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I’ve written many reviews in the years, but this is the first review that has reached over 15.000 words and it’s my second review that I did with a other reviewer. For the Flight Factor / StepToSky A320 Ultimate I asked Andy Clarke for help. Andy took a couple of sections, and I took my part of the A320. The end result is a massive but very informative review of the FF A320, written exclusively by your Airbus personal reporters Angelique van Campen and Andy Clarke

And it also gives me the chance to thank two person for their help and input; Marcelo Alencar and Frank Docter. Marcelo is an active licensed pilot flying for Qatar and yes, he’s an acting captain on the Airbus A350, A330 Series as well as instructor and also currently following a Airbus A340-600 training. Frank Docter, an active A320 pilot, working for a large European company, is also following at this moment a A346 training.

It was a lot of work, we’ve seen a lot of things, we’ve missed also things, but the overall impression is good, very good although there’s still some work and/or improvements to do. Is it the Ultimate Airbus A320? You can read it all in our comprehensive review at X-Plained.Com.