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Factory Rollout livery by fscabral

We’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of the FlightFactor/QPAC A350 XWB in the original factory rollout livery. Some of these screenshots have a painted tail, as is normal at the factory in Toulouse/Blagnac when the aircrafts are build together.

I think that fscabral did a great job and there’s more to come, but that’s for later. Enjoy these screenshots and when you like this factory rollout livery, feel free to download the livery package – only for registereed members – via this dedicated link.


  1. fscabral

    Thanks Angelique, TR and TomRoss.
    With your help i will make this liveries more realistic as possible. It is kind of hard to find pictures of their work and factory, as probably they cant show their work by protocols. But with your help i am getting more and more under it with all your information.
    Thank you again and now back to repaint this A350 and the A330 with all your help!

  2. TR

    Interesting livery!
    But it’s illegal to make it fly without a registration mark, make sure nobody sees you up there 😉

    Thanks! Not possible to recover and change one’s password, nor to register on this webiste though… so I’ll have to decline the nice offer, sadly 🙁

    • Angelique van Campen

      Good catch (completely forgotten although I should have kn ow that this MUCH be on the planne) …. will ask fscabral to update this livery and the one from the JARDesign A330. Regarding the other item, I’ll send you an email.

      • TomRoss

        I wasn’t entirely serious about the registration mark, it’s a rollout livery after all 🙂

        Apparently, being an Airbus and under EASA regulation, it’s likely to have its test registration mark until it is delivered to the client (so an F- or a D- mark depending on the model), at least on the tail, the final mark might already be painted under the wings or on the fuselage between the wings and the tail.

        I’m not sure exactly when they paint or stick it, though? I’ve searched a bit, and found pictures of naked, unmarked airliners out of the assembly line, before their ground tests:

        For the test fly, however, they should definitely have something. Even if it’s a Boeing 😉 – in which case they may already have the client’s mark, the FAA being more relaxed.

        In any case, a great livery and a very original one!

        • Angelique van Campen

          Hi Tom,

          Although you had a different idea with it that you mentioned it, I still think it was a good catch and it was also a weak-up call that indeed, every Airbus in primer color has a “F” registration, irrespective of the airliner. I’ve asked fscabral to add, based on some photo’s, the F-WWYY registration. Of course, this is just a guess but F-WWYY was an official registration. Im’ right now only talking about those aircraft build in Toulouse/Blagnac and as you mentioned to, those A320 Family aircraft buidld in Germany, they have perhaps a “D” registration.

          See the following example and I’m aware it’s from a A330, but just the idea.

          • TomRoss

            Nice shot!

            Here is a video of the first flight tests of the A350 XWB (there are a bunch of them), she’s got a pretty Airbus livery and the F-WXWB mark – which can be checked on as belonging to the Airbus test planes like the one you’ve shown above. Since those were the first flights for the airworthiness certification of a new model, I suppose it was a special occasion worth a special livery 😉

            So perhaps the other airplanes of the same model don’t have the same livery for their first flight but the rollout one shown here? It’s just a guess though, it would be interesting to know the actual life of those airliners.


            By the way, these test pilots must have a thrilling life, but I wouldn’t like to be one of their close relatives!

          • Angelique van Campen

            Thanks Tom for your contribution. I think I’ve seen this maiden flight A3509 XBW movie before, but seeing it every time, it stays great. I also informed Fabio who did the paintings with a couple of possible A/C registration examples.

          • TomRoss

            Thanks to Fabio for making this great livery and to you for sharing it here! 🙂

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