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JARDesign A320neo version 2.7b3 Impression

We’re aware that beta’s aren’t good for every simmer, but in case you missed it or in case you’ve moved to macOS Sierra, this JARDesign A320neo version 2.7 beta 3 update could be interesting for you. The following screenshots show you partly some of the new features. Not all, and therefore, when you’re a registered user, go ahead, and download the b3 yourself.

What’s new or fixed with this almost released version 2.7? Let’s check out the change log:
– MAC OS Sierra compatible
– New PW1100G Engines 3D model included (need to select by MCDU MENU)
– Pause at TOD added (MCDU MENU Page 2)
– Possible to unlock and then to open cockpit door
– New cabin (“Sky interior”) lighting system
– New cockpit “Dark cockpit” lightins system (please use “Dark cockpit” option by MCDU MENU)
– New cockpit manipulator system “mouse wheel control” (need to select by MCDU MENU)
– New ground equipment set, include new lighting system
– Working sunshields
– Cockpit textures and details improved
– Cockpit Integ.light/light system improved
– New cockpit and cabine windows set
– Visual Ice detector added, include icing effect
– Few bugs fixed
– Some PFD/ND details changes
– Wipers operation effect and some rain improvements added
– New cockpit “reflecting” glass effect added
– New cabin windows textures added and fixed issue with “missing strobe glass” for cabin view
– Fixed wrong left wiper handle orientation
– Fixed wrong “Cold & Dark” Ground power and battery voltage indication
– New controls for door switch and trimmer handle added
– Possibility to control Flaps and Speed brake lever by mouse added
– Some issues with wheel mouse control fixed
– New ground Handling


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