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FlyWithLua for X-Plane 11 v2.5.3

Official FlyWithLua X-Plane 11 version 2.5.3

At X-Plained we’re very pleased to inform you that, in consult with X-Friese, we are able to offer you the FlyWithLua plugin from X-Friese. As X-Friese is always saying ….. the FlyWithLua story is going on!

This updated version 2.5.3 comes with the following changes:
– Special edition made for the 15th German flightsimulator conference.
– Some fixes for X-Plane 11 but still not the final X-Plane 11 compatible release.
– New welcome script.

This is the official version of FlyWithLua for X-Plane 11. At the moment, I recommend all X-Plane 10 users to stay at FlyWithLua 2.4.x, the last stable version made for X-Plane 10 and 9. This version 2.5.x has no new features, but may have some stability issues as we are fighting with some differences between X-Plane 10 and 11 (mostly in joystick configuration).

All X-Plane 9 users (are there any out there?) must stay at FlyWithLua 2.4.x as the new versions are no longer designed to be compatible to X-Plane 9 (maybe they are, but at your own risk).

We will continue publishing FlyWithLua as versions numbered 2.5.x to help you switching to X-Plane 11 as soon as possible. Please remember, that I have two big issues building FlyWithLua for X-Plane 11. First I have very less time at the moment, as I started to work voluntary for the Red Cross helping in medical rescue service. The medical training needs a lot of time. And my job, and my family, and …

So please expect no big increment in features. I will only try to fix issues coming with the differences between X-Plane 10 and 11. The second problem is, I’m still waiting for my DVD box of X-Plane 11. It was ordered in late 2016 on Aerosoft’s website, but delivery will be predicted somewhere in 2017.

All versions 2.5.x are beta versions only. We decide to call it a stable release for X-Plane 11, that is still running on X-Plane 10, by stopping to publish version 2.5.x and continue with 2.6.0 and above as the first stable version for X-Plane 11 and 10, but no longer for X-Plane 9.

And of course all official versions of FlyWithLua are running on all three platforms, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Thanks a lot to Sparker for making this possible. Without him, FlyWithLua would be a Windows plugin only.

This package is offered to you by X-Plained.Com. It is free for personal and/or private use. It is not allowed to copy, publish or redistribute any part of any file or package from this website without prior permission from X-Plained.Com or from the developer. Commercial use of the package or parts of it, is prohibited in any way.
Keep in mind that your maximum download per day is set to 5 files or packages a day. A higher download limit per day can be requested by sending an email to Angelique van Campen.


FlyWithLua FSConference Edition (10.2 MiB, 114 downloads)


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