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My dear readers ….
First of all … many thanks to all X-Plane simmers who registered since our previous Easter e-Newsletter for X-Plained.Com. Since you did, you’re now receiving this e-newsletter.

Since Easter, a lot has happened and a lot is coming. This e-Newsltter is filled with a couple of articles and reviews related to XPFR or also known as the “Association of French-Speaking Creators”. I also planned a re-written review of the Carenado Malibu, but I can’t manage that in time, so that’s something for the next e-Newsletter.

Reviews ShortFinal Design, NAPS and Libraries
But, we have an interesting review from Jude Bradley. He visited Salt Lake City International Airport, modelled by ShortFinal Design or also known as MisterX6. That said, we’ve also refreshed a couple of Hawaii reviews, made by NAPS (North Atlantic and Pacific Sceneries). All worth to check out. Further on, as you know now, we promote and publish on behalf of the library and/or airport developers, also X-Plane libraries. It’s a success to be honest. The list of libraries is growing and growing. When you miss something, just check it out at X-Plained.Com or else write to use via Perhaps we can help you out!

And, I’ve added another article, and I hope I do get some response.
It deals with an iMac Late 2015 Retina with OWC 64GB memory. Who owns a machine like this, who can help me a bit more answering my questions? When you have such an iMac, please contact me via

By the way, added features after the release of X-Plained are our own Facebook page and a Twitter page. And, as always, there’s more to come. For now, I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole X-Plained team for your registration and continuing support.

With Greetings,
Marc, Fred, Jude, Rick and Angelique.