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A new and refreshing e-Newsletter.

First of all … many thanks to all simmers who registered for X-Plained. Since you did, you’ve access to our downloads and tutorials and, you’re entitled in receiving our e-newsletters.

It was again a busy period at the office. Lots of things are going on. We’re happy with the publication of another in-depth review (FlightFactor aero/StepToSky 757 v2), received from our dedicated reviewer Rick Verhoog. Then another review in the pipe line from reviewer Jude Bradley with his Pilot Plus EGGK and Angelique has been very busy with her SSG Embraer Evo E-170 reviews. By the way, you’re aware of our Facebook page and a Twitter page, and we’ve added a while ago Google+ to it. Worth to check it out!

But there’s more to come.
Recently we’ve published a bunch of interesting Work In Progress SBGL Rio de Janeiro v2 screenshots from Richard Nunes (Globall Art). More to come about that. Then somewhere on final thus close to release, the freeware KJGG airport from Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345.

For now, I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole X-Plained team for your registration and continuing support. You want to have this e-Newsletter too, then it’s time to register for X-Plained.