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x-plane-11-facebook-logoLaminar Research published on their official X-Plane.Com page and their XPlaneOfficial Facebook page a new movie. That said, X-Plane 11 will feature a new Flight School section with tutorials. Using technology developed for X-Plane 10 Mobile, desktop users can learn how to use X-Plane from within X-Plane. In particular interesting for those who’ve never flown with a flight simulator, but perhaps for the Flight School offers something new for you too?

According to Laminar Research “One of our biggest goals here at Laminar Research was making X-Plane 11 easier to use from the get go. One of the ways we’re doing that is by including tutorials for the first time in our desktop simulator. X-Plane 11 features a new Flight School section which incorporates the flight training technology we developed for X-Plane 10 Mobile.

Take your pick of the tutorials, covering topics such as take offs, landings, ILS navigation, even helicopter basics.  We hope Flight School’s tutorials make getting started with X-Plane 11 a much smoother journey for everyone.”

Curious? Then you must check out this XPlaneOfficial link or visit the dedicated YouTube link and yes, we’re desperate waiting for the beta to see it with our own eyes but moreover, to offer our own impressions.