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Faster then fast … X-Plane 11 pb9 released!

According to Ben Supnik “Public beta 9 is now live – this should fix null texture crashes (we hope – if you still see one in beta 9, please do report it with log files!) and has a performance improvement we’ve been working on for AMD Windows hardware.*”

Physics: Austin’s flight model changes for bodies shadowing control surfaces is not in public beta 9; it should be ready for the next beta. While I don’t know exactly how much more beta we have, my hope is that we get to RCs in a few weeks.

Scenery: I have a mostly recut scenery set, but it still has one bad tile. Besides fixing the bad DSF tile, I am still working on how the installer will handle the update. Digital download customers will be able to download this updated global scenery; we are working to make the download separate from sim updates, so that you don’t have to download a 50 GB scenery update to get a 26 MB sim update.

The good news is: the new scenery set will meet our size requirements even with northern latitude included.  So we don’t have to decide between DVDs and Alaska; we can do both.

Alpilotx also has an import of tall buildings outside the US from OSM – this is a really great improvement, particularly for European cities.

Servers: we moved the master copy of X-Plane to a new server, and we’ve gotten some reports of poor download speed from users. At this point we think that this is a temporary slow-down as the content delivery network re-caches the simulator, but we’ll keep monitoring the situation and work with our CDN provider if problems persist.

Clouds: I am still fighting with cloud performance, so this work is not in a public beta yet, because it’s not quite ready for prime-time.

Read the whole story at Ben’s blog.