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Let me start to thank all the X-Plane simmers who registered for X-Plained. Since you did, you’re now receiving our e-Newsletter. Further on, I would like to thank the following library developers – Chris Noe, Mr.3D, Jeff Mueller, Roymar, Franknfly, Scottish Wings, CAMI, Oleg Shevchenko, Einstein, AndrooC and of course Justin (MisterX6) and Freddy de Pues (NAPS) – for the approval to publish their libraries at X-Plained.Com. We’ve still some work to do to get all the libraries available at X-Plained!

This Easter e-Newsletter comes with a lot of interesting articles. Not only a couple of reviews, but from now on, and growing on a daily base, we promote and publish on behalf of the library developers, also X-Plane libraries. Since most of you have a long weekend, it’s perhaps also an idea to highlight a couple of older reviews, that need your attention too. And, when you miss something, just check it out at X-Plained.Com or else write to use via Perhaps we can help you out!

For now, I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole X-Plained team for your registration and continuing support and a great Easter holiday to all of you! In case you haven’t received this e-Newletter then most likely you’re not a registered X-Plained simmer. Register yourself for FREE via this registration link and receive the next e-Newsletter for free!

With Greetings,
Marc, Fred, Jude, Rick, Nabil and Angelique.