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It’s time for another X-Plained.Com e-Newsletter.
I had the intention to make a dedicated newsletter for FSCabral who painted some awesome factory liveries for different aircraft models like the FlightFactor/QPAC A350 XBW, the SSG 747-8i and the JARDesign A330. Oops, almost forgotten …. a weathered SSG 747-8i package with modified cockpit textures. At the end, I decided to add a couple of more interesting news postings, so the only thing I can say on behalf of the X-Plained.Com team … enjoy this newsletter.

And, as I already highlighted in my previous e-Newsletter …. when you think you miss something that is worthy for X-Plained to have or to host, or you would love to see a review of a specific product, please feel free to contact us via

Important note:
Those who haven’t received the X-Plained.Com newsletter or for those who would love to receive this newsletter. If you haven’t received anything or would like, please contact me at or at and I’ll put you on the list.

Anything more?
There’s always something to say or to highlight. Perhaps this. As of this writing, Andy Clarke – our dedicated reviewer – is busy with another review. This time he’s busy with a comprehensive review of the JARDesign A330 version 3.x for X-Plane 11 while your personal reporter Angelique van Campen is busy (I know, she still is) with an impression of the FlightFactor Airbus A320 Ultimate. Is this it?
Oh no, more to come! Perhaps even the ToLiSs Airbus A319.

With Greetings,
The X-Plained.Com team