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FJS-Boeing_727-Series-Version-2With the release of the FlyJSim Boeing 727 Series version 2.0, a new step has been made.

According to FJS and X-Plane.Org “Relive the glory days of the 70s! The FlyJSim B727 brings you back to the age of turbojets with three 727 simulations in one. This package is complete with study simulations of the B727-100, B727-200ADV and B727F aircraft. The B727 was built to allow for Jet aircraft in smaller airports that were formally exclusively for propellor aircraft. Intended for Short to medium flights, the B727 is perfect for a transcontinental flight or even a short hop down to the next airport. The B727 was the only Tri-Jet built by Boeing and it was built for speed. For over a decade, more B727s were built than any other aircraft on earth. Now is your time to join the ranks by becoming a 727 Captain.”

In the 727 you have different navigation system options:
– 3D X-FMC – For modern FMC Navigation
– 3D CIVA – The original inertial Navigation system installed on many 727 and early airliners (optional)
– Standard VOR-NDB Navigation

– Detailed exterior model which comes with detailed textures and a full set of animated surfaces
– Detailed 3D cockpit with hundreds of animations, high resolution textures, and the best night lighting in any cockpit currently in X-Plane
– Simulation of all major systems including:
– Complete Electric system simulation including comprehensive APU simulation and ground power
– Complete Pneumatic system simulation including crossbleed starts
– Fuel Pumps and fuel heating/icing
– Hydraulic systems, including A, B and the Standby (C) System
– Functioning WX radar with built in TCAS
– Sperry SP-150 Block V autopilot and a full flight director system
– Engine fire suppression system
– Anti Ice System
– Radio stack including Com 1/2 Nav 1/2 and ADF 1/2 and a complete Audio Selection Panel

Further on included is a comprehensive Menu system:
– Weight and Balance Manager allows you to change the weights for PAX, Cargo and fuel, with dynamic effect on CG
– Vcard popup showing dynamic V-speeds for landing and takeoff
– Options menu popup allows you to select the navigation system that works for you and other display options
– Pushback manager; comprehensive pushback system with both manual and automatic modes. A ghost of the 727 now shows where your aircraft will be after pushback.
– Maintenance Menu optional persistent maintenance and failure system. No more will you be flying a brand new aircraft each flight. Instead each flight will wear out your engine, apu, or airframe. Your flying technique will now have a direct bearing on failures and maintenance.
– Checklist and notes
– A 32 page fully customizable window that includes checklists and an overview of the aircraft. Have something you need to reference in the flight? Add it into the notes page!
– Study sim Flight Model:
– With over 500 hours of internal testing, you can be sure that the 727 series has a quality flight model. You can operate the 727 from startup to shutdown just like a real 727 captain, making this model the only study sim of a 727 in X-Plane.

And this can’t be missed these days … a professional Sound System:
– Professional sounds recorded by Turbine Sound Studios
– DreamEngine Sounds with proper Doppler and sound position effects
– Includes custom switch and knobs sounds

What when you own the FJS B727 version 1.0?
Previous FlyJsim 727 owners can upgrade to version 2 for only $10 if you bought the 727 series version 1, or for $25 if you bought a single 727 version 1. More information can be found at the dedicated X-Plane.Org web page.