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Update: April 3rd 2019, product update to version 1.10h

Update Description from Agi: “Well… I have the smaller bug fix update ready, no dramatic changes but a single new option‚ sky brightness and some bug fixes regarding the visibility menu.”

Why do you need another tweak and settings script?
I know there are some settings and tweaking tools out there but none of them did satisfy me so I always kept tweaking myself with simple scripts for changing the parameters that really impact performance without sacrificing visual appearance to much. For making this easier and to have the possibility to use different tweaks and settings in different aircraft I wrote the tweak utility. All the settings the utility gives access to have an instant effect without the need of a scenery reload (except the extended DSFs switch, it initiates a reload when clicked) and I think they are more or less self explanatory.

Want to see how it looks like when flying around?
Then you must check the following screenshot presentation link on behalf and with the approval of fi from flyAGI.

Check it out at our dedicated download page for the latest FTU version.