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We would like to share with you the following news, received from JARDesign …. CoPilot for the FF 767 Series.

According to JARDesign lead developer Evgeny Romanov “So, this is CoPilot plugin for great Flight Factor B767-300. We are on beta-stage now. This is a payware product, but now it is testing stage, you can’t buy it right now. But you can download and install the demo version. If you like the demo version and you want to test the full version, you do not need to hesitate. We have prepared 25 keys for our beta-testers. You can take part in testing and leave us your feedback. If your review useful for us, we will not deactivate your key in the future – please use it.”

The CoPilot FF767 comes with the following features:

  • + animated 3d CoPilot model (male, “Sandy”)
  • can recognize and execute voice command
  • can speak
  • can read checklists
  • can operate with Events (flight parameters detection)
  • can execute SOP (Normal Procedures, Limited)
  • man and woman copilot model (man only included this time)
  • scripts based (possible to edit/change Procedures/Text/etc)

More information can be found at the dedicated JARDesign forum page.