X-Plained.Com account, you do that in English with a thorough description why you want to apply and what your intentions you have. Failure to do so results in no subscription/no reply. We’re aware that this isn’t the most friendly way, but we’ve learned our lesson due to bot and fake requests. Apologies for this approach!

Note: Keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours before we reply due to working hours and time difference!

You can still use the contact form for any other questions, thoughts or suggestions, but not for requesting a new account. Just in case …. don’t use this form for account requests or registration request. Use for this our “Registration menu item”.

Thank You for your understanding.

On behalf of all our staff members,
Angelique van Campen