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Wilson’s Douglas DC-8-61 v2 Belga12345 livery

Wilson-Douglas-DC-8-61-Belga12345Flight simmers who are a favourite of Marc Leydecker’s aka Belga12345 airports, and who also bought Michael Wilson his Douglas DC-8 Series, for those flight simmers we’re another surprise after the release of the NAPS livery namely an exclusive Belga12345 painting.

It’s an exclusive Belga painting for the Douglas DC-8-61 version 2.0 so just to make sure, not for the other DC-8 Series, but there’s more included in this package. Marc also checked and slightly modified the cabin and cockpit texture files as well as, logically you would say, the service equipment in Belga style.

Yeah, this is fun isn’t it!
Your favourite Douglas DC-8 aircraft in Belga12345 livery. I think I can speak not only on behalf of Marc Leydecker and myself, but for all those X-Plane simmers who love to fly Michael Wilson Douglas DC-8-61 Series. Marc, many thanks for this Belga painting.

– Unzip the package
– Copy and paste the Belga12345 folder to the “DC-8-61_v2” Livery folder
– Save the contents of this aircraft objects folder to another location to preserve the original object files.
– Copy from this Belga12345 folder all files except the DC-8-fuse-A, DC-8-fuse-B and DC-8-fuse-C to the aircrafts objects folder
– Since all pasted Belga12345 files into the objects folder are having a “DDS” extension, you need to remove all related “png” files



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Michael Wilson Douglas DC-8-61 v2 Belga12345 livery (31.6 MiB, 34 downloads)