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Perhaps not the hottest article I ever wrote, but I’m facing some “viewing” problems with Mozilla Firefox browser for Windows and Mac OS. Not that I can do much about it right now, it’s just to inform you about this issue.

For some reason, one of the most popular browser for the Windows and Mac OS – sorry, no idea about Linux – is causing problems with the top fullwidth slider where you see our reviews and/or impressions. These problems only exist with the current Firefox version 50.1, as far as I’ve seen. For some reason, the height of the reviews/impressions screenshots differ constantly while in reality these screenshots are of the same height.

All other browsers I’ve tested on Windows 10 (I.E., Edge, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi) or on Mac OS ((Safari, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi) are working as expected. Since I’m not technical enough if this is a Firefox issue or a programming error within WordPress (the hearth of the site), I’ve passed this issue forward to my support team at Elegant Themes. Hope that this issue is quickly solved.

Sorry for the inconvenience when you’re using Firefox!