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It doesn’t feel good to do this, but it seems others don’t bother about it … copy protect our X-Plained.Com data!

It’s these days quite common and it seems to be normal too, that website contents getting stolen by others to fill their website or using for one time our screenshots. I think this is not the way it works knowing that others don’t bother to do what. Setting up the contents of our website is a lot of work, writing reviews is something personal and not only for me, but also the reviews from Rick and Jude and the contents from Fred and Marc.

It turns out that the X-Plained.Com contents seems an interesting source for others to borrow for a while our contents without letting us know. Yes, yes, I’m aware .. some will say ….. that’s normal these days, but it isn’t normal. Therefore, we’ve decided that there’s a need to protect the contents of X-Plained.Com.

When for some reason, although I have tested every corner of the site, something doesn’t work anymore, please let us know ASAP.