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A Happy New Year to all of You.
Unbelievable, it’s already January 5th 2019. Time flies I would say. Can you remember the day we moved to the year 2000? It seems yesterday, but actually it’s already 18 years back.

Anyway, we hope the best for 2019, and we hope we can continue with our e-Newsletter, but moreover, with X-Plained.Com. With a team of 3 reviewers we are able to offer in-depth reviews of popular X-Plane products or hardware although it seems that some hardware is very difficult to get like VR products. I’ve been busy getting my hands on the HTC Vive Pro but till now no result. Perhaps it will happen this year!

And for all of our readers, when you have the idea that a typical review is missing of your favorite airport, aircraft or utility program, let us know and we’ll see if it’s possible to get a review or press copy of it. Please feel free to contact us via

With Greetings,
The X-Plained.Com team (Andy, Bruce, Marc and Angelique)