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This time something refreshing for you from our dedicated reviewer Rick Verhoog … a comprehensive review of the FlightFactor aero / StepToSky Boeing 757-200 Version 2.x.

One of Rick’s review conclusions can be described as follows “The 757v2 is in line with FlightFactor’s recent trend of rapid quality increase (albeit a little muted, compared to the 777-767 difference). While the difference between this and the 767 isn’t enormous, this aircraft is a must buy for people that own and love the original FlightFactor 757, or want to step into FlightFactor’s world for the first time.”

Rick continues “Expansions for other 757 versions, like the beautiful, long and sleek -300 variant, will come at some point in the future. The extra polish that FlightFactor has given this model over the 767 makes it that much more immersive, and puts it at the very top of X-Plane aircraft development.”

But … Rick has so much more to say about this gorgeous modeled aircraft. Want to read it all? Then you must read Rick’s in-depth 757-200 v2.x review. Enjoy!