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  1. Arthur

    Hi Angelique,

    I’m looking forward to read part II. As you probably know I’m still in the running for buying a quality commercial airliner for X-plane 11.

    Thanks for providing us with your comprehensive reviews.


    • Angelique van Campen

      Part II is coming soon. “Soon” means somewhere in week 10 (March 6th – March 12). I need to add a couple of things, need to fly again some stretches once more to be sure the text is OK and then, it’s done.

  2. Arthur

    Beautiful screenshots!

    • Angelique van Campen

      Thanks Arthur.
      It was fun although I didn’t correctly program the FMS. I think, I had forgotten to include (for runway 27 EHAM) the ARTIP TRANS. But I made a day later a successful flight with FMS and need to add this experience in the review part II. I planned to release today, March 3rd, to release SSG Evo E-170 Part II review, but it’s a lot more complex then expected.

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