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x-plane-11-facebookWe’re pleased to inform you that X-Plained has added a new section to the website … X-Plane 11.

A section dedicated to the all new refreshing X-Plane 11. We’ll try to offer you the latest news as far as possible and short impressions of what to expect from this stunning Laminar Research flight simulator X-Plane 11. Hopefully we’re also able to offer you tips and tricks how to deal with, as Freddy De Pues from NAPS said to me and Marc Leydecker; “In preparation for X-Plane 11, it might be interesting to help readers with the XP10 – XP11 conversion. This article should answer basic questions like “how do I transfer my airports, my aircraft, my custom scenery, my mesh, my plugins, ….. ? Will it work and more?.”

And feel free when you have ideas, thoughts, or other issues you would like to discuss with the X-Plained team, to contact us via our info email address or by using the comment field.