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Finally … summer, holiday, relaxing

This will be the last e-Newsletter before my holiday starts, but don’t worry that our e-Newsletters will suddenly stops. It’s for me and my partner time to go out, time to relax, time to enjoy the sun.

That said, XPlained.Com won’t publish any reviews for a couple of weeks unless I receive them from Rick, Jude or Andy while being on holiday. On holiday doesn’t mean I won’t do anything with the website. It all depends if there’s Wifi, but moreover, if I have the time to do anything.

This also brings me to a new hot item; looking for news contributors who are willing to assist with the daily news! But there’s more to come. For now, I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole X-Plained team for your registration and continuing support.

With Greetings,
Marc, Fred, Jude, Rick, Andy and Angelique