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FF 767 ProExtended Modified Cockpit Textures

We’re pleased to offer you on behalf of fscabral a new set of FlightFactor 767 Professional Extended cockpit textures.

According to fscabral “this is my first attempt in make the cockpit textures a bit more colorful, brighter, shinny and less dull.” But keep in mind that these are also a personal taste and because of that, you’ll find two different download packages. Perhaps also worth to mention that these aren’t weathered textures, so only the color has been changed thus the look and feel.”

Fscabral continues “Please keep in mind this is just a test, some may not like the results!”

There installation of the new cockpit textures goes as follows; the best way will be placing the “ckpt” folder inside any livery texture, for example: //X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Boeing767-Extended\liveries\ …your choice of livery…\objects\767\ckpt or just place into your ckpt main folder under //X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Boeing767-Extended\objects\767\ckpt. In the last case you must keep in mind that because you place them in the main objects folder, all livery and thus the cockpit are all changed while in the first example, you only change the cockpit textures of that particular livery.

And as always, I can’t say it enough…. for this one PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF THE OLD FILES! Hope you like it. So once more; Download package I (v1) offers a different brown look and feel then package II (the lower download). This package II (v2) offers more details and has a bit more reddish color.

This package is offered to you by X-Plained.Com. It is free for personal and/or private use. It is not allowed to copy, publish or redistribute any part of any file or package from this website without prior permission from X-Plained.Com or from the developer. Commercial use of the package or parts of it, is prohibited in any way.
Keep in mind that your maximum download per day is set to 15 files or packages a day.


FlightFactor 767 ProExtended Mod Cockpit textures I (61.3 MiB, 42 downloads)
FlightFactor 767 ProExtended Mod Cockpit textures II (52.1 MiB, 55 downloads)