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focuses-on-usabilityFrom the X-Plane 11 blog, we’re pleased to inform you about their latest article “Focuses on Usability”. One of our biggest priorities for X-Plane 11 was modernizing the user interface. We wanted something that was both

  • easy to learn for new users, and
  • faster and less convoluted for power users.

Without sacrificing any of the features you expect, we made it easier to set up every aspect of your flight from one single screen.

    In the new user interface, you can:

  • Sort aircraft by classification, engine type, or manufacturer. Mark your favorites to quickly find them later.
  • Start in exactly the right spot every time by choosing your starting location from a map, rather than a text list.
  • Use your mouse to drag and adjust visual representations of your weather (both wind and clouds).

Read the whole story at the dedicated X-Plane 11 blog page.