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Wilson’s Douglas DC-8-61 v2 NAPS livery

NAPS-LibraryUpdated August 29th | News version 1.1

This updated package comes with a modified “DC-8-fuse-A.png” file that offers the right A/C registration on the small NLG door. The download file is accordingly changed to “”.

Simmers who are NAPS (North Atlantic & Pacific Sceneries) airport enthousiasts and also own the Douglas DC-8 Series from Michael Wilson, for those we’re pleased to offer you an exclusive painting from Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345.

Marc found some time to offer Freddy De Pues from NAPS and the X-Plane community something back. This time it’s an exclusive painting for Michael Wilson his Douglas DC-8-61 version 2.0. It’s as usual with all of Marc’s products, very well painted and in old style as was normal for these days.

Yeah, this is really fun.
Your favourite Douglas DC-8 aircraft in your favourite NAPS livery. I think I can speak not only on behalf of Freddy De Pues and myself, but for all those X-Plane simmers who love to fly Michael Wilson Douglas Dc-8-61 Series. Marc, many thanks for this painting. Much appreciated!

Unzip the package. Copy and paste the NAPS folder to the “DC-8-61_v2” Livery folder and you’re done.



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Michael Wilson Douglas DC-8-61 v2 NAPS livery (13.9 MiB, 18 downloads)