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ENOV Ørsta-Volda Airport

On behalf of Tony Wroblewski, we’re pleased to offer you a bunch of exclusive X-Plane 11 screenshots of its recent released ENOV Ørsta-Volda Airport.

Ørsta-Volda Airport is a regional airport located in Ørsta, Norway serving the towns of Ørsta and Volda. The airport features a 1,070-meter asphalt runway aligned to 06/24. Surrounded by stunning scenery, it is a short flight away from Ålesund and Sandane. The airport is mainly used by Widerøe who operate several flights a day using their fleet of Dash 8s. The main route flown is to Oslo, but there are also other regional flights.

This version of ENOV and the surrounding industrial estate has been created to be as accurate as possible with highly detailed ground and object textures, night-lighting and trees. The entire airport and the surrounding industrial estate has been recreated in very high detail and should be very accurate to real-life. The ground textures have also been hand-created to match the buildings correctly.

This scenery is completely custom made and requires no libraries and can be installed by simply dropping the airport into your Custom Scenery folder.


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  1. lAge

    This scenery is really fantastic, and I can confirm that this is a very very autentic depiction of the real airport. Once I travelled to ENOV Hovden on a Widerøe flight from Ålesund airport, ENAL Vigra. At that time these flights were operated by Twin-Otters. Especially after dark and in bad weather the approach was a bit tricky because of high mountains and a bit complicated instrument landings using both NDB and an ILS which did not point to the runway (rwy 06). The Widerøe pilots are top notch and respected among other pilots. I am very happy that this scenery is offered to X-Plane pilots. Thank you very much to the developer.

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