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ats_md82_seriesMy deepest respect goes out to this WIP (Work In Progress) McDonnell Douglas MD82 Series from Aircraft Training Solutions, or short A.T.S.
Why my deepest respect in what these Italian designers create?

As ex-ground engineer MD80 Series, Iv’e worked for years on this aircraft, did engine run-ups, line maintenance and inspections. Looking how accurate or perhaps better to say, how realistic systems are simulated, is far beyond what I’ve seen. That the development takes a lot of time, is known. No no, don’t ask me when this X-Plane 10 aircraft will be released. That’s up to A.T.S.!

And …. surprise … there’s a lot to come (what … I don’t tell you yet), so keep on watching and don’t forget our Facebook page. For now, enjoy these exclusive external screenshots … at least, I hope you like them.